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Troy Dooly, is founder of www.MLM One of the best unbiased websites in the  world of Direct Selling!

Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an expert in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing strategies, and organizational expansion.

Dooly is a highly sought after mentor, speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is Co-Host with Jim Gillhouse on two of the most successful radio shows in America focusing on Home-Based Business and Leader Training (Aces Radio Live & Radio For Your Mind.

He also work closely with MLM (Direct Selling) companies to build their brand through social media on the internet.

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  1. Troy is a warrior for all of us! A family man. A patriot. A guardian of MLM. And straight to a fault. He will not let you snow him about anything and will lead with his chin. I have watched him expose bad companies and people in MLM no matter what the consequence to him because he believes so much in righting wrongs. I love the guy. I know he has my back!

  2. Should You Partner Up With Troy Dooly?

    The answer to that question ultimately is up to you but I recommend it! It depends on what your goals are, your level of commitment, and if you are coachable. First and foremost Troy is a great leader and great example in the Direct Selling industry. Great Integrity! Many people look up to him for guidance, help, and leadership. I highly recommend working with him. How he discuss top cases with his video’s is an example for many Internet Marketeers. Chapeau!

  3. Troy IS the Maverick Leader. AS a mentor to many and a protector of all in the MLM industry, he works tiredlessly for the safety of others, seperating the good from the bad in the industry. In addition to his most important and loved roles of being a husband, father, & grandfather…Troy is a voice for children who need one. His energy when working to fight against the injustices of children is boundless. He is someone to emulate, someone you can count on to do what is right, and he does it with a style all his own. Thank you Troy for keeping NWM honest and for giving so much of yourself to others.

  4. Ted Nuyten posed the question above “Should you partner with Troy Dooly?”

    I can answer that question because in April of 2009 that’s exactly what I did.

    I made a two hour drive down to Destin, met with Troy and took him to lunch so we could get to know each other better. We’ve been friends and partners ever since and I know without any hesitation that I could count on Troy to do the “Right Thing” no matter what the circumstances.

    Troy is a very humble, honest and outspoken leader who you will never have to second guess. Plus if you haven’t discovered his FREE daily training show called Radio for Your Mind… You owe it to yourself to learn more about that program as well.

    Troy talks from his heart and it’s an honor for me to call him both my friend and my business partner.

  5. I have known Troy for 11 years. He is a man of unquestioned integrity and loyalty. Our lives have become intertwined because while he is a Southerner, and I am north of the Mason-Dixon, we both subscribe to the power of the Truth!

  6. Troy is an incredible leader in the network marketing industry. He’s a disciplined worker and a gifted communicator. It’s no surprise that he commands such a large following on the internet. I’m proud of my association with him and I look forward to watching the positive change that he will incite in the future.

  7. Troy is a Servant/Leader who gives of himself unselfishly with daily encouragement for the Network Marketing industry. Troy handles his business with great integrity and respect for each distributor and company he reviews. He is a truth teller with straight talk and wisdom for our leaders and followers alike.

  8. Troy came into my life “God-incidentally” in June 2009 while I was deep in “due diligence”. He offered open, unbiased, honest information and opinions which helped me make some very important professional decisions. His only agenda was my future. Even though I am old enough to be Troy’s father, he has become a trusted mentor. Troy’s successes and failures are a matter of record, but more importantly I have gotten to know his heart. I may not like each piece of counsel I receive from Troy, but I have come to learn it is all “Rock Solid!” Thanks Bro!

  9. I found Troy thru Facebook. Started watching his stuff and took a liking to his style. I was born into Network Marketing at the age of 21 thru AL Williams and to this day, one of my heroes in life is Art Williams. Troy reminds me so much of him, it is uncanny! His work is exceptional. Troy was kind enough to, not only look at one of my videos, but also post it to his site, helping me gain some noteriety. I hadn’t done a thing for him and he did not really know much about me, yet he still took this action. I consider him and mentor and friend.

  10. I am new to this industry and I have only been listening to Troy for a few months and WOW! I suppose I lucked out being brought into the industry by some incredible people. I have the privilege of calling Brig and Lita Hart my mentors so I have been around some incredible mentors and leaders. By far some of my best mentor ship and industry tact has been received from Troy Dooly and his post, videos and radio programs. I am able to leverage him through social media to educate and mentor my team as well. That’s the real value of Troy Dooly and the work he does. Thank you Troy your voice is a beacon a true light.

  11. Troy is a Servant-Leader who gives everything of himself…especially to God and his family.I am encouraged by him on a daily basis. I have watched his video reports…sometimes with shock & awww…sometime with a nod…and many time…informed. Thank you Troy…I appreciate you!

  12. Troy has proved over and over that he truly has a servent’s heart. He has his priorities straight….God, family and work. He is an awesome example of integrity, fairness, honesty and loyalty. I couldn’t be more priviledged to know a better person than Troy. Thank you, Troy, for being my friend and believing in me. You lead by example and I admire that. You are very much appreciated!

  13. The protector of all in MLM, great way to put it.

    I don’t know Troy personally, but his great reputation precedes him, I’ve heard tons of positive comments about Troy, and would place my complete trust in him and his word without hesitation.

  14. I remember when I had stumbled upon Troy’s site It was such a powerful site with great information about all sorts of companies. I considered it the 10 o’clock news for MLM’ers, LOL. But I remember writing him an e-mail introducing myself and asking him a question, and he answered back right away. I have been truly impressed by his character and his non basis towards the industry. It’s so good to have a man like Troy who ask for nothing in return, but feels that this his calling to help people make the right decisions and be informed about our industry. If you ever get a chance to talk with Troy, he’s truly a great individual. Thanks for all you do Troy.

    God Bless,

  15. I first learned of Troy late last year and watched how he worked for some time. In an industry that is riddled with issues Troy brings a analytical approach to his reviews and comments. His knowledge in the industry is incredible and his ability to remain true to the principles he holds others to is rare to say the least. It is because of the ethical approach to reviewing companies I would accept either positive or negative reviews of my company from Troy because I would know without a doubt that it was based on facts and not speculation. I have found Troy to be a stand up leader that will admit when he is wrong and fight for what is right. I have enjoyed our conversations and regardless of where my life takes me I’m sure I will stay in contact with Troy. With all of that said…I also Thank Troy for his service to our country.

  16. Troy has the heart of a mentor and rigorously works to bring real-time value. Troy is authentic, passionate and committed. He invests himself in the success of others, shares information, and brings valuable tools and resources to his community. He is an expert and an inspiration. I am honored to know Troy.

  17. I, like many others, heard about Troy,the MLMhelpdesk and radio show through the network marketing/direct sales community. He provides a well rounded, honest and inspirational education for those in the industry. He is a genuine gentleman who sincerely wants good for all. He feels like family.

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