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  1. Chocolate, who doesn’t love it …. some don’t, but the majority does.
    Scientific studies over the last couple of years are showing what the maya’s already knew. Chocolate is actually very good for your health. Except for the fact that at one time in history man started adding milk, waxes, refined sugars, etc to it. MXI Corporation found a way to make a great tasting chocolate that has little of the bad, but much more of the good preserved from the Cacao been and Acai berry.
    MXI/Xocai is my first encounter with Netwerk Marketing, but it made me fall in love with it.
    Xocai only recently entered the European Market, so we have the great possibility to pioneer ourselves to the top.
    Our team (which is momentarily mostly situated in Belgium and the Netherlands) could use some help from experienced European Network Marketeers, but also people from other continents will be welcomed with open arms.
    One thing is for sure, although being independent distributors, we have a great team that supports each other in a great way and we have lots of fun …. and we are sure that we are on our way to the top !

  2. I use Xocai since 2007. For 20 years I suffered with fibromyalgia. Because fibromyalgia patients are deficient in magnesium, I started looking for food rich in magnesium. These are green vegetables, algae and … cocoa!
    I then adjusted my lifestyle, and started using Xoçai. Soon it went better and better, and now several years later, I have no health problems anymore!
    Xoçai tastes great, it gives me a lot of energy and I feel better than ever before. Now I earn an income with Xoçai and help other people becoming healthy.
    My story can be read at: https://www.fitdoorgezondeten.nl. More info on Xocai found on https://www.xocai.nl.

  3. I’m quite shocked. 145 customers sent me testimonials last 6 months after eating high-oxidant chocolate. If I wasn’t a believer when I joined, I am for sure now.

    It’s so easy – cause most people love chocolate and want to try the healthy alternative. And when once tried, they don’t want to stop.

    Chico Choco
    Terje Babsvik
    Double Diamond

  4. I was in Amway for 20 years and decided to join Xocai Healthy Chocolate because this is the most desirable, repeatable,and consumable product there can possibly be!! I have no regrets and I am very excited to be working with leadership like Jared Overton and Adam Green. I am fronting the UK market and looking for YOU to join the fastest growing UK team…https://www.xocaiteambuilders.co.uk or e mail me [email protected] or call me 0771521877

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