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Important: Corporate letter 3/17/2010

Dear Mastermind Marketers,

Over the past two years iLearningGlobal has passionately pursued our vision of taking transformational training and development to the world.  With integrity as our core value we have worked around the clock to ensure we deliver maximum value and the ultimate experience for our customers and marketers.  We have delivered significant changes to increase marketer rewards from the compensation plan and improved the quality of the product and overall user experience.

Much has changed in the marketplace during the past two years.  When we began, streaming HD quality video was a unique and distinct advantage, public perception of online video training and higher end pricing was the norm, speakers continued to protect most of their content and the global economy was still perceived as strong.

While we have continued our quest to be the cutting-edge leader in our industry, we find ourselves facing a vastly different environment.  HD video streaming is more common, authors and speakers are giving away a great deal of content, online communities are low-cost or no-cost and discretionary spending is at a record low.  All of this has challenged our pricing structure, particularly under our network marketing model.

We have taken great pride in being able to offer so much for so little and yet we find ourselves struggling to remain competitive and congruent in our value.  Functioning within a network marketing model makes pricing and value changes difficult due to the compensation plan.

We remain committed to our goals and have worked around the clock to tweak and refine who we are and what we do in order to reach critical mass and the all important momentum phase.  Every change we have made has been based on solid research, a committed Board of Directors, faculty members and the finest experts we could access.  Without the critical mass, momentum and leaders emerging who can create and sustain a culture, our goals have remained elusive.  The current market has compromised our pricing model for long-term strength and stability.

While giving the networking model every possible chance to survive and thrive it simply is not working as a value either for customers or for marketers.  The Board of Directors has determined that the best way for the corporation to achieve its goals of delivering transformational training to the world is to move to a more traditional retail and corporate sales model.

Per the Marketer agreement terms and conditions section five (5) and Policy and Procedures section 11.4, we are providing a 30-day notification of the termination of the network marketing model.

From Terms and Conditions Document point five  (5) which is available at  “… iLG reserves the right to terminate all Marketer Agreements upon 30 days notice if the Company elects to: (1) cease business operations; (2) dissolve as a business entity; or (3) terminate distribution of its products and/or services via direct selling channels.  Marketer  may cancel this Agreement at any time, and for any reason, upon written notice to iLG at its principal business address. iLG may cancel this Agreement for any reason upon 30 days advance written notice to the Marketer.”

From the Policies and Procedures section 11.4, which is available at under the doc tab: “…iLearningGlobal.TV reserves the right to terminate all Marketer Agreements upon thirty (30) days written notice in the event that it elects to: (1) cease business operations; (2) dissolve as a corporate entity; or (3) terminate distribution of its products via direct selling.

In doing so we recognize the effort you have put into building your business and wish to show our gratitude for your efforts by providing the following:

  1. You will have been paid your regular commission for the February earning period on March 15th.
  2. You will also be paid for the March commission period. (If you remain an active marketer through March)  The commissions for March, which would normally be paid on April 15th, will actually be paid 15 days early on a special commission run March 31st.  This is simply a courtesy to you and reflects our desire to assist you as you begin to move forward.
  3. You will also be grandfathered into the company’s new offering (which brings together DailySuccessStream, EDGE and Premium – currently $180 per month) The new retail price will be $59.95, but you will receive all of this for $39.95 for as long as you remain an active member of iLearningGlobal.  Your new price structure of $39.95 per month will be charged on your regular anniversary/billing date during the month of April.

While this is not the path we had hoped to be on at this point in our history, we are confident it is the right thing to do and will do the most good for the most people.

During the transition it will be important to note that all uses of the iLearningGlobal brand and mark will need to be terminated.  If you have questions call 641-715-3900 and enter extension 190036#, or email [email protected] for additional information.

Here’s the good news…

As a founding member you will not only have continued access to all of the current content from the DailySuccessStream, EDGE and Premium sites, but you will experience a host of added features and benefits which will be rolled out to the new community including:

  • Powerful, new “Conversations With” style video interview segments with faculty, thought leaders, successful business executives, athletes and peak performers
  • Facebook style profiles, status and member features
  • Video commenting
  • Live Virtual Events
  • Access to more original content
  • IPhone Apps and compatibility with additional mobile phones
  • Additional community connection features, contests and bonuses
  • Future delivery to set-top boxes
  • And much, much more… all for just $39.95!

You know the value of training and development and whatever your future holds you can be confident knowing you have access to the strategies and skills you need to survive and succeed.  We are committed to providing the most accessible, affordable, highest value training and development from the world’s leading authors and experts 24/7 via computer or mobile phone and soon your television.   You have the opportunity to experience at a lifetime guaranteed monthly price of $39.95.  We hope you join us for the ride.

Thank you for your efforts and the difference you have made for iLearningGlobal.  There never has been a more important time to have entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurially minded sticking together and sharing principles and strategies together.   We will to continue to serve you by providing you the very best transformational training and development experience in the world.  We wish you continued success in all of your endeavors.


The iLearningGlobal Executive Team


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Comments (13)

  1. Total bummer. I got started w/ Success University about 2 years ago because I LOVE personal development, and it had an mlm structure. It “merged” with World Ventures and totally changed their offers (not to mention it was in direct competition w/ my primary highticket TRAVEL biz op!!)

    Alot of people from SU went over to iLG. And now THAT is gone! OMG!

    Seriously, people really need to grow THEIR OWN BRAND (You Inc.) and not worry about growing an mlm/direct sales company as much.

    All the best,

    Adam Holland

  2. Yeah, this is crazy. Believe it or not, I just got started with them yesterday and now this. I think it decision to be not responsible to not let anyone know that this was going to happen.
    I just think that personal development has taken a back seat here in America. People just don’t want to spend money on learning.
    I am a personal development coach and speaker and I see business going down hill instead of uphill. I just don’t know what American business is doing today. This just boggles my mind.

    I agree with you Adam. You have to do it on your own.

  3. I am completely floored by the news. This happened to me a couple years ago and I lost I nice 4 figure monthly income. I really feel for those business owners.

    Adam is right, you need to lead with YOU and not your business. Doing this makes the business much more fun!

    Don – I really feel for you. Starting with the company yesterday. What a disapointment that must have been when you heard the news.
    I have to agree with you, people would rather waste their money on Starbucks, then better themselves.

    To Much Success,

    Kim Tarr

  4. Wow – I knew some people betting the farm on i Learning Global. But, if you think about it… personal development is the last thing people work on in network marketing / MLM, but has to be / needs to be the first in order to succeed in network marketing / MLM. To bad – so sad, and a slap in the face for MLM and shame on the so called “leaders in the personal development industry” that were doing everything pro-bono. Ah…I don’t think so.

  5. Oh No! that is not fair, after all the hard work, it went down the drain. Don’t feel sad and bad, keep going and keep doing. There are so many MLM companies in the world. All the Best to disappointed Distributors.

  6. I think personal development provides very vague instructions in terms of improving someone lives. Personal development is for somebody who is isolated from the crowd or not getting the desired support from their friends or family.

    As an entrepreneur or in sales business, you need some positive feed back to keep your self motivated when you are not getting the results.

    Reading or listening to self improvement material will keep your morale high but this will not teach you the skills that you need in achieving the success that you are looking for

    I am sure inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison did not spend most of his time reading personal training material while his experiments were not successful.

  7. Hi,Iam nop connected with ILearning Global but after fifteen years in the MLMindustry I have watched many big names have their pay structure destroyed and closed their doors due to market forces, telecoms, education and others where technological advances have whittled away margins and increased competion. Every time this happens more good people are left feeling the MLM model has failed them whereas it was the product that failed not the model.
    MLM is vehicle for the ambitious to build an organisation which itself becomes the entity My advice has allways been to select a Company whose only distribution modelis via MLM has a consumable product which brings value to the lives of the end user, has a good repeat order potential and to use that to create an organisation buiult many through personal relationships with their leaders. By marketing yourself first and then the product or service you create the bond of loyalty which the real security. I’m sad to see ILearning go and hope the true networkers find a suitable programme soon.

  8. John is right, to be successful, an MLM company must have a quality, consumable product that people WANT to keep using. Another thing to consider is the company’s history… joining a company that has been in business less than a couple of years is extremely risky since very few survive that long. For the most success, join a successful, financially secure company that still has room for major growth.

  9. I too am sad to see iLearning go along with success university last year who decided to switch to travel and in my opinion destroy the credibility of the leadership. When su changed I was fortunate to find a very solid and ethical Company who have been established many years now in the same market arena. It features most of the trainers such as Brian Tracy,Robert Kyosaki, Allan Pease etc. In fact I really believe it was their success that led to iLearning’s formation.
    Just like the tortoise and the hare they are still growing strong but their launch into Europe and the States coincided with that of iLearning. So for all those disenchanted souls out there we have a real home for you. I invite you to investigate . I think you will really like what you find and if you would like to be part of the new global expansion team I would be happy to work with you.

  10. My advice to all that are involved in a network marketing company is to continue to work on YOU. Dont get caught up in how wonderful a product or service is because this is what happens when you do. Always BYB (Build Your Brand) and if/when this happens, you can move on with no problem.

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