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  1. K.B. started in 1994 as a insurance company. By coincidence they started with a new product. A alternative way of saving. Result 1 year later=
    – +60.000 new customers
    – Monthly turnover of 25 million $
    – company growth of 2000%
    It is a very simple product. The only thing our customers do monthly is changing their money into gold.($70 or more)
    (Gold does not need a explanation.)

    For the last 100 years the value of our money went down. (https://www.measuringworth.com/ppowerus/?redirurl=calculators/ppowerus/ )
    The value of gold has been stable for the last 2600 years and after time the value always went up.
    So if people started saving their capital in gold 100 years ago, their capital would be MUCH bigger.
    But gold was only for the elite. Because it was not easy to get and if you wanted it you directly had to buy a ounce. Price now 1300 us dollar.
    So for the “man of the street” it was not possible.

    When our company started producing 0,5-1-2,5 and 5 gram cards everything changed. Because by making the product much smaller. We made the market HUGE. Everybody can start owning their own gold.
    1= Everybody wants to own their own gold
    2= Time becomes their friend. At the end their investment will grow
    3= Protect yourself from the government/ economics/ dollar etc. When you own gold you always will have money.

    The great thing is that a customer can always sell the gold back to the company. So there is no lost. When the goldprice rises than your goldcapital will bring you more money.
    KB has already 3000 stores that except KB goldcards as legal payment.
    The gold is saved at personal safe in Switzerland or can get shipped to the customers home.

    They use MLM to bring the product to the market. Save for $70 a month. Find 5 customers and your gold for free.
    MANY earners WITHOUT experience in MLM making +10.000 a month
    Topearner month 6 $137.000 month 12 $287.000
    This was only in the German speaking countries. Coming now to 194 countries.
    Join my team.
    Your uplines Stef Van Boekel. 6 years experience. Build big organizations
    – 2th upline build 17.000 distributors in 2 years
    -3th upline writer of best seller MLM book. Making now +30.000 a month
    -4th upline is making +$250.000 a month
    [email protected]

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