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Don Estrada, Canada, BC, Surrey, is a enthousiastic field leader within Beyond.


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  1. I have had some significant success in the industry in the past, and am very impressed with Don’s leadership qualities.

    Don has had significant success in conventional businesses and applies his considerable expertise and commitment in the same way in the direct sales industry.

    He is truly committed to supporting members in his Team to help them to reach their dreams and goals.

  2. Don Estrada is such a credible and diligent businessman that I had no doubts about becoming involved with Beyond, and I was right!

    Not only is Don supporting my business, but the company is 100% behind me with customer service, distribution and training.

    Thanks Don for all your help.

  3. Don has fantastic leadership and mentorship qualities. He truly cares about your needs as opposed to his own. He lives by the golden rule of doing unto others as you want done unto yourself.

    I am glad that I decided to join Beyond H2O but in particular I am happy to have chosen Don as my sponsor.

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