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A dumb question…. would you like to have:

  • 50 Facebook Fans
  • 3,000 Twitter Followers
  • 200,000 YouTube Channel Views
  • 100 YouTube Ratings & Favorites
  • 10,000 Video Views
  • 20,000 Targeted Site Visitors
  • Core SM and Mobile Package

The answer is yes I guess, especially if you can follow up these new friends, hits and followers with an interesting message.

Caboodle Inc, based in the USA is offering small and medium sized business owners or Internet Marketers the power of social media, cutting edge mobile commerce and mobile networking. At the heart of Caboodle’s Mission Statement is the goal is to help retail businesses obtain and connect with a loyal and lasting customer base. / Ted Nuyten is one of the customers of Caboodle and I am a satisfied customer.

It is no secret that the majority of Direct Sellers are struggling to drive more traffic to their landing pages, Facebook and twitter accounts, as well as their YouTube Channels, so it appears that Caboodle has an interesting service to offer.

Caboodle is using redirect traffic technique to send visitors to the landing pages.

This Google Analytics screenshot (1 month period) shows the Caboodle effect

After 5 days, approx. 250 visits per day extra are coming in, total 1,203 (or 7,500 per month)


Besides the product offering, Caboodle is using an interesting ‘Guided Binary’ compensation plan for people who like the business opportunity.

Caboodle is also offering a full range of mobile product solutions. For example, Caboodle offers a fully customizable mobile website, which can be quickly and easily built using Caboodle’s wizard based graphical interface.  Using this system, members have ability to add or edit features.

Like all of Caboodle's mobile commerce tools, this site is viewable on almost any phone with a decent browser.

Caboodle, Inc. is debt free and is financed out of pocket by Bob Chapman, Co-Founder and CEO. Bob is a 25+ year resident of Merritt Island, Florida and has had a successful career as a businessman in the private sector. He is a member in good standing with the Chamber of Commerce where he has twice been awarded Businessman of the Year.

Jeff Fournier, also a Caboodle Co-Founder, is a successful marketer in his own right. Jeff is committed to educating, equipping and empowering Caboodle’s members and hosts Caboodle’s weekly Opportunity Webinars. Caboodle’s Master Distributors are Kristan Ramos, Debbie Shenefield, Bob Wade and Gary Hill.

Caboodle's corporate address is 1980 N. Atlantic Ave, Suite 620 Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 and Caboodle’s corporate offices can be reached by phone at (+1) 321-257-8040.

I believe Caboodle can have a very bright future with a service offering attractive for many Internet Marketers and Direct Sellers. It is my opinion that the product offering is smart and effective.

The Caboodle website can be found here

Author: Ted Nuyten – Founder

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  1. I am a founding member of Caboodle and have watched its development in the last several months! Yes Caboodle is an outstanding for Internet Marketers and Direct Sellers! Caboodle offers affordable social media marketing services for small- to medium-sized companies. Please contact me for information at [email protected]

  2. We couldn’t agree more Ted!

    Team Caboodle is a group of “Founding Members” that include myself,(Stephen Clifford), Pamela Libby, Clayton Fowlie (aka.CaboodleClay) Deanne Fowlie and Sheila Ann Larmie. We are a growing Team of Affiliates promoting Caboodle. If you would like to be a part of our Team and this amazing new company CABOODLE and Compensation Plan, then see our website and click the link of a referring member and lets Caboodle! FMI [email protected]

  3. I have known the founder of this company for several years and have found that he is the most trustworthy, ethical being I have had the pleasure to work with. The concept and execution of Caboodle is a marvel to behold.
    As soon as he made me aware of what he was building , I knew this would be the answer for any networker or business, to connect and help any venture succeed. I am talking about Bob Chapman of course. His Partner Jeff Fournier is exceptional as well.

    It is hard enough to survive in the marketing world, but this Caboodle venture loads the cannons and levels the field for even the one man shows doing business today!
    Check it out at

  4. As a member of another founding members group, Team Founder?s Club, I too agree that Caboodle is absolutely incredible. Together, the Caboodle members are ready to show the world of both online and offline business owners that it is time to Stop Advertising and Start Communicating!! As we bring our cutting edge Social Media and Mobile Products Solutions to market, we are set to provide a turn-key vehicle to any business, organization or network marketer to expand and harness the power of their online presence. With our official launch upcoming on September 19th., Now is the time to get yourself positioned for the eminent explosion! Contact me for additional information. I would love to share what we have to offer and how we can help.
    [email protected]

  5. Caboodle is a way for us to help small businesses throughout the world market themselves inexpensively. The traditional way of marketing (Television, Radio, Newspaper, and Direct Mail) is dying due to the ability to reach millions of people through the internet. The overlay ad product enables small business to reach millions of viewers at a very low cost and connect directly with the merchant?s web site or landing page.
    Caboodle offers the small to medium sized business an opportunity to compete with the Big Boys when it comes to marketing. Once only the Big Boys could reach millions of people through huge television campaigns, now by using the Caboodle techniques you can reach millions through the internet. The biggest event in the US is the Super Bowl, and cost over 2.5 million dollars for a 30 second commercial, very few businesses can afford to spend that much money, however with Caboodle you can reach as many people as the Super Bowl commercial reaches for pennies in comparison. This business allows the person that is out of work or wants to earn extra income the opportunity to go out and sell advertising the opportunity to earn a great living. Great pay plan for networkers or individuals that just want to sell their fantastic products. Regardless if you are looking for a networking opportunity or a small to medium sized business you need Caboodle.

  6. Finally a company that has taken the time to make sure it is delivering more than promised.
    This seems to be the answer for those who have limited internet skills but want to play with the big boys and for those who are already considered very successful big boys/girls to blow the top off of what they consider to be their very excellent businesses.
    Caboodle will deliver more for less than any company out there and those of you who want your already excellent business to skyrocket, in two words: GET CABOODLE!!
    Contact me at [email protected] for answers.

  7. As a founding member, I know that Caboodle offers the tools that small and medium size businesses need to survive in 2010. Either with twitter, facebook, Youtube and especially with mobile. Let Caboodle help you make your business successful.

  8. Honesty and integrity seem to flow out of caboodle like a seasoned wine, using the power of social media caboodle will be the bridge that connects business to consumer. Definatly not a get rich quick plan, more of a get rich slow operation. Caboodle Social media is not the future its here right now, right time, right place. Can you really afford not to see what caboodle can do for you or your business

  9. Caboodle is such an amazing tool for anyone to use. Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, there is no better way of getting your name out there then when utilizing any of the products offered through Caboodle. M-commerce is at it’s infancy right now and is positioned to take over E-commerce with no problem in the near future (if it’s not already). Sure there are other companies out there with similar ideas to Caboodle, however if you’re comparing apples to apples.. considering the pricing, products, and functionality of what the competitors are charging with Caboodle.. there really is no contest.. Caboodle was the clear winner at the get go!

  10. In order for businesses to survive in today’s world, they have to keep up with technology and they have to be where the people are at. And people are always on their cell phone and majority are on social networks. And with Caboodle, you have a winning combination. And Caboodle makes it affordable for businesses to advertise. It is actually cheaper than the traditional way to advertise.
    Caboodle is a dynamic dual with the added ability for so many people to be able to make really good money and provide for their families in these difficult times. Caboodle is the hottest networking opportunity of the year. You can contact me at [email protected]

  11. WOW WOW WEE, Caboodle is an amazing tool for anyone whether you are a brick and mortar business or an online business. Social media is definately the way to build your business. The cost is no comparison to advertising with TV, radio, or newspaper. Those are things of the past. Join the future. I am a master distributor with Caboodle and would love to have you on our Team Founders Club. Contact me at [email protected] and I will answer all of your questions. AND…..did I mention that the compensation plan is astounding. Also, you can get a FREE mobile site just for asking.

  12. I have been in Network Marketing for just about 15 years. I have tried just about everything but when I took a look at Caboodle I was absolutely floored by what they do for the average small to midsize business. As you know the average business is struggling to stay a float in this downturn economy and most businesses are spending thousands of dollars on advertising just to bring in new customers. Caboodle gives them a way to be right up there with the big boys of advertising at a fraction of the cost. Communication is the key to success and Caboodle gives you the tools that you need to do just that! Social Media is exploding and Caboodle takes it to the next level. What Caboodle is doing with Mobile is absolute incredible. M commerce is growing faster then E commerce and Caboodle is at the front end of this amazing revolution. It doesn?t matter if you have a brick and mortar business or if you are a stay at home entrapanour Caboodle has everything you need to have success in whatever you are doing. I thank God everyday for finding Caboodle because it will allow me to help bring struggling businesses and marketers to the top of there game. This company will be around a long long time and we are just getting started.

  13. The moment I heard the first presentation from Caboodle, I knew I wanted to be involved in this company. I know how hard these times are for small to medium sized business owners to keep their doors open. I see it everyday in my city how many shops are closed, how many office spaces are for
    lease and how hard business owners are working to stay open these days. With Caboodle, I can actually help them as well as help myself financially, so it is a complete Win-Win Situation for everyone. That was very important for me when I made my decision. You can reach me via email:

    [email protected]

  14. Thanks, Ted, for the wonderful review of Caboodle – always wonderful to hear that others are just as excited as we are about this new organization! As a founding distributor and social media marketing consultant, I’m truly looking forward to using Caboodle’s many services and tools to help my clients with their social media marketing campaigns. The mobile applications are revolutionary and small- to medium-sized businesses will greatly benefit! You can reach me at or

  15. I vouch for Caboodle and become a distributor in July 2010. I have huge passion for social media & advertising as I been writing my blog @ over the last year sharing what I am learning from the power of results. Caboodle Social Media & Caboodle Mobile will bring your business to the forefront in social media networking. Forrester Research tells us that Social Media and Mobile Marketing is on the rise much more than any other median out there today with a higher return on investment. Caboodle is amazing with options for national and global packages as well driving quality and targeted traffic to your product/service. Caboodle is your one-stop AFFORDABLE mobile solution. Customers will be given a one page mobile website at no charge. Caboodle offers training modules on each mobile and online advertising product to the Caboodle reseller! I am also tickled pink with the support & vision both co-founders Bob Chapman & Jeff Fournier provide to the initiatives of the team on a daily basis.

    Caboodle Consultant Kelly Pope 602-754-5576

  16. As a founding member I found with this opportunity everything I have dreamed of in a business. After having tried and been burned by many other MLM, I have found Caboodle to be all that a person needs to create a residual income. What a opportunity we have to change the lives of so many people.
    Contact me on skype:lcbettis

  17. As one of the founding distributors, I feel truly blessed to be a part of this company. As a ground-floor opportunity, one would be in the right place at the right time in taking advantage of this truly once in a lifetime opportunity! Caboodle has delivered everything as promised and more! This is such an exciting company and the vision of our founders Bob Chapman and Jeff Fournier is nothing short of genius. Our products are just what is needed in the fast growing world of social media meets business! AND the ability to give a FREE mobile website to anyone is unheard of! After being in networking marketing for nearly 7 years, I am truly impressed!

    Oh, yes and one more thing! No auto-ship, No minimums, No contracts! Let me help you get your Caboodle on!

    Marsha Thompson
    Skype: marshathompson49

  18. I’m always online and using Social Media, so when I was told about Caboodle, I did not think twice. Caboodle’s mission is simple, Make Money and Help others Make More Money and Delivering Small to Mid-Size Business A Large, Loyal and Lasting Customer Base. It’s a WIN WIN Situation. Come and check it out.

    #Remember…?Things may come to those who wait…but only the things left by those who hustle.?[Abraham Lincoln]


  19. Great Caboodle Review…Ted

    I have also had the privledge to be one of the founding members of Caboodle. First I want to give thanks and graditude Bob Chapman and Jeff Fournier for bringing this to us.
    Caboodle is a ground floor opportunity with an incredible model delivering cutting edge Social Media and Mobile Solutions for small to mid size businesses and entrepreneurs! A wonderful opportunity to help alot of people…For more information skype me: gowithcathy or email me: [email protected]

  20. As a founding member of Caboodle, I feel proud to be associated with this unique and exciting opportunity. The forsight of our leaders Bob Chapman & Jeff Fournier is exceptional. Caboodle is poised to launch the right products at the right time, to enable bussinesses to benefit from this unique service. Stop Advertising & Start Communicating are our aims. Social Media interaction at its finest. Together with unique mobile phone products that will propell your business forward into the future. Take action and get involved with this innovative company now and be part of the future today.
    Contact, The Ultimate Caboodle Team today, or Skype Barry on: bazzer692.

  21. Hi all fellow caboodler’s my name is Ray Fitzsimons I’m in the Irish Pub Business and have just started to build my own web business . I was introduced to Irish Caboodle by Fergal Sheedy a few weeks agow and signed up straight away. I think it is a grest way to promote your business no matter what you trade in . Best of luck to all and watch this space to see how big Caboodle will be by Christmas .
    Ray Fitzsimons .

  22. All of my fellow Founding Members have said it all and better than I can.
    I Can tell you one thing, as I told a friend of mine, “I feel like I have finally won the lottery”
    Hold on tight!!!!this is going to be quite a ride for those that seize this moment in History!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Call me for any assistance. 603-254-5668

  23. Caboodle allows a small investment to become a large return to anyone who wishes to benefit from the Social revolution, the platform is excellent and management has integrity with capital.Our team will get you up and running very quickly [email protected] / Caboodlerocks -Skype or Jeff Moore -US phone 978 372 5255 –This is going to be a great worldwide company very soon!!

  24. I am a founding member of Caboodle. One of the greatest needs of fledgling Internet marketers is to have tools to manage social networks. In addition, many local brick and mortar businesses have no idea how to use social media to gain more customers. Caboodle is offering the best packages at incredible prices that any business can afford. It is going to dominate this niche.

  25. There are precious few ‘fantastic’ opportunities in life and when one comes along you best seize it with all your heart and mind. Caboodle is the One! They offer an incredible connection to the two (2) Hottest Trends in the world today, Social Media & Mobile Commerce. I and many others can see the possibilities of this becoming a true giant in helping small & medium businesses communicate with their present & future customers in this new age of techology. Do yourself a favor and check Caboodle out ….Now!

  26. With so many business opportunities that come our way every day you become immune after a while. The next get rich quick opportunity or the ?become a multi millionaire in 30 days? headlines trigger the warning signs automatically. So when I came across Caboodle it was different. No false promises, no crazy marketing, just straight talking, excellent products (with huge demand) and a fantastic team. Watching this company develop over the past months has been so exciting ? their commitment, dedication and excitement are so infectious. I am delighted and privileged to be part of this growing team. Take 30 minutes out of your day and check out this opportunity, those 30 minutes could be the best spent minutes of your life! If you want to change your life and your circumstances look no further than Caboodle.

  27. I was introduced to Caboodle SocialMedia and Mobile Marketing at a very early stage in the companies developement by my good friend Bobby Galle,I have seen many many online businesses and money making opportunities full of hype about how they are the best thing since sliced bread but when you know what it takes for a business to really be successful it is easy to see through all there hype,The one thing that got my attention the most was that there was no hype just FACTS and that is one of the most important points in any business.Please do contact me to find out these facts on +353858243411 and join my Caboodle Fanpage at you can find out alot more about our Company,Products&Services there.Caboodle has put together products and services to suit ANY business so they have left nobody out and as we move towards more and more people using their mobile phones to access the internet caboodle has also covered that avenue with their amazing mobile packages.What Caboodle have also done is set up a Company that makes it possible for someone with very little internet skills to come in and start having great success with a online business without having to hit a brick wall because of their lack of internet skills.Come and take a look around my Fanpage for more information,i look forward to hearing from you soon.

  28. I am so confident in Caboodle that I have vowed to God to give him 90% of all that comes to me through Caboodle. I am on a quest to advance the global outreach ministry in obedience to our Lord’s command to go into all the world and preach the gospel. I invite any and all who share the same fervent desire to reach the lost for Christ around the world to join with me through Caboodle and give heartily as unto the Lord for this most worthwhile cause using Caboodle as the means to bring in the income to do this. I truly believe that God is blessing Caboodle and that as long as Caboodle maintains their integrity, dependability, accountability, reliability, and selflessness in the way they conduct their business with others, that God will continue to bless Caboodle. Caboodle is one of the most loving, caring, sharing, and devoted businesses to come on the scene in a long time and I believe that the vision that they have for all of us to be successful in Caboodle will continue throughout the life of Caboodle. Thank God for Caboodle.

  29. I got involved in Caboodle via Clayton Fowlie. I watched the videos and straight away i could see the obvious potential in this company. I am so happy to be involved in a company that has obvious integrity, honesty and has everyone so excited!! Caboodle is going to be a giant in social media and i look forward to watching it grow!!

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