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A dumb question…. would you like to have:

  • 50 Facebook Fans
  • 3,000 Twitter Followers
  • 200,000 YouTube Channel Views
  • 100 YouTube Ratings & Favorites
  • 10,000 Video Views
  • 20,000 Targeted Site Visitors
  • Core SM and Mobile Package

The answer is yes I guess, especially if you can follow up these new friends, hits and followers with an interesting message.

Caboodle Inc, based in the USA is offering small and medium sized business owners or Internet Marketers the power of social media, cutting edge mobile commerce and mobile networking. At the heart of Caboodle’s Mission Statement is the goal is to help retail businesses obtain and connect with a loyal and lasting customer base. / Ted Nuyten is one of the customers of Caboodle and I am a satisfied customer.

It is no secret that the majority of Direct Sellers are struggling to drive more traffic to their landing pages, Facebook and twitter accounts, as well as their YouTube Channels, so it appears that Caboodle has an interesting service to offer.

Caboodle is using redirect traffic technique to send visitors to the landing pages.

This Google Analytics screenshot (1 month period) shows the Caboodle effect

After 5 days, approx. 250 visits per day extra are coming in, total 1,203 (or 7,500 per month)


Besides the product offering, Caboodle is using an interesting ‘Guided Binary’ compensation plan for people who like the business opportunity.

Caboodle is also offering a full range of mobile product solutions. For example, Caboodle offers a fully customizable mobile website, which can be quickly and easily built using Caboodle’s wizard based graphical interface.  Using this system, members have ability to add or edit features.

Like all of Caboodle's mobile commerce tools, this site is viewable on almost any phone with a decent browser.

Caboodle, Inc. is debt free and is financed out of pocket by Bob Chapman, Co-Founder and CEO. Bob is a 25+ year resident of Merritt Island, Florida and has had a successful career as a businessman in the private sector. He is a member in good standing with the Chamber of Commerce where he has twice been awarded Businessman of the Year.

Jeff Fournier, also a Caboodle Co-Founder, is a successful marketer in his own right. Jeff is committed to educating, equipping and empowering Caboodle’s members and hosts Caboodle’s weekly Opportunity Webinars. Caboodle’s Master Distributors are Kristan Ramos, Debbie Shenefield, Bob Wade and Gary Hill.

Caboodle's corporate address is 1980 N. Atlantic Ave, Suite 620 Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 and Caboodle’s corporate offices can be reached by phone at (+1) 321-257-8040.

I believe Caboodle can have a very bright future with a service offering attractive for many Internet Marketers and Direct Sellers. It is my opinion that the product offering is smart and effective.

The Caboodle website can be found here

Author: Ted Nuyten – Founder

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