Is Amway a great opportunity for a starter?



Suppose your are enthousiastic about Direct Selling, you have 8 hours a week to spend as a start, you have a big contact list and you are considering to join Amway, the grand old lady of network marketing. What are the pro's and what are the con's?

Amway shows a stable growth, in 2007 an estimated $7,100 million in 2008 $8,200 million in 2009 $8,400.

In the Business for Top Earners rankings there are approx. 87 Top Earners identified. Very low numbers compared to other companies, however Amway is a company who is closed to the outside world and there must be more top earners around.

In Western Europe Amway has not build up significant downlines, the USA and Asia are the main markets. Amway has signed up international soccer star Ronaldinho as a spokesman for its Nutrilite brand of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements and put great efforts in it's marketing.

It seems the Amway pay plan is on of the most confusing plans in the MLM world. Products are outstanding, and you will get your money if you qualify without doubt. No legal issue's around Amway, it is a stable and strong company. However if you look to the top earners, you discover hardly any younger guys and girls.

Is the money floating then into the bank accounts of the people who build Amway in the early years, or is Amway a strong opportunity for a newbie?

I would love to have the opinion of our readers. What is good or wrong about the opportunity, can you make money in Amway?

Barry Chi & Holly Chen –

Amway Taiwan – $10,200,000

Barry Chi & Holly Chen - Amway

Foo Howe Kean – Amway

Malaysia – $5,400,000

Foo Howe Kean - Amway

Bill & Peggy Britt – Amway

USA – $4,200,000

Bill & Peggy Britt  Amway

Dexter YagerAmway

USA – $4,200,000

Dexter Yager  Amway


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  1. It wouldn't be my first choice. The name carries a lot of baggage. I remember a few years ago reps from other MLMs were quick to let contacts know that they were not with Amway! So much negative publicity over the big names really making their money through the sale of motivational products to the downline. And so many of the huge stars, Diamonds, in the 80s and early 90s abandoning the company for 'greener' pastures. Then there's the current TV ad blitz in North America with John Tesh doing the voice over work. It makes me think the company may be a little desperate here in NA. I wouldn't want to be associated with a desperate company!

  2. I 've been in Amway for several years, & have only seen the opportunity get better & better. As to young leaders; there are many Emeralds, Diamonds, & above who are in their twenties & thirties. Brad & Kim DeHaven is one such example. As for the pay plan, people think it's confusing because there's so many ways to make money. Amway is without a doubt the highest paying LEGAL MLM in the world. They even adressed bonuses earned at the entry level by infusing cash into the system for brand new IBO's. I'm really impressed with Amway. Yes there's been alot of baggage over the years, but Amway has cleaned house, is improving public it's perception, & attracting younger entreprenuers (the average age of new IBO's joining Amway today is 21-32 year olds). By the way, I observed a new qualifying Emerald couple who just turned 21!

  3. Amway may be one of the oldest around but in anyway is one of the best mlm you can enjoy, on the beginning the negative publicity around this company is tremendous, i don`t think they gonna get rid of it any time soon, the pay plan is unsufficient for anyone except Executive Diamond and above, tha`s the reason members have to pay horrendous prices for the so call “education system” and the negative publicity around it, even the big kingpins do recognize that w/o the money from the education system they will not continue in business, that`s the reason that even with all the negative publicity the company do nothing to stop the money coming to the big bosses from the education system. In USA the market is in negative numbers for few years now even with publicity on tv and big efforts to relaunch the company, the global grow in 2009 was $200 millions that for a 8.4 billion company means trouble and do not expect to make any decent money `till you reach the level of Emerald and above, something reserved to the 0.0000001 of the members, not the best company to enjoy imho.

  4. Amway isn`t a nice company to anyone expecting to make money, our own experience, 3 and a half years, Gold level, 294 members in our downline and our biggest check was $1600.00, count also to expend around $500.00 every month between pv`s and education system materials and more in convention months, $200,00 each + hotel, flight and meals and don`t expect any help from you uplines if you don`t expend money making then happy (making lots of pv`s even if you can`t sell them and buying a lot of educational materials to fill your garage). And if you let yourself be carried away by the preach of the kingpins be prepared to lose some of your friends and family.

  5. I’ve been in Amway for 4 1/2 years and been working it really the last 2 years. Last month I made $7,000 and I get a $10,000 bonus in November. If you want residual lifetime income Amway is the only game in town along with a few other companies. Most companies look hot but will be gone in 2-5 years i.e YTB and soon Monavie.

    My upline Diamond recieved a bonus for $500,000 extra this year as Amway added a $500k bons to all that qualify as founders diamonds and above for 24 months.

    Most of my people in my group are 20-30 since they have a dream, 35-older we see less growth becasue most think they know it all and they have lost their dream. I just turned 32.

    P.S Bill Britt making $4.4 million a year is hilarious since he just spent $20 million cash on a falcom jet and is estimated to be worth around $800 million dollars.

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