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Spotlight on Mike Kiefer, Blue Diamond Executive

Mike Kiefer

Congratulations to Mike Kiefer from Germany on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here is what Mike had to say about achieving this significant milestone…

“I love everything about MonaVie. I love the professionalism that surrounds MonaVie and the Executive Team. I also love the product. Having spent time in Brazil, I am familiar with the acai berry and how people prized this special fruit in South America. I also love the challenge of being a pioneer in MonaVie Germany. It is a privilege to be distributor for MonaVie, with such a successful history, backing you and supporting your efforts.

“Believing in my dreams and believing in myself has helped me to achieve success in the direct selling industry. I love to push myself to achieve my goals and dreams. Realise that if there are obstacles in your way, you need to remove them. Never give up and work, work, work for your dreams.

“As a sponsor and a leader it’s important to spend a lot of time talking with and helping others in your downline. I am having so much fun helping others to build their MonaVie business. So it’s important to build strong relationships and to nurture those relationships continually. I am excited about my success, but i believe my success has come from helping others achieve their goals with MonaVie.

“I was introduced to the direct selling after working as a financial consultant and building up my own business. After some early success, I took a break and have been waiting for the right opportunity to come along to get back into the industry. Once I heard about MonaVie, I was excited to enter the industry once again. . MonaVie offers a great combination of products and compensation. It potentially gives people the chance to reach their goals, spend more time with their families, and reach financial freedom.

“To reach those goals you need to invest time in yourself, find your motivation. There is no limit to what you can achieve, so don’t be afraid to dream big dreams.”

Spotlight on Tom Koller, Blue Diamond Executive

Tom Koller

Congratulations to Tom Koller on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here is what Tom had to say about achieving this significant milestone…


“I have committed myself to being successful. I always finish whatever I begin. I make sure it is something I really want to do and give it my all. I have a wonderful wife and I’m the blessed father of 3 children – they are my motivation every day.

“I’ve been involved in the network marketing industry since I was 22 years old. It is great to see a company with passion. MonaVie offers everything from the product, the plan, the leaders, the management team and the employees. I love the people that are involved with MonaVie.

“MonaVie has a rewarding compensation plan with 9 ways to earn including, the Team Commissions and the Check Match.. Of course, you have to do the work; if you do nothing you will make nothing. You should come to MonaVie prepared to work and you can be rewarded. I think the most important thing with MonaVie is “love.” Yes, that is how I feel when I think about MonaVie. This love is not to be confused with the love one feels for their partner or children, but a different love, namely, the confidence in something great and the belief in doing it! This little word “love” is the heavyweight in this industry with MonaVie. Leaders and companies without love are never truly successful.


“Live the philosophy, it’s simple, it’s fun, it’s MonaVie. I think we talk too much about business. Drink the products and talk about MonaVie with others. I think this is a job my children could do easily. I think the most important thing is personal development, you should never stop learning. Learn to be responsible for your own life, learn what an entrepreneur is and how they got there. You can easily compare this business to sports. . It is the same in our business. Think about babies–how much do they fall when they are learning to walk? They fall a lot! But no baby sits on the floor and says, “Papa, I am going to quit my walking lessons, I can’t ever do this.” Sometimes people forget to fight to be happy. I don’t remember any “quit” points in my life. Every time I might be tempted, something inside me rises up and tells me it is my job to help spread this business and teach what I know. It is my job to remind people this is a simple business. Simply put, commit yourself and be passionate about it!”


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