Xango Juice Forbidden in Germany


Lack of the required novel food authorisation.

(This is how Tahitian Noni is bringing the news to their users;)


As XanGo produced their product using the fruit rind, an ingredient so far lacking any significant consumption in the markets of the European Union, it would be necessary to provide the European Commission with comprehensive scientific studies regarding the safety of the product.

These studies would then have to be reviewed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It is only upon receipt of the official approval as a Novel Food that the distribution of XanGo® Juice would be legal. As XanGo lacks the authorisation required for Novel Foods, the distribution of the product has now been (retroactively) prohibited through a final judgement by the Munich Regional Appeal Court (Oberlandesgericht München).

(Source: ZLR-Food Law Journal- booklet 4/210, p. 474 – 493.) According to our sources, XanGo even referred this legal dispute to the German Federal High Court of Justice for a decision. However, XanGo withdrew the request after the oral proceedings – presumably in order to avoid another defeat.  As to the consequences of this decision with regards to the distribution of this company within Europe, one may only speculate. What is certain, however, is that the German market will remain inaccessible for XanGo Juice for years to come.


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