Bart Hungenaert Review

Bart Hungenaert

Bart Hungenaert is a top networker living in Bruges, Belgium and has been active in MLM since 2004.

He has personally sponsored 88 people into the business. He has a passion for the industry and is known for his honest, tell-it-like-it-is approach.

An avid believer in personal development, he loves training and coaching new networkers so they can grow into personal development and master sponsoring techniques that really work.

As a former European Karate Champion he is intrigued by the similarities that occur when training a martial art and training to become a network marketing professional, which is in his opinion not so different.

He is currently in the process of writing his own book called Netwerk Marketing Coach which will be a guide to achieve personal success as a network marketing professional for aspiring MLM leaders in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Bart has been a great promotor for the first edition of the European Direct Selling Congress. A great guy to work with!



His book: Netwerk Marketing Coach will be available soon


Keynote Speakers European Direct Selling Congress 2010

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  1. ~I like a person that tells it “how it really is.” Now that’s refreshing! There is no need to embellish any of our products or income potentials; they speak for themselves.
    ~There’s nothing quite like a powerful leader that can figuratively and literally karate chop issues and obstacles in half! Nice!
    ~Adam Green, Xocai Ambassador,

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