Daniel Mueller Review

Daniel Mueller

Daniel is one of the top earners in Europe with an estimated annual earnings of $1,500,000 and since 2001 involved in Unicity.

Daniel Mueller and Wolfram Andes on the European Direct Selling Congress

Daniel has a team of approx. 45,000 people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Co Founder „Networker for Humanity “- a foundation of Top Networkers and Top Trainers, with the objective to help people who can not help themselves. 

He has been an awesome keynote speaker on the first European Direct Selling Congress amazing the entire audience of professional network marketers with his Vision presentation.

A great ambassador for the entire Direct Selling Industry.

In Unicity he works close together with Sven Goebel an other Top Earners within Unicity.



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  1. Daniel is one of the best leaders Unicity has in Europe. It is great to hear and see him speak on the events of our firm Unicity. I learned a lot of him and i know i will learn more and more everytime he speaks on a Unicity seminar or other seminar. Daniel knows witch company is now THE best to be with and he is right.

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