Derek Broes Resigns as Revolucion Worldwide CEO


Derek Broes (ex- Efusjon), co-founder and CEO Revolucion Worldwide (USA) has resigned. Rumours about a possible merger with a public MLM company. (non confirmed)

Derek called Revolucion Worldwide:

A business for the average person. Low cost entry, massive support and training systems, cutting edge marketing technology, weekly talkradio support show hosted by myself, incredible whole food products, world class leadership executives and so much more.

A major loss for the company and maybe not-so-good-news….. an official press release is not available yet.

This is for Revolucion distributors a momentum killer…..

Source: Troy Dooly MLM help desk


About Revolucion Worldwide:

Revolucion World Wide is a whole food-derived nutritional product based company that is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona.

The founders Derek Broes, Peter Lupus III, and Peter Lupus started in February 2010. Derek Broes was the former master distributor in Efusjon. The compensation plan is a forced matrix with overlap.


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  1. Hi Ted, Seems there is a lot happening accross the health and wellbeing sector, unfortunately not that much of it good at present,let’s hope these blips are temporary. The comment about this type of news being a momentum killer is right on the money. It’s hard to be enthusiastic if you are uncertain about the future of your opportunity.
    I am also available to answer questions about My Shopping Genie for those perhaps looking for the right support and security in an expanding sector.
    Best Regards,
    John Smith
    email [email protected]
    skype – johna888
    Tel 44 (0) 1452 621222

  2. This has been a really hard couple of years for distributors trying to land on their feet with a stable company. I wish the best to all the distributors who are in this new company. I have just launched a blog that will have a lot of great content on there for people in our industry. I will be righting an article soon about what to look for in a company when you are looking for a new opportunity.

  3. Hi Ted,
    It really is unfortunate if this company comes apart at the seems like what just happened with Efusjon. Prior to joining my current company I was with iLearningGlobal and know the pain that comes with a company determining that the MLM business model isn’t something they wish to pursue any longer.

    If there are any distributors out there who are tired of the ups and downs the functional beverage market brings and would like to explore other options where they can partner with a mastermind team of experienced networkers in a totally different niche where we are the only game in town then I invite them to contact me directly.

    The results speak for themselves and ours are speaking rather loudly.

    To Our Massive Success,

    skype: johnchatman

  4. I believe what is happening is that there are too many “me-too” companies offering similar products on the market. How many super-juice companies are there? How many “healthy” energy drink companies are there? If the product isn’t unique then how long before distributors jump to the next opportunity offering a “better” comp plan thus draining the field leadership. No field leadership=no growth and no growth=no company.

  5. Hey Ted,

    I always find your information to be very timely and informative. I’ve only been a subscriber for a short period of time, but I’ve come to pay special attention to the news that you provide. Thanks for staying on top of things in the industry… it truly is a great source of reliable info that I count on.

    Best regards,

  6. I hate to see another MLM go down its just not good for the industry. It gives the no-doers another reason to say that MLM doesnt work. Ted thanks so much for the updates. Your constant contact hopefully will hold our industry together. Lets not bumrush their reps just be there for them when they look for another home and keep those who feel betrayed encouraged so they dont quit on our life changing MLM world.

    Adam “TheWealthySon” Burns
    skype: adamstorm593

  7. I agree with both Adam and Tony above. Joining a new, startup company is always a risk ? only join one if you can afford to take the loss if things do not work out.

    FM Group is a well established company trading successfully in the perfume and makeup market. One of many reasons for its success is its very low monthly qualifying requirements – which means everyone can afford to join. Go to for more information.

  8. I agree with Tony above. The market is flooded with “Super Juice’s” that come in either a bottle or can. Nuriche (a new company) is growing at a rate of 41% EVERY MONTH since March of 2010. It’s a whole foods powder. Unique, long lasting and a product that every individual needs. Supplying you with 5-9 servings of fruits & vegetables.
    My team is already in Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama & will be in Japan tomorrow. Most MLM companies cant get into Japan-but we can because of our payout plan. Nuriche pays out 60% and it pays out on GLOBAL wide company volume.
    If interested to learn more visit

  9. G’day from sunny Australia,

    Opportunities come and go and so the people and only to often move on to a greater chapter of their life.
    As a world traveller i can see the Business World including direct sales/MLM industry is facing change, they are all looking to be different – gain more marketshare – build sustainability YET only too often forget to engage people from all walks of life and make a true and valuable difference to the end consumer.
    If we look back to the 80/90’s companies had a number of years to build momentum YET today its only a number of weeks, sometimes months, before another alike product/service/business comes along.

    distributors are crying out for a REAL & LASTING opportunity/business that is going to allow them to fulfill their aspirations and i know this is going to be a huge wake up call. For us all to wise up on our Business Aptitude – Share the Truth – Share lasting Value – Share market competitiveness – Share & develop a foundation that engages and allows people to develop a true business from all walks of life.

    Just look at the largest Direct Sales company, Avon they are making a difference locally / nationally /internationally!
    ps. I’m not an Avon distributor YET many companies who want to build a future can learn a lot from Avon.

    Many happy days,
    Arthur H

  10. Hype Hurts. When you grow by the hype you die by the hype. Growing at 41% a month? What do you say when it is 34% a month? 19% negative 4%?

    Find a company that has products you truly, absolutely would pay full retail for if you were never a distributor…a company that has proven it has staying power and build like you life depended on it.

    None of you can afford to risk a start up or a Hype Up. Your reputation cannot afford it nor can your bank account. Leave them for the greedy, reckless and ignorant. Do it right or do not do it at all.

  11. In 1996 there was a company introducing a product to the world that has grown into a billion-dollar industry. In 2000 the the same company introduced the “superfruit” industry that has grown into a billion dollar industry. In 2010 the same company has left the “superfruit” behind and created a whole new industry: THE BIOACTIVE BEVERAGE industry. This will become a new billion dollar industry and this company is built to last.The track record shows that this is a winner, the science show the products works in every body on 2 and 4 legs. The pure nature has a way to keep plants and animals healty – and now we know more than ever what keeps humans healthy.
    This company is not built on hype, but on solid documentation.
    The future is just great!
    My skype is asbjrn.lnes

  12. @Richard Bliss Brooke

    You continue to be a pillar within the profession always giving fantastic feedback & truth. We need to educate more folks on how to pick a company and show the profession for what it truly is (incredible/viable business for those willing to learn the skills & put in the work) vs all the Hype we both see. Thanks for all you do!

    Ivan Sisco

  13. ~Well, I have some GOOD NEWS and some BAD NEWS…
    …Bad news is that personal change is difficult and frequent. It’s even painful to watch, right? We all hate to see good people bounce around and have failures (i.e. non-successes). It’s even more long lasting when good companies, with creative products, “tank.” I agree, leadership is the FUEL that powers a company – without good leadership, there’s no company.
    …Good news is that our industry is growing and these non-successes absolutely lead to better things (usually) for the leadership involved. Re-invention is a required part of life for the massively successful. I’m interested in seeing what will happen next in this situation…
    ~Adam Green,

  14. Hi Ted,
    I think that this particular case has to be seen in the overall context of the evolution of the industry. Having spent 17 years in the health and nutrition field of MLM I can see the relationship between the distributor and the size of his/her customer base becoming more and more crucial, both in the development of compensation plans and the legal background to them. In the current economic climate potential customers are understandingly focussing on the imperatives of saving time and money rather than health products, however good they are. And it is this customer base that underpins and drives the growth of a network by turning some customers into distributors. What if we could have a free product that saved people time and money, that itself generated residual income before any recruitment had been done…….
    Regards Peter Benns
    skype :-peter.jenny.benns

  15. Hi Ted, Thank you for you updates and notifications. Our industry really thrives on your positive portrayal despite that of these companies that start up and go out of business in a few years. I too have been a victim of this. However, my determination in changing my situation is so strong that I was not driven to the other side of the fence. This industry has been there for so many people and although I am not quite there yet, I rest on those who has been. If they can do it I know that I will too, no matter how long it takes.

    Thanks again

    Ogay Ugorji
    Skyp: Ogay2win

  16. Unfortunate, the demise of Efusjon…and now, perhaps Revolucion Worldwide…

    I am glad that I am with a Company – RAIN Nutrition ( – that is in a niche market of its own, and not battling it out in the ‘Juices / Super-Juices’ market!

    RAIN Nutrition has only just celebrated its 1st Anniversary in business and is in full expansion mode and offers a true RETAIL program that will appeal to the MASS market!

    Best regards,

  17. It is unfortunate so many people have to suffer with the ups and downs of the industry. As someone new to this industry eight years ago, I was fortunate to– unknowingly at the time– start my business with a company that is changing the world of network marketing with its simple and generous comp plan, leadership, training and support to associates. We are also not a “juice of the month club”, but have products for everyone, and a leg up in the anti-aging arena. Check out for a view at all that we are about. My future is with this company.

    The best to all.

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