My Shopping Genie Review – Not so good…

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I agree with Troy Dooly concerns (See the video), if you want to join My Shopping Genie or are involved, I encourage you to do a very good Due Diligence. I will not call it a scam, but this company is balancing on a very thin rope…. and might fall down.

The basic problem with My Shopping Genie: all internal consumption, meaning there is no product going the the consumer. In a lot of countries that is a controversial business model if you are rewarding distributors through a MLM payplan with no product involved. It could result in a pyramid charge either to the company or distributors sooner or later.


         Bruce Brise
      John van Deurzen
Bruce Bise My Shopping Genie

The master distributor of My Shopping Genie, has a controversial background, lots of people do not understand why the management team of My Shopping Genie has given Bruce Bise that position.

John van Deurzen My Shopping Genie

Is in the RTE One video below-  is the second controversial guy involved. Bruce Bise and John van Deurzen have not shown in the past a lot of integrity… This is not the kind of field leadership you would recommend.


My Shopping Genie Management Team

David Freed


Bill Shaw

Executive Committee

Andy Cauthen

President MyNet International

David Freed My Shopping Genie Bill Shaw My Shopping Genie Andy Cauthen My Shopping Genie

Troy Dooly – MLM Helpdesk

Ireland’s RTE One Prime Time TV Show covering My Shopping Genie part 1

Ireland’s RTE One Prime Time TV Show covering My Shopping Genie part 2

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