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I agree with Troy Dooly concerns (See the video), if you want to join My Shopping Genie or are involved, I encourage you to do a very good Due Diligence. I will not call it a scam, but this company is balancing on a very thin rope…. and might fall down.

The basic problem with My Shopping Genie: all internal consumption, meaning there is no product going the the consumer. In a lot of countries that is a controversial business model if you are rewarding distributors through a MLM payplan with no product involved. It could result in a pyramid charge either to the company or distributors sooner or later.


         Bruce Brise
      John van Deurzen
Bruce Bise My Shopping Genie

The master distributor of My Shopping Genie, has a controversial background, lots of people do not understand why the management team of My Shopping Genie has given Bruce Bise that position.

John van Deurzen My Shopping Genie

Is in the RTE One video below-  is the second controversial guy involved. Bruce Bise and John van Deurzen have not shown in the past a lot of integrity… This is not the kind of field leadership you would recommend.


My Shopping Genie Management Team

David Freed


Bill Shaw

Executive Committee

Andy Cauthen

President MyNet International

David Freed My Shopping Genie Bill Shaw My Shopping Genie Andy Cauthen My Shopping Genie

Troy Dooly – MLM Helpdesk

Ireland’s RTE One Prime Time TV Show covering My Shopping Genie part 1

Ireland’s RTE One Prime Time TV Show covering My Shopping Genie part 2

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  1. Carbayon;

    The example you posted proves our point that it can be broken down and dispersed accurately:

    m=scf285 ?> Search Engine Used on the compare button
    u=18500 ?> License of the Distributor from where I downloaded the software
    a=5605f1af-483d-42e1-a883-6dce577f712b-b9 ?> Unique number of my own Genie software.

    If you can see it – break it down and post it here for everyone – why couldn’t DealTime and MSG do the same to pay us accordingly?

    Just because it doesn’t have all that information in the URL landing page – doesn’t mean that it’s not recorded. Here’s an example that everyone can do.

    Google anything you want and right click a sponsored ad to “copy link location” and then paste that link information into Word or Notepad. Then click the sponsored ad and compare the landing page URL with the one you pasted into Word or Notepad.

    Since it’s not the same why don’t you (or anyone else) have the same concerns about Google?

  2. @All distributors
    “A MyNet source has already been quoted, saying that the Shopping sites record the click and report the data and payment to MyNet who then redistribute it. Just because you haven?t figured it out does not make the statement false. There are other ways to track clicks.”

    What other ways are there to track clicks. There is only one way data leaves a computer and that is through a network adapter, be that wireless or wired. Carbayon has used a tool that analyses that data (Wire Shark) and found that no identifying data is sent to the third party search sites. I have repeated the test and confirmed his results. So how pray tell does the third part site know that the genie redirected the user to that site. Its a very simple question, which no one has explained on this post.

    Now please don’t come back with “do you know Google make X billion and the shopping genie is just taking A cut for the LITTLE guy bullsh1t” Just answer the Question.


  3. DoobieDoo;

    If you search Carbayon on Google I am at the top, when you click on the link, Google makes no money as I don’t pay Google anything to be at the top.

    Google makes money on the advertising and they charge higher because it is targeted, for example, there is a hotel with the same name advertised on the result page. This is targeted!!!!!

    Not EVERY search done on Google generates money!! On the same manner that not every search done on Kelkoo, BizRate and the other engines generate money.

    From a business point it does not work at all. If a search in Kelkoo produces no income to Kelkoo, because no one clicked on the ads, how is Kelkoo going to pay MSG, they are loosing money. Assuming a customer clicks on the ads, and Kelkoo gets a few cents from the advertising company, why would Kelkoo pay MSG part of its small income??

    People hear the Google makes BILLIONS from advertising, but they don’t see that each click is only worth few cents (more if targeted). Kelkoo gets paid few cents per click, and now MSG is saying they are taking some of that money from them. Why would Kelkoo pay? this will take their income away, rather than ad more income. They may get more visitors but NO ALL SEARCHES generate money.

  4. Guys;

    You can rant and rave all you want about what you tested with claims that there is no communication between the sites. Carbayon figured out the code and posted it so it IS there.

    I have checks from “click income” that have been deposited into my account paid to me by MSG – and you want me to worry that it’s not there or communicating because you say so?

    Please…I don’t know you from Adam – and my bank hasn’t called to tell me the money isn’t actually there because you haven’t figured it out. Who should I trust or believe?

    I can flip a light switch and trust the light will come on. I don’t have to know the in’s and outs of electrical current or open up my walls to trust that a light will turn on or off all the time – every time I flip it.

    And please don’t bombard us with questions or explanations about the different between and impression or organic links verses paid links. It’s nothing but smoke and mirrors designed to confuse the average person looking at this.

    If Kelkoo and Google doesn’t generate revenue how on earth do they continue to operate?

    People don’t hear, they actually see the revenue Google generates – their financial statements document it. We all use Google every day and don’t pay them a dime to search on or use it. MSG has figured out how to transfer BILLIONS spent every year to me by giving away free Genies.

    It’s really that simple.

  5. Genie Gems;

    The link is ONLY pass to MSG is NOT sent to the search engines.

    In your case scenario, the packet capture program that I run on my PC will see both links.

    You just described how REAL pay-per-click works, yes no everyone sees the link, but the software used to monitor the network traffic can capture both packets.

    Again, I have stripped down the communication and there is NO information passed from the MSG to the search engine.

    The reason we and other people don’t have concern about Google, is that as YOU point out, ANYONE can see the link and in some cases, a THIRD PARTY company is the one capturing the pay-per-click information. On the MSG program NO one can see the “supposed” link, this rises suspicion. Further more when traffic is analysed, when using Google or any other third party companies, the packets are seeing on the packet capture program and can be analysed. With MSG there is NO traceable link passed trough the network card to the search engine.

    The link on my posts is the link passed from MSG to MSG to populate the Distributor’s backoffice, this is how MSG populates the BackOffice and how a distributor can see the Genies that are out there. How come the link or similar link is not passed to the search engine??

  6. Genie Gems;

    is it really that simple??

    If the search engines are not paying MSG pay-per-click income ( a.- They have say the don’t and b.- they is traceable way for them to pay) then, where is MSG getting the money?

    Who is paying MSG money to pay you pay-per-click? Could it be they are re-distributing the Licenses and monthly payments done by the distributors?

    You claim 40,000 distributors; that is $800,000 a month in income (just from the $20 [I took the $10 paid upstream]); I am sure they can take some of the and pay per-per-click to some distributors, they do have the numbers. Also what happened to the $60,000,000 paid in licenses? [Again I took the $50 paid upstream]

    Those are the questions to be asked, MSG has over $60,000,000 income on licenses and a monthly income of $800,000. Is that money being re-invested in the company? how? after all you have only mentioned one programmer, so there is no too much overhead.

    It is a great business, and I can see how the top people travel all over the world, just look at the numbers. An all for a program that really does nothing.

    Not all distributors will make more than the $30 they pay. Also where did the

  7. You guys crack me up…

    Look – as much as I’d love to continue – I really don’t need to be convinced that MSG works or does what it claims to do. And I’m not looking out for my interest – but YOUR interest. I’d simply recommend to anyone looking at this that they first try the free Applet – see if it helps save them time and money. If they like it – get with someone they know or trust to see if this might be a good business model to get into. 1.6 million installs is a pretty good indicator.

    It’s not for everyone and most poeple who don’t see it just let it go and move on if that’s the case.

    Then there are those who need to justify their position based on fears and phobias that they want to shove down everyone else’s throat. You’re entitled to your beliefs and opinions – but don’t expect everyone including me to own it or buy into it.

    Some will – some won’t and that’s perfectly okay with me.

    I’m merely looking for those who see the opportunity for themselves.

    Obviously neither of you do – so it’s time for me move on.

  8. @Carbayon
    “If the search engines are not paying MSG pay-per-click income ( a.- They have say the don?t and b.- they is traceable way for them to pay) then, where is MSG getting the money?

    Who is paying MSG money to pay you pay-per-click? Could it be they are re-distributing the Licenses and monthly payments done by the distributors?”

    MSG ARE receiving PPC income from the shopping sites – they have ongoing publisher agreements with them.

    FYI, 1.6m Genies generates $2 per month to Distributors. Since MSG pay out 50% of PPC incomes, that’s minimum $6.4m PPC revenue per month.

    The Genie does more than just pull out best price information, it’s a brandable marketing tool with a simple webpage builder linked in the back end to all Genies a Distributor has installed. A powerful tool for any business. So yes, it is a product in it’s own right.

    And to the unknown ‘Link please’ – ever heard of IP addresses combined with UTC timestamps? I’m no tech geek sniffing packets, but even I can track users on a site with that combo. Maybe, just maybe the patents apply to the tracking methodology??

    I can only agree with Genie Gems, “It?s not for everyone and most poeple who don?t see it just let it go and move on.”. I can’t help you on the questions you’ve asked, but neither am I concerned. MSG has been publicly pronounced as legit by top lawyers in Ireland this week and the reporter is fast looking like he was manipulated into producing his poorly edited and…

  9. MSG has been publicly pronounced as legit by top lawyers in Ireland – can I laugh at this???

    I LIVE in Ireland and I have not seen any publications on this matter, RTE has not air any apology either. Further more, 4 of the listed search engines (Ciao!, BizRate, Google Product Search and Kelkoo) have said they DON’T pay MSG.

    It really shows you are not geek at all UTC timestamps CAN’T be use to track users, that will be like saying I can track people coming into my shop by looking at the bills they pay with; simply impossible.

    1.6 Genies installed does NOT mean 1.6 Genies used regularly, thus that number can’t be used; is like MSG saying that there are 7.6 Billion computers on the world, each could have a Genie (you have to take way servers, computers in business/governments/universities, computers running Linux, and computers where the user don’t want the product). Those figures are just crazy, they need to be backup by documentation. Don’t forget that out of that 1.6 INSTALLATIONS, there are re-installed programs; also the system doesn’t count uninstalls of the program.

    The real question is, how many are active Genies? how many of the 1.6 million are really generating income?

    I am looking forward to the day in court for the Genie in Ireland, I can’t way to know more about this new technology that counts usage without sending traffic between the PC and the server.

  10. P.S. notes;

    1.- In case you are not aware, RTE is the biggest channel in Ireland, similar to CBS, NBC, ABC or Fox in America. RTE is not a cable channel or some other small channel. Lots of liability if the report is false

    2.- There was an article on “The Sunday Independent”; this too is a big newspaper in Ireland. Again another company with big liabilities if the article is false

    3.- There are plans for a bigger article that will show the lack of relation between Genie and the search engines.

    4.- I can assure you MSG didn’t hire the biggest and best solicitor from in Ireland, as I am sure they are working for RTE and “The Sunday Independent”. It is easy to say “we have initiated talks with a big firm in Ireland” On this cases, the first thing to be name is the solicitor’s name. No name means that no one was contacted. If they have a name, trust me they will publish it. No name, no way to trace back their statement (this reminds of the pay-per-click lack of traceability)

    I live in Ireland and I can’t wait for the day MSG takes RTE and The Sunday Independent to court, I just want to learn more about this way of trace users without sending ANY information between the computer and the server.

  11. Any who wants to know what my shopping genie is, look below
    2 2
    3 3 3
    4 4 4 4
    5 5 5 5 5
    6 6 6 6 6 6
    1001, 1001, 1001, 1001 –> thats you position if your about to become a distributor now
    End of

  12. An Attorney General would ask these two questions:?

    1 – Would a logical thinking person pay this much money for the product or service if there was not a business opportunity involved?

    Well i would not pay $199 and a further $29 a month for a genie,Oh wait you dont pay for the genie you pay for a licence to give it away,So now is a licence a product or service,No it is something to give you the legal right to Drive,Fish,Shoot ect

    2 – Does the income stop when the recruiting stops?

    Well you will earn from the clicks but dont hold your breath if you have to live off that money unless you are a professional MLM’r or Internet Marketer,MSG takes money from the small guy looking for the big break to feed the pros and there is many more businesses out there that work in the same way and they should all be closed down if you ask me

    If the answer to the first question is “No” and/or the answer to the second question is “Yes”,then it is a scam.

    Finally MSG’s figures are based on US figures well there is only around 4 million people in Ireland and very few actually buying online unless it is holidays so how can anyone make a real income from clicks,work that one out.

    To Your Success,
    Fergal Sheehy,

  13. You can try to get as technical as you want…. Yes, you can find he same deal on the internet with or with out the Genie, if you know exactly were to look! Most people never get past page one or two of the search engine before they decide to buy and usually do NOT get the best deal. The Genie makes it simpler and much easier to find the good deals, period! People do save money by using the Genie, thats a fact. It is simply a tool to help save time finding the best deals online. I think it’s a great idea. I also think that there are a lot of people that are jealous and wish they had developed first….. I have not one person yet that after using it said they didn’t like it. I hope the MyNet gets this thing cleared up and keeps advancing and improving the technology.

  14. Djyod;

    AS they said, you hit the nail on the head;
    – MSG “It is simply a tool to help save time finding the best deals online”

    They claim that MSG will find the cheapest price, there is big difference between both.

    Also, could you let me know the difference between typing a search directly on the real comparison site and the page returned by MSG? There is no difference, thus MSG doesn’t do anything special.

    Lastly, I agree with you that “there are a lot of people that are jealous and wish they had developed first”, since I am not a programmer, you can count me out of the group. I am a network engineer and all I know is network traffic and how packets travel over the internet from the source PC to the destination server.

    I to wish MyNet develops a real program, because at the moment, what they have is a cheap “re-type” machine that lazy people loves to use. Google Product Search is what a real multi-shop search engine works, giving products from cheaper to most expensive regardless of the retailer.

  15. The difference is, that you have to know that there are 6 search comparison sites, then go to each one individually, with the shopping genie you search them all at once in 30 seconds. I am a Global distributor and have made over 8000 in the genie in 4 months

  16. There seems to be a lot of hot air being blown about regarding the Genie. It’s amazing that those that have taken the trouble to actually install and use the app. find it saves them time and money so they are happy. Equally interesting that those that have invested in the Licence AND DONE SOMETHING WITH IT are making money regularly from P.P.C so they are happy.
    I guess those that are unhappy are either angry that they don’t understand why the Genie is flying or simply prefer wallowing in misery themselves and would like to stop others making any effort to climb out of the financial situation they were in simply because they don’t ‘get it’.
    I neither know nor care about the technical aspects of the Genie, or any other app. but I am glad to have been able to help a great many in my organisation enjoy the benefits the Genie brings whether it be as a User, Giver or Team Builder.
    If you can see past the rubbish and are ready to back your own judgement call me on +44 1452 621222 and see what this programme is really about.

  17. It’s defo a pyramid. The genie app may/maynot work – who cares? The money is generated by more distributors joining at the bottom of the pyramid, as long as that’s happening there’s money to pay people higher up the pyramid. Once new distributors stop joining then the cash runs dry.

    Who knows how long it will last? Most pyramids eventually collapse and the guys who suffer the most tend to be the ones who join just before it all collapses.
    Pyramids tend to work for a while because people are greedy and like something for nothing.

  18. @John;

    I am not a lawyer, but I am sure that what you are doing can be consider “false advertising”.
    You have taken a legitimate article about saving online and put a FAKE image on the article with Genie pictures; thus implying people are saving with Genia and that the article refers to Genie.
    Further more, you say “Featured on CNN. Fox News, ABC and CBC, The Genie is Creating Headlines around The World.” As far as I am aware, only CNN has a 30 seconds story, not sure who CBC is.

    Just remember that “ignorance” is not an excuse, saying you don’t understand the technology is not an excuse when this goes to trial. I do understand technology and I am 100% sure that Genie doesn’t get pay for PPC, thus they can’t pay the end-user for PPC. The payment you receive for PPC is taken from the licenses you signed, when you stop signing new licenses, you will stop getting PPC income.

  19. I dont know how you can say you dont earn ppc.I dont sell licences ,i just give away genies and get a ppc commission check every month without fail and each month it gets higher and higher.The app works I get paid SO where is the Scam?

  20. I have also stopped selling licences since last September and I have received PPC every month since.
    I paid $199 to join in August,and paid 5 subscription fees of $29 ($344 total) I sold 9 licences and gave away 60 apps and to date I have earned $2400.The total money generated by the licences I sold (9 x $199) is only $1799.
    I realize thats not a lot of money but I didn’t really do much work. I have been trying to add up all the money I’ve saved by using the App and I’ve given up at at ?1400 since last August.Reading these messages has made me check all these figures and I’ve realized what a fantastic opportunity this business really is.
    I will now start building my business again with renewed passion and determination.
    Thank you to all that have posted here.

  21. Thank for very much for using your precious time to ask such important questions regarding the MSG and how it functions. If you go to a seminar introducing you to it and ask too many questions, the about how it works seminar coordinators don’t like it. if you persist they say as others have done here, “it’s obviously not for you”. t.dont ask the distributors becuase they dont know how it works either and are diswayeded from answering questions from the inquisitive and recomend them to move on to find more firtile distributor groud becuase as far as i can see that is what it All about, mulilevel selling with a flat base and a pointy top, a pyramid. one is asked to read the website which is didnt asnwer my questions either. Its a search engine agrogator they said. i did join on the recomendation of a good friend but have since left. I had a row with the frien about it too which isnt great. Well who do we trust more than our friends?

  22. Barnaby. Where are you found the distributors MSG which did not answered the questions. If you like ask me and I will be more then happy to answer… Or you just fantasize it? My Skype – s.kotcherine

  23. This was only a matter of time before MY Shopping Genie was exposed for what it was, a pyramid scheme. If you want to help clean up the industry, concentrate and be confident that your team is safe as well as diversified, there is only one answer. Network marketing is a great business but the scams and the schemes give it a bad name.

    I am sad for the distributors that put their heart into this only to not get paid but to be exposed as a pyramid scheme.

  24. the company has not paid anyone since June… If you call and ask them what's going on with the pay they will tell you it's being sorted out and there were issues with the investors, etc, etc. etc… and that they expect to have all back pay paid up by next week… however they've been saying that since June… I would love to hear from anyone who has actually received a paycheck since then?

  25. My monthly subs were always taken out of my account on time and my commissions never going in. I had virtual money as per my back office. The money owed to me was never paid out to me. I asked and begged for it on many occasions and there were always excuses and In the end I had to call it a day and severed all my ties with MSG.
    I warn you guys; If there are crooks at the top… you haven't got a chance. This is doomed to fail. There will be a few suckers who will be drawn in like I was. This was a lesson learnt; it has made me wiser and stronger for it.

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