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Onyx Coale is one of the highest paid women in the direct selling industry with an estimated annual earning of approx. $3 million and is living in Florida. A Royal Black Diamond.

She had no previous networkmarketing experience proving the world a newbie can do it too. In her first week she sponsored over 60 people which developed in a team of approx 270,000 people.

Hard working, passioned, full of energy, handsome and lots of fun are the foundations of her MLM empire. She has developed her business in the USA and Asia. Her organization spans 7 countries and produces millions of dollars in weekly sales.

Onyx: My road to success with MonaVie has been paved with desire and vision of serving others. This is a great business to be involved with and to anyone who is thinking about getting started, my advice would be to keep it simple and be relentless in your efforts.

Onyx is a mother of 3 girls and attended her first network marketing meeting because her baby sitters parents invited her. People always enjoy her style of presenting and training.

Onyx often talks about the skills that a person needs to develop to succeed in this industry and in life. She has been an awesome keynote speaker on the first European Direct Selling Congress amazing the entire audience with a high energy presentation. A great ambassador for the entire Direct Selling Industry.




Onyx CoaleOnyx Coale

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