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Rain Nutrition ManagementRain Nutrition is marketing liquid supplements, formulated using the powerful extracts found in the seeds of fruits and herbs. Rain Nutrition's products have stronger, more concentrated levels of antioxidants. Through a cold press process, the essential nutrients inside the seed is extracted and the efficacy of those nutrients are preserved.

The management team is formed by founder Toby Norton (ex-agel), CEO Chad Christofferson, CFO Kyle J. Copeland, COO Bart Brockband, and EVP Sales Howard Hannemann.

Rain started shipping out products end of July 2009. It officially launched April 23, 2010. It is officially open in US, Canada, Singapore and Hungary. It will open in Indonesia and Malaysia in Mid to late November 2010. The company is close to 10,000 Distributors worldwide. Estimated annual revenue for 2010 $10 million.

Top 20 Opportunity Award

We rate Rain Nutrition as an great opportunity if you like to be involved into the combination of healthy liquid supplements and a great Direct Selling business opportunity.

Rain has the corporate management and field distributor leadership on board to expand the opportunity into the world.

It is a top 20 opportunity based on vision, product line, compensation plan and leadership integrity.

Top Leaders and Earners are Diamond Elite Jimmy Ezzell, Platinum Executives Jason Kelley, Mindy Anderson, Lisa Kirkpatrick and Traci Reuter.

Gold Executives Debbie Reynolds, Haidee Zmerlikar, Timothy Chin, Ron Snyder and Chad Harwick.

Ex-Tahitian Noni Leaders Del Williams, Kevin Baadsgaard, Tom Thornton and Ex-Trivani Leader Lejon Sumling have all recently joined. Ex-Reliv Leaders Dr. Carolyn Walker & Philip Chieng, Ex-Vemma Leader Dr. Stan Gross and Ex-Arbonne Leader Alex Moleta have all joined.




Rain Nutrition RushRain Nutrition SoulThe Medical Advisory board is headed by Dr. Jewkes and Dr. Filbert.

The Compensationplan is a two leg matrix plan and provides distributors with seven simultaneous ways to earn long-term, residual income.

Rain Nutrition pays out a guaranteed 50% of its sales volume on a weekly basis. 7 different ways that you can get paid from Rain Nutrition are: retail product sales and first order bonus, first order bonus match.Team commissions, leadership bonus, generation match and car bonus.

The retail bonus is the difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price when reselling Rain products to a customer.

For example, a distributor purchases four cases of Soul at a wholesale price of $240. The suggested retail value is $280. The retail profit would be $40 paid to the distributor.




Jimmy Ezzell
Traci Reuter
Mindy Anderson
Jason Kelly
Jimmy Ezzell Rain Nutrition Traci Reuter Rain Nutrition Mindy Anderson Rain Nutrition Jason Kelley Rain Nutrition


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Comments (16)

  1. Rain Nutrition is a company that knows how to do things right! This opportunity is like no other and the timing is perfect. Rick & I are so grateful and excited about the millions of lives that are going to be impacted by this company and by our ground breaking products. As I travel around the world for Rain, I am continually blown away by how Soul is helping people. Our compensation plans are record breaking, and the leadership is the very best I have ever personally worked with! Congratulations Toby & all of the team on such a great accomplishment in such a short period of time!

  2. The Soul, Pure and Storm have changed by life. I feel better, more alive and focused than I have felt in 20 years. My entire family, from my 80 something parents to my 4 year old grandson like and take their daily Rain. Thank you to the researchers, the dynamic Rain team and all those who have committed time and effort to sharing both the products and the company. Three Cheers!

  3. This company will become the next Multi-Billion Health and Wellness company in the industry. A Corporate Team that has truly partnered with the field through the Distributor Bill of Rights. Two amazing compensation plans for both Referring Customers and Distributors, experience to expand domestically and internationally and products that are changing peoples lives. A culture that breeds success and Field Leaders that are joining to be part of the momentum that is hitting. Let’s MAKE IT RAIN around the world!!

  4. I’am glad to have found soul my wife has under gone 2 knee replacemant’s in the last 10 weeks. she is doing excelant I contribute a large percent of her rapid recovery to be a direct link to taking the soul daily. She is actually starting to get a little soul no just kidding. lol!

  5. In times of economic crisis, it’s good to have a chance to reduce investment and leverage your income. Rain will be one of the best choices. With only US $40, you could double to thousands USD per week by introducing other to join Rain as Customer Refering and/or Business Builders. Leaders will join Phase 2 to do professionally.

    This will be the breakthrough in MLM industry. No other company has this.
    Why Rain will be great?
    1. Bill of Rights
    2. Globally 1-line system, no fee, only 40 autoship
    3. Sponsored by top Leaders and honest Owner
    4. Opportunity to create 2 INCOME streams (Phase 1 and Phase 2)

    Phase 2 is the easiest binary that I ever known. You just need to get 7 managers and you qualify for 7 generation matching bonus. Roll up will apply too.

    Rain will explode all over the world. Now, we have chance to have Korea, Japan, USA, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, Hk, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, EU, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam… market. Big, Big, Big time is coming. Within 1 or 2 years from now, we can earn millions US dollar with Rain!

    See you on the way to success!


    Tran Hai

  6. I LOVE everything about RAIN. The products continually amaze me. Toby and Chad and the rest of the corporate team have integrity and know how and also the gift of listening to the field! Anyone who was ever looking to be in the right place at the right time needs to learn more about RAIN as it will be a household name very soon! Betsy

  7. This company is perfect for all Asian markets. The first company to level the playing field with their distributors. The first company that recognises that distributors have a proprietary interest in their business.The first company to solve the problem of attrition. THe first company to have a distributor on the board of directors. The first company with 2 pay plans each with no breakage and guaranteed payout. A truly low cost accessible company for people with no experience. Phenomenal products. Experienced leadership and proven support system!

    This is the new ethical bench mark in the industry for others to pay attention to and follow! Watch what happens over the next three years..

    Ian Barton
    Asia Leadership
    [email protected]

  8. Hi-all rain makers around the world:

    Not a single doubt this is a great nutritional company. Good owners, good management, good field leaders, good product lines, good support/good customer service. What’s missing is that we need an advanced, creative internet marketing system to take it to the highest possible level. 10 times or even 100 times faster than what we are doing now. A matrix system, a boost system, a squeeze system, an auto-pilot system to funnel in 10’s of 1,000’s or 10’s of 1,000,000’s of distributors n customers worldwide…………be apart of my team, I will show you how! I can be reached at [email protected] Who wants to be the next millionaire?

  9. Make it RAIN around the world. In order to achieve the highest result, the company needs a unique powerful internet marketing tools that is currently lack of. Let’s make a impact to the lives of the people with us, outgrown the industry by surprise.

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