Berry.en opens in Europe

Berry.enBerry.En takes-off in The Netherlands

Official launch of Berry.En Netherlands on Sunday October 3rd, 2010
Exactly six weeks after their pre-launch phase Berry.En opens their doors also for Dutch customers and distribution partners. This German direct selling company has officially launched their Premium Nutrition on 22 February 2010 during a grand opening ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Frankfurt and has since been presented officially active in Germany, Austria and Denmark.

As of coming Sunday, Berry.En further shapes its expansion plans by opening The Netherlands. More European countries to follow this year.

Already during the Dutch pre-launch on 21 August 2010 in Utrecht, the audience quickly realized that Berry.En clearly had done their homework very thoroughly: all products approved for retail, product labels translated, product literature translated, website translated, etc. Ready for sale and distribution.

Berry.En’s Premium Nutrition Products –Made in Germany- are characterized by quality, functional & 100% natural ingredients, delicious taste, convenience, innovative design and at an very attractive price setting.

The high quality product range includes both various power gels, such as BERRY, CAL+, AKTIV and YUMI, and the nutrient drink B.EN containing Palatinose™ with an ORAC value of 6.860 micromole per 250ml bottle, which guarantees a healthy daily dose of energy. All products are naturally free of any artificial additions.


Prominent product testimonials were supplied by the Danish twofold European champion Inline Skating, Kirsten Bak Hansen and the German top tennis talent, Julia Görges (WTA ranking 37), who are great fans of B.EN.

Co-founder of Berry.En, Rainer Ludäscher, presented the Dutch site, the various Dutch product packaging and product literature, and subsequently introduced the innovative business plan BEN.OS, which allows anybody different ways to start their own company with Berry.En and obviously get compensated for success.

Whether it's traditional direct sales, web shop marketing, event marketing or network marketing, the founders of Berry.En have also provided their business model in The Netherlands with a firm base in a short time.

For any questions regarding this press release please contact: Berry.En – Corporate Communications & Public Relations E-mail: [email protected] Press website:

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  1. ~I love seeing talented, committed and resourceful people start a company! Its great for our industry. Terrific choice of countries to launch in too. And I’m amazed that they came out of the shoot so prepared with translations and impactful tools; well done!
    ~Another juice? Is it just me? I wish celebrities really did carry a company too. Oh well, I am day-dreaming – sorry. Seems like a great company to consider.
    ~Adam Green,

  2. I am team partner in this company and I have never regretted it.

    I have worked with the industry for 5 years and have peered at many companies. But as I see it is BerryEn in the top 5 of companies also when we look at old-established firms. You have to look at the future and how great the opportunities, business plan and products are.

    BerryEn, is a company you have to hear the details about .

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