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Jarle Thorsen, founder and Rune Evensen, CEO and Co-founder of Unaico (United Nordic Alliance Investment Company) founded Sitetalk in 2009. Sitetalk is a social networking community platform with an estimated 300,000 members (October 2010) worldwide and part of Unaico.

Unaico is offering the opportunity to anyone worldwide to buy a piece of the global company, with all of the items included, but is doing it in a way that you don’t just benefit from the growth of sitetalk, but you can also benefit personally if you refer someone to the site.

Sitetalk is supposed to be listed in 2 -5 years on the German stock market. (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)

Management team: Jarle Thorsen, Rune Evensen, Thomas Nordlund, Kenny Nordlund, Dan Andersson

Compensation plan: There are 3 income streams with the compensation plan: 1. A “Direct Personal Sales” commission. 2. A “Binary Plan” commission. 3. A “Matching Bonus”.

Membership Pack – Price: € 149.00 Bronze Pack – Price: € 500.00 Gold Pack – Price: € 2,000.00

Estimated Company revenue: $10 – $15 million based on 30,000 paid members and 270,000 free registrations.

The company had software implementation problems, not unusual for a start-up, however seems to have the process under control with a IT staff in Riga (Latvia)


Alexa Ratings is ranked #41,807 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. While we estimate that 13% of visitors to the site come from the US, where it is ranked #61,541, it is also popular in Hungary, where it is ranked #1,536. It is located in Greece. Compared with all internet users, appeals more to users who are over the age of 45; its audience also tends to consist of men earning less than $30,000 who browse from home and have more children. The time spent in a typical visit to this site is about three minutes, with 52 seconds spent on each pageview.

Sitetalk Alexa



Dan Andersson - Sitetalk Top Earners: No information available, there seems to be 3 presidents (Highest position) one of them is the Dutchman Guus Visser.

Corporate Address:

Unaico Limited, A 1508 Concordia Plaza, 1 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

SITETALK COMMUNITIES LIMITED, Company No: 7054862, Director Jon Eriksen, Suite B, 29 Harley Street, London W1G 9QR, United Kingdom, E-mail: [email protected]

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  1. Hello There!
    The article is correct in most of the points, however the 3 Presidents are from Asia, not Europe. The highest rank in Europe is Vice President , a level before president. There is 2 of them in Europe , both are hungarians. Keep an eye on Sitetalk, especially when the new Sitetalk version is coming out in a couple of weeks.
    Best Regards from Hungary!

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