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Kevin Abdulrahman

Kevin Abdulrahman is known Globally as The Man Inspiring Millions.  He is the International Author of a number of Winning Books that are translated into several languages available on, Barnes and Noble, Borders, 800 CEO Read and all good stores around the world.

Kevin Abdulrahman’s work revolves mainly around the subject of Self Improvement, Motivation, Public Speaking, and Leadership in this New Age.

With a library of over 300+ Educational Modules, Kevin Abdulrahman is the Creator of Countless Training Programs, many of them used in the Direct Selling Industry to Inspire and Inform Individuals and Teams to turn their Milestones into Stepping Stones (including working with leaders who have networks of in excess of 100,000 people and some of the highest earning network marketers in the region).

Amongst the many titles that he holds, Kevin Abdulrahman is the Head of Training and Development for the Direct Selling Educational Institute in the Middle East, a role he accepted because of his Belief and Passion in the Industry of what it can bring the people who truly understand the Power within Their Reach.

As a Media Darling, Kevin Abdulrahman is repeatedly called upon for his thoughts and can be often found quoted in the Media.  With hundreds and hundreds of published articles all over the world in magazines and newspapers, Kevin Abdulrahman is also a frequent contributor to Direct Selling Magazines and Community Networks such as Obtainer Worldwide and The Network Marketing Magazine.

As a Speaker of Substance who Delivers Every Time, Kevin Abdulrahman has been Voted by his Seminar/Conference Attendees, Students and Raving Fans as the Best Motivational, Inspirational and Leadership Speaker in Asia, Middle East and Indian Sub continent.  

Today, the name Kevin Abdulrahman is one of the most Recognised, Requested, Renowned, Respected and Relevant Motivational Speaker of our time.  He makes for the face of the people that Represent the Driving Force of Today and the Powerhouse of Tomorrow.

As an In Demand Speaker, Government Organisations, Private Corporations, Sports Teams, Universities and Leading Direct Selling Teams are amongst the many who Call upon Kevin Abdulrahman to Speak At their Annual Conference and Conduct his Weekend/Weekday Training Workshops.

Has the Time come for Your Team’s Results to hit The Next Level?

Call in The Man Inspiring Millions to your next International Conference to help your people Get Inspired, Get Informed and Get Going!!!

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