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Marc Walker - XyngularMarc Walker, President and Founder, was first introduced to network marketing over 20 years ago when he began working for one of the Network Marketing industry’s legends during a period of intense growth for that company.

Xyngular was started in December 2009. Xyngular developed a ground breaking health beverage formula combining the most effective blend of super fruits available with primary antioxidant pre-cursors and herbal adaptogens to allow even the most cynical consumer to feel a positive difference in their health. Then we built the most original and efficient way to allow everyone to help each other share in the global growth of a company, ever.

The corporate team includes a board of directors with over 120 years of Direct Sales experience, an experienced management team with 40 years of direct experience in heading Direct Sales organizations with hundreds of millions in annual sales, and a corporate support structure that will ensure worldwide success.Glen Oliver - COO


Compensation plan: Xyngular puts everyone in a straight line Xyngular organization, those who signed in before you help you build your business.  Linear plans are fixed width. Strictly from a structural standpoint, linear compensation plans can be viewed as “1 wide” fixed width matrices. In other words, all distributors are stacked one on top of the other in a straight line. These plans were quite prevalent at the turn of the millennium.

Conceptualize the linear plan as a giant tube. Each new distributor/ sale inserted into the bottom of the tube moves all those in the tube up one position and pushes the top distributor out of the top. The distributor pushed out the top then receives a commission and has the option to reenter at the bottom.

Distributors earn commissions from Retail Profits, the $100 Quick Start Bonus, a Rapid Rewards program that pays $24 directly to the sponsor of a new Distributor on each case they order in their first month, plus $12, $8, and $6 to the next three upline on each new case ordered, along with Residual Earnings that pay 42% on repeat volume down 8 levels.

The first way to earn is straightforward. You can receive retail profits when you purchase the product wholesale and sell it retail. This is done simply and easily through your own Xyngular website without ever touching the product.

2. RESIDUAL EARNINGS (Unilevel Commissions)

Xyngular has an 8 level unilevel compensation plan which provides residual income. You are paid on every bottle of product purchased anywhere in your eight levels.


Xyngular has taken the first four levels of the unilevel plan and almost doubled them on all first time purchases. Every time you enroll a new Distributor you receive a Rapid Rewards Bonus on their first calendar month’s orders, you can also earn Rapid Rewards on up to three additional levels below your personally sponsored Distributor for a total of up to 4 levels of Rapid Rewards.


The fourth way to earn is through Xyngular’s Quick Start Bonus. With the Quick Start you can earn an additional $100 for enrolling in Xyngular, ordering 120 PV or more products and getting 4 others to do the same within your first 30 days in the business.

The fifth way to earn income in the Xyngular compensation plan is through the corporate sales pools. As a Distributor you get to share in the product sales of the entire company. As the company grows, you have the opportunity to participate in that growth.


XypStix (pronounced “Zip Sticks”) are a portable, single-serve packet of our new Super Fruit Global Blend Crystals! XypStix has taken all the incredible benefits of Xyngular’s Super Fruit Global Blend and added two more incredible elements: Aloe Vera and Xanthones.  When XypStix are used along with Super Fruit Global Blend, you can turn your body into a healthy, antioxidant-infused, immune-system-boosting machine!





Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend

Utilizing the latest nutritional science, Xyngular has created a complete nutritional supplement juice formula. Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend delivers nutritional support with three major types of nutrients: antioxidant-rich super fruits, critical primary-antioxidant promoting nutrients, and an herbal blend of adaptogens . Powerful super fruit juices (rich in antioxidants, polyhenols, anthrocyanins, and phyto-nutrients).  Critical Primary Antioxidant-promoting Nutrients (the body needs these to produce primary antioxidants, which protect your body 24 hours a day). Unique blend of Adaptogens (herbs that help balance hormones, increase energy, and help you use antioxidants effectively).

Xyngular Product 1

Product Compliance on the European Market

The European Countries have a strict policy on nutritional supplement (juices) and vendors need to obtain product compliance for every european country. In general we encourage distributors to check this very important fact.


Top Earners and Field Leadership


Company Revenue and Distributor size

We estimated a Company revenue of 1-2 million for 2010 and 20.000 distributors.

Get more information, facts and figures about Xyngular, click here for the Xyngular overview.

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  1. This is the best opportunity in the industry right now with proven products that work fast and a compensation plan that is fair for everyone. No legs to build not volume to balance. No worries about getting put in a bad spot or signing up under a bad sponsor!

    Join us today and take us up on our 100% Money back guarantee. If your not 100% happy return your products within 30 days and get a full refund. This is a product and business guarantee!!

    Lock in your spot in the straight line compensation plan and watch as hundreds of people file in under you!


  2. The best opportunity in recent years. Products really work, pay plan is brilliant, commissions paid daily. Europe is open, connect to the first team in Europe. All countries in Europe completely empty. Give yourself a chance
    Gold Manager Milan Roch

  3. Xyngular expanding very fast. Xyngular was started in USA and Canada. About 3 months later they opened Australia and New Zaeland and from 1. October they are available in 27 countries of European Union. WOW. It is so amazing. Don’t waste your time, and secure your position now. With Xyngular you can live your dreams!

  4. Today is Xyngular’s first birthday, but Xyngular is not a real start up company. It has the back bone and the infrastructure of a 16 year old company.
    No structure at all is required in this comp plan, even one successful partner can make you a fortune. The 12% Corporate Sales Bonus Pools are not only for leaders as in most plans, it is not difficult to reach one or more of levels in the Bonus Pools.
    Unique travel passport to A1 locations and resorts, like Las Vegas, Dubai, Puerto Rico.
    Xyngular launched the eWallet system, so no checks with high costs. Xyngular has a daily pay out, not on the end of the month, or even next month as with a lot of other companies.
    Xyngular has a money back guarantee so there is no risk to start,
    Because of the infrastructure and the back bone of the 16 year old company the global roll out is unheard of. Within their first year Xyngular is in over 30 countries, and many more to come soon.
    Why not give us a call or send us an email to find out more https:// http://www.xyngular.eu

  5. Xyngular products are amazing and really work. We have many testimonies from people all over the world about it. What makes Xyngular opportunity so unique is The Compensation Plan.What is excellent, even part time networker can already benefit from the profits of the entire company. A support from the company is excellent. I think it’s currently the best opportunity in network marketing industry.

  6. Inge what do you mean by Xyngular not being a start up? Why do you consider it has the backbone and infrastructure of a 16 year old company. If Inge not around an answer from someone else would be helpful.

  7. The products are phenomenal! I had lost 12 pounds in 7 weeks… and I wasn’t even trying to lose weight! I knew right then and there that having a product that does what it says, plus a compensation plan that pays on ALL efforts (since it is volume based) was very important for both growth, but even more importantly RETENTION! Our KISS (keep it simple = success) duplication, plus “paying it forward” team building makes it very easy for anyone… whether someone is new to network marketing or a MLM leader.

    I never knew that I could actually get paid to get healthier and lose weight, plus help people that I care about do the same. Not only are we transforming our bodies, but transforming our life styles! Many of my family members and friends, have struggled with weight loss most of their lives… well not anymore!!! Some even had high blood pressure, diabetes, and/or cholesterol issues where their doctors prescribed drugs to “band-aid” the problem, not fix it. With supplementing with Xyngular’s products, they were able to lose weight, which greatly reduced and regulated the issues they were having resulting in a reduction in their medications, in some cases eliminated all together.

    I have so much passion now to help others live a healthier life style, it is unexplainable!!! To hear people’s testimonials brings tears to my eyes. If you are looking for an opportunity, whether you are new to Network Marketing, or currently with one that maybe you aren’t passionate about, or struggling to make money and help others in your team make money, do your homework like I did… you will be glad that you did!


  8. xyngular is a company that has amazing products w instant gratification . they also pay daily and have global monthly bonuses that are based on the company s monthly volume paid to the distrubutors so it makes everyone in the company work together in unison, the compensation plan is state of the art . a company w/great integrity that cares about there distrubutors . there ownership and corporate management team is second to none and even though xyngular is now 14 months old they have the infrastructure and backbone of a 16 year old global company . there international play has been amazing opening up 31 countrys . there travel incentive program is allowing people to travel the world like never before . xyngular will be a company of the future keep a good eye on what they are doing .

  9. Are you kidding me? They act as if the comp plan is revolutionary, when it is a binary masked as a straight single leg. There are people with 25,000 people under them but don't get paid on them, but it looks good under you! The top earners are the guys who merged from CNI and aren't making significant money that would attract huge leaders. My friend told me that the people are really nice though!!! Is it true that the company volume has been going backwwards????

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