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Business For Home Special – December


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Ramin Mesgarlou, AKA the Forensic Networker and CEO of Canadian based Global Wealth Trade, has published a great review about the types of networkers active in the Direct Selling Industry.

The 8 categories of MLM distributors

This is great information for the more mature networker!

A must read!

No stuff for newbies….

Which type of distributor are you?

A Weekend Wonder? A Slave Driver or do you belong to the Lotto Group?

Ramin is recognized as Canada’s foremost direct selling guru and one of the industry’s most successful master trainers. Ramin is an author of the book Forensic Networker which is the most advanced direct selling course in the industry.

As a high performing distributor Ramin created multi-million dollar businesses from home and created sales organizations of over 100,000 people, which includes multiple million-dollar income earners. Ramin’s philosophy is

In 2009 he was featured and interviewed in Networking Times magazine as a Master Networker and received an award for his contribution to the direct sales industry.

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Ramin Mesgarlou

Ted Nuyten

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