Europe and Nutritional Supplements Product Compliance

ApprovalIf a Direct Selling Company sells a nutritional (liquid) supplement in the USA or Asia, it does not mean that product is automatically allowed in the European Market.

Europe has strict laws and basically MLM companies such as Vemma, Monavie, Noni, Rain Nutrition, Xyngular, Xocai, Xango ect. needs Product Compliance if opening european countries.

If there is NO product compliance this can cause a lot of problems for independent distributors.

There is a wide range of nutritional (liquid) supplements  that are currently marketed in Europe and which have not undergone a scientific safety evaluation. 

We encourage European Independent Distributors to check if your nutritional (liquid) supplement has product compliance. If not, you can be in big trouble.

The European Commission has a proposal to limit maximum levels of vitamins and minerals across Europe's 27 member states. The proposal represents the next phase of the EU's Food supplements Directive (EC Directive 2002/46/EC).

If a distributor is promoting in the European Market a non approved supplement the fine can be € 7,500 ($10,000) 




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  1. This is exactly where the market is evolving to… It will be more and more difficult for companies marketing nutritional supplements as regulations will become very strict. And it’s under some circumstances quite understandable: companies and distributors marketing juices with literally no nutritional value for over $25 a bottle are destroying the industry as it is solely a “opportunity” business … There are only a couple of companies IMHO that distribute real value products (VEMMA, PM International, Herbalife, …) as I have used and felt their products. I sincerely hope companies will see the light before things get nasty.

  2. I really hope that the markets in all regions of the world make it difficult for bogus companies with bogus supplements to enter their countries. What people need to search for when choosing a network marketing company is for reliable research done by scientists on their products, as well as legitimate benefits that these products can bring. I am associated with a company that does just that, and they make sure that we, distributors, have access to all the information pertinent to each of our products.
    Wishing a long lasting life to all (reliable) companies and to your businesses.

  3. Yes, it’s so important to have an Executive Team that takes time to do the right things. It’s also more fundamental to a top-rated company, and Ted does a fine job sharing information online here. In my opinion, there are only four or five companies today that I would put name name and reputation next to.

    The problem? So many people are “looking” for internet based business opportunities and many people are driven by the wrong things. For me, my entire business is built upon a solid foundation of personal integrity. I do not sell a dream to anyone. The science behind my products is top-notch and the stories I am experiencing make my “job” almost a “responsibility” more than anything else. I am not driven by money, I am driven by doing what is right. That…does bring a nice weekly paycheck and the bottom line is that people are getting healthier than ever because of our products!!!

    Facebook: -Peter Dean Bouloukos-

    Have a great day!!!

  4. One thing I learnt from 12 years marketing a leading nutritional drink was that it’s certainly true if the major drug companies have their way, and with the muscle they have there is no reason to believe they won’t, nutritional juices, herbal blends and products plus probably even the ‘traditional treatments’ will become more and more dificult to market which is a great pity.

    Unfortunately a deteriorating situation is not helped by companies regularly launching new markets without bothering to check their products and pay plans meet the rules of each country, throw a few overenthusiastic distributor claims into the mix and you have a real recipe for disaster. When these problems hit the press which they inevitably do everyone in the same segment of the industry gets tarred with the same black brush, a reason I decided to transfer my energies outside of health and nutrition.

    When you get fed up trying to overcome the ‘quacks and snake oil’ sneering of prospects visit to review the real gamechanger

  5. The science behind noni.
    Congratulations – you’ve come to the right place!
    TAHITIAN NONI bioactive beverages flat out work. And we know why. TAHITIAN NONI TM Juice, now called TAHITIAN NONI TM Original Bioactive Beverage, is the one and only original noni bioactive beverage on the European market. Having acquired positive Novel Food authorisation first in 2003, TNI set the benchmark against which any new noni juice manufacturer will be measured in Europe. Since 1996, an explicit safety assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has been required for all products not marketed within the European Community before that date. All other noni juice products need to show that their product is of an equivalent standard to ours before they are permitted for sale within the EU. If they do not achieve equivalence approval, those noni juice products are illegal in the market.
    TNI spent millions of dollars and 3 years to be the first to bring noni juice to the European market as a Novel Food. The application was made in April 2000 and through a rigorous safety assessment and scientific studies, the European Commission finally approved noni juice for sale in the European Union on 5th June 2003.
    Over the last 50 years, researchers have studied the biochemistry of noni fruit. We own and operate the only noni-dedicated laboratory in the world, led by renowned scientists from around the globe. Every day, we add to that understanding with our own research – we have now 14 completed human clinical trials. To find out what these have shown, please have a look at the following pages.;

    Don’t just believe. Know. Tahitian Noni International Inc. was the first company to receive the authorisation to place on the market a “noni juice” as a novel food ingredient. The company underwent a comprehensive und very costly safety assessment provided for Novel Foods under Regulation (EC) No. 258/97. Of course, Tahitian Noni International further continues in its commitment to science that makes our brand unique in the health and wellness world. To give an example, we received Novel Food authorisation for our Tahitea® noni leaf teas in 2008 as well as Novel Food authorisation for noni puree and noni concentrate in 2010

    I don’t know any other MLM-company or Business-for-home-company who have Novel Food authorisation; do you know?

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. All comes to one and only thing, making profit, and that`s pretty much what everybody is looking for in place of really benefits for the human health, take a look, for example all the healthy juices in the market suposedly increase the level of antioxidants in the body, that`s is good of course, but, can you mesure the level of increase with a clinical test? is there any diference in taking for example noni juice of $4.00 a bottle or a $0.10 pil of 1000 miligrams of vitamin C? nobody knows because you can`t proof with lab tests what noni (o other of the miracolous juices around) does to the human body.
    On the other hand there is a “Master Antioxidant” who the human body produce itself and have been proof with clinical trials and double blinds test what it does and in wich amount, i am talking about GLUTATHIONE, something you body produce and necesary to the good health of every cell and of course the whole body. The only GLUTATHIONE accelerator known so far in the world is invented by a doctor, Dr, Robert Keller and improve further by a brilliant chemist and researcher, Dr. Herbert Nagasawa, the GLUTATHIONE in your body begin to descend levels after your 20`s and the only way to getting it up is with a GLUTATHIONE accelerator, (if you take GLUTATHIONE directly by mouth it get destroyed in your stomach by the acids and intravenously don`t get to the cells, where is really needed other than costing close to $500.00 by injection).
    The company Max International is distributing Max GXL and Max ONE, the only GLUTATHIONE accelerators so far in the market (and probably the only ones because is patented), they do what none other drink or potion or pil can do for your health, look for info on the net, you`ll be surprised about the amount of info and testimonies of people about it, (i am not a doctor, but 92 000 articles of doctors in “pubmed” about GLUTATHIONE validate my testimony here), it can change your life (specially if you are older than 40) and your pocket, the company is already 4 years in the market and is beginning expansion to the world, this is the moment to enjoy a company distributing something UNIQUE, patented and backed by doctors and science and changing lives for real in the whole world, look for more info here: and here: .

  7. “Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality” – Michael Ellner

    I could add “networkers destroy network marketing”. By claims of income, results of taking products, promising more than can be delivered and so on.

    Just take a look at what’s written on these pages. “Everybody” has the best products, the best compensationplan, the best management, the best….. Claims like these can’t be true.

    It’s all about beeing the best I can be in helping others become better than me. This is the core of our business. Long lasting business depends on a great company, with great products and honest – not greedy – leaders.

    Have a prosporous 2011

  8. It does concern me that it would apear that a large proportion of the Nutrition consumer market are not complying with the “Governing Bodies” lets not forget who ultimately “Governs” them!!!! Hence a back log of compliance orders pending.
    I you are worried about a product or are awaiting compliance why not step away from consumerbles for a time!!

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