Glen Jensen and Agel – Big changes?

Update: January 28, Glen Jensen is back see his Facebook announcement

Update: January 24, Court Fillings, Agel versus Jensen. See below PDF:

The complaint, which was filed December 22, 2010 alleges Jensen violated his Employment Agreement by:

  • Discussing and planning competing opportunities with team members and other Agel employees.
  • Refusing to follow directives by Agel's Board of Directors by failing to terminate employees.
  • Failing to notify the Board of significant expenditures beyond those permitted under theOperating Agreement.
  • Sharing confidential company information
  • Making unauthorized market licensee proposals and commitments and product royalty commitments.
  • Making unauthorized use of company funds.

Update: January 11th, 2011, Network Marketing Pro – Eric Worre left Agel…..

Update: January 11th,  2011, Agel sues Glen Jensen? Brrrrrrr…… Not good…..

Glen Jensen

Agel Re-group?

There are strong rumours in the Direct Selling Market – Agel is re-grouping and Glen Jensen has a difficult time as CEO. 

From the Agel corporate website:

Glen Jensen is an 18-year veteran of the network marketing industry, with humble roots beginning as a customer service representative while he was attending college. He believes that experience, and his subsequent climb up the network marketing ladder, was crucial to prepare him for that day in November 2004 when he envisioned the idea that has become Agel.

Agel was the result of a precise vision. Glen believed network marketing was an industry that could help change and influence the lives of all that it touched. He wanted to bring Agel to the world, and knew the company would redefine the entire nutritional industry with its unique Suspension Gel Technology. Agel utilizes revolutionary operations and processes that allow quick and effective market expansion and support around the globe.

Glen’s life outside Agel centers around his wife and five children. He enjoys fishing, traveling, 4-wheeler riding and is big on playing practical jokes.

It seems there are big changes going on within Agel, we are waiting for an official press release. Keep you posted.  When asked, Glen Jensen did not deny or confirm he stepped down as CEO.

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Comments (41)

  1. I have no doubt, whether Glen remains associated with Agel or not, his vision will continue. Agel has a first to market product catagory in gel-suspension products, outstanding field and corporate leadership with a wealth of industry experience and ultimately the financial backing from billionarie Alan Ashton of Ash Capital. Don’t worry Agel has been aronud now for over 5 years, operates in 60+ countries and is here for the long haul helping so many around the world improve their health and wealth!

  2. Hi Ted,

    Actually there is no FUD factor at all (love your acronym though :)As as happened with several companies within the last couple of years, the corporate team that has taken a company through its initial growth period have now moved into different parts of the company. Boyd Matheson is now CEO, and the website will soon reflect that. From what I understand, Glen is now Chairman of the Board. All of Agel’s leadership and team members have been kept updated with the changes and the field is very supportive of all that Glen and Ash Capital are doing to make sure Agel continues it’s strong growth worldwide.

  3. Hi Ted and all visitors of

    As a successfull Agel team members for over 2 years now, I cannot express how happy we are with this huge step forward. Last September at Agels 5 years anniversary event, Mr. Glen Jensen himself was the first one to announce the huge transformations Agel is taking towards Agel 2.0.
    Vision transformed into strategy and tactics is the best thing that can happen now. With Boyd Matheson, a CEO with so much experience in so many successfull global companies, Agel is really grounding it’s pillars for the future! Chapeau Glen Jensen, chapeau Agel and chapeau Boyd Matheson!

  4. Dear Readers,

    Well all I can say, due to a Non-Disclosure that Mr Glen Jensen put against me is some 2 years ago… What happened to Glen “Well God works in amazing ways” ~ It’s ok my Non-Disclosure finishes next year…. Stay tuned for my comments then.

  5. Change is good. It’s not easy to “give birth” to any business, let alone a successful company like Agel. It takes time, patients and a ton of heart. I agree, you hit a point where it’s better to hand the ball off to another capable leader with different ideas and skills. The foundation is set.

    192,000 people per month enter the greater industry, in my opinion AGEL is one of a dozen or so companies with a great all-around opportunity.

    Good luck to everyone at AGEL and keep on doing what you love.

    Facebook: -Peter Dean Bouloukos-
    Facebook: XOWii Ventura

    Yours in Success,


  6. Many successful businesses? He was the president of iLearningGlobal MLM which closed down 10 months ago. Distributors were left in the dark for months before. The execution and the way it was announced was shambolic.

  7. WOW! What’s happening at Agel? Didn’t Eric Worre leave the company this week to join SOC? Randy Schroeder left along with Rob and Nicky Horkings (all Double Diamond Directors) some years ago. That leaves Randy Gage. Hope Ash Capital have some big plans

  8. Amazing… this was all so obvious, right from the pre-launch hype stage.

    The tragedy is that so many rank-and-file people get hurt, and Network Marketing takes yet another black eye.

    So unnecessary and avoidable.

  9. todays episode on showed Eric Worre at a beach resort in Hawaii where other Agel leaders, like Randy Gage, also resided last week for a leadership mastermind. lets not put any rumours out until confirmed pls. it is hurting our business in general.

  10. I have been in consumer marketing business for a long time and have seen many category changes happening and deep inside me, I do know that Agel Gelceutical – a New Category Creator with First To Market Advantage will take the world like a storm one day.

    What is happening in Agel is nothing new. These corporate challenges do happen in rapidly growing nascent giants in the making. Once these companies are able to manage these growing pains and bring in the necessary transformation changes to take them to the next phase of growth, the idea will take off.

    Want an example ? Study the development of Apple Inc into a billion dollar company and you will see tumultuous initial few years and there are lots of examples like this.

  11. I like the example of Apple Inc to relate the changes of at corporate level in the early stages of development of any companies. Let’s wait and see what is really going on in Agel for now. Distributors of Agel shall remain strong and stick close to your leaders and do not let little things like this affect your business and steal your dreams. Remember, you are in it and doing it for yourself not for others or because of others. You saw the potential of the business and the strength of the company in the beginning and that’s why you are in it. Unless you found something better and bigger than it. 🙂 It is a business call of your own. Not because of the influence by others. Hope I do make sense here.

  12. The jumping to conclusions we come to in this industry is simply astounding. Anybody using commonsense would resolve to answer these questions first before assuming negative on part of the company:
    1) WHY is Agel suing Glen?
    2) WHY has Eric left?

    Before we assume that the COMPANY is at fault, maybe we should dig a little deeper and find out why these things have occured? Or will the answer not fit the storyline?

  13. Hey Guys Eric ~ Like myself knows that 2 years ago was the right time to get out of Agel as it was a sinking ship…. Randy Schroeder and I made a business choice… and MOVED TO MONAVIE.

    I can confirm that Eric Worre has left Agel, because after speaking with Eric yesterday on the phone.. He is now very happy with his new company Send Out Cards. My parting comment was I hope you can keep your Residual Income that you deserve after working the Agel Compensation Plan for 5 years… Eric’s reply was I will not let them take my income like Agel took Nicky’s & your Residual income away! But then again the Jensen’s are no longer running Agel in any way or involved AT ALL.. So most distributors income should be protected…

    —— Forwarded Message
    From: Eric Worre
    Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 18:42:24 -0600
    To: Rob Horkings
    Subject: Big changes

    Hey Rob,

    I’m making a pretty big announcement tonight at 8pm central if you want to listen in.  The number is 617-449-7724 passcode 275020#

    Let’s talk real soon,


    – Check out
    – Join the fun at
    – Find me on facebook at
    – Follow My Updates On Twitter:

    —— End of Forwarded Message

  14. I am saddened to see the turmoil in Agel… Glen Jensen is an honest, hard-working man. Wishing Eric well in his new venture… SOC is going to be tougher than he thinks.

    The industry is never better off when companies and distributors have to seek legal remedies and air their disputes in public. Having said that I admire people willing to stand up for their rights as “Independent” distributors. Companies, like big government, have usurped our rights to exercise freedom of speech. Does the Kmart manager stand in Targets parking lot telling people that if they shop at Target they’re not welcome at Kmart anymore. I buy products from many companies… shouldn’t owners just grow up?

  15. Se veía venir que habían graves problemas al interiro de AGEL.
    En mi caso, trabajé haciendo esta red en Perú por al menos 2 años y cada vez iban retirando productos de aquí, nunca pusieron una oficina, una trabajo sumamente informal, retrasos en los pagos de comisiones y ahora finalmente el su convención anual denominada AGEL WORLD 2010 hicieron una burla a los socios bajando las comisiones de pago de una manera criminal, lo cual denotaba ya serios problemas financieros en dicha empresa.
    Una lástima ver que improvisados y aventuraros como el señor Jensen y los Bradley se burlen de la gente que confía en ellos y que desea hacer del network marketing una profesión respetada.

  16. Tonio, parece que no entendiste nada sobre la mejora del plan de compensacion nuevo que Agel lanzo en Las Vegas. Es increible.
    Hablar mal de los Jensen y Bradley me parece incorrecto pero cada quien tiene derecho a su opinion.
    Agel esta lanzando Argentina, tocara a Peru cuando hay seguramente liderazgo bueno y facturado interesante.
    En cualquier empresa hay problemas en la de MLM y las tradicionales, hay que salir adelante creyendo al futuro y trabajar sin parar.
    Feliz año Tonio

  17. Hello Ted,
    It’s interesting to see how much faster spats within companies are being aired in public these days. A really healthy sign. Fact is whenever the founders or other leading lights move on or changes are made to pay plans uncertainty is bound to be created and distributors begin to question their futures.
    Often those distributors who can ride out these minor storms come out of them stronger than ever so as long as you are still able to do business and get paid, stick by your beliefs, have faith in your own decision making abilities, ignore the hysteria and in fighting BUT put a plan B in place so you and your lifestyle are protected should the worst happen. Whatever happens to the companies we choose to associate with, as is the case with any corporation, you as your own CEO must make sure you survive.

  18. Listen, if you love the company and product, it does not matter what leader is switching or who is doing what. All that matters is that you continue to market with great heart, consistent effort, and personal integrity. There is no reason that anyone reading this can’t be listed on Ted’s Top 500 Earners. One thing that prevents most is the need to sit around and compare, contend, complain, and criticize.

    The person that signs you to a company is your “upline” right? Well, that does not mean that this person will support you. That does not mean that you will not put your heart and soul into a company and have entire uplines jump ship leaving you to build an entire business alone. It’s not your upline in many cases. It’s you. You have to be prepared to build a business. From day one you need to be aligned with people who operate with integrity first. In network markeiting, our loyalty is to our team…but that starts with a firm internal commitment to succeed first. Your specific company does not own you or owe you anything. You need to believe in what you are doing and why.

    Great companies will produce superior products. They will distribute them for you. They will spend hundreds of thousands and even millions developing products. But how many spend hundreds of htousands developing people? I know of one that does so with great honesty and commitment.

    Take my tour:

    It can by that simple. But first, you must be committed to winning!!!

    Facebook: XOWii Ventura & -Peter Dean Bouloukos-
    Facebook: -Social Media Success Secrets-

    Yours in Success,


  19. Horkings you continue to show your character over and over again……it’s evidenced even by cutting and pasting Eric’s email to you. Your just a pot stirrer is all. Trouble trouble trouble.

  20. I know many of you guys in this thread and I respect you as individuals but I have to say I find this MLM bickering and ‘my brother’s bigger than yours’ syndrome very sad. It just brings us all down in the industry rather than building us up as MLM Professionals.

  21. It’s too bad this has to happen to any mlm company. But that’s life and there are always bumps in the road. We are networkers here and know that we have it better than a lot of people. Like Eric always says “We have a better way”.

  22. Tonio, entiendo tu gran malestar por AGEL. Evidentemente los cambios en la dirección y cambios de personas producen angustia, pero cambios en los Planes de PAGO, son un síntoma de deficiente estudio o improvisación cuando fueron lanzados. Afortunadamente la empresa en la que estoy (4Life) ha caminado desde su origen con un solo plan y nunca en sus doce años de vida ha tenido este tipo de inconvenientes. Estás invitado. Suerte a todos en sus respectivos MLM

  23. Bad news in any MLM company is bad news for all of us. I have been inspired by thousands that are not in my company. Lets not try and make anyone bad to make ourselves look better. Mud slinging is not necessary, we can all win along side each other. you don’t have to fail for me to succeed. Together everyone achieves more. Lets stay focused on what is important and not major in minor things. 2011 shall introduce us all to another level of progress.
    In all you do do, be the best and never forget that you were born to win. Stay productive,stay profitable

  24. Yes, I continue to receive emails about this topic. To anyone comparing, contending and complaining…go out and make your own noise. Go out and introduce yourself and opportunity to five new people today. In-fact, order some more product and give some to the people you have been hesitant to share with for fear of rejection. No President or CEO of a Modern Network Marketing Opportunity is going to make or break who you are as a human being. So…get after it! Trust that I am heading out to do the same in a few minutes!!!

    This is a great industry. Nobody wins when you make false promises or sit around and back talk about another company.

    -Peter Dean Bouloukos-

    What do I share?

    Yours in Success!!!

    Peter Dean Bouloukos

  25. Señores, gracias por sus comentarios y respuestas.
    Estimado Mike, acá en Perú no es que se haya vendido poco, para tu información fuimos unos de los países con record de crecimiento en muy pocos meses pero la falta de determinación de los Bradley y Glen Jensen y de quienes dirigen esta empresa, hoy tan venida a menos, hizo que nunca se abriera una oficina, se retrasen los pagos de las comisiones (sabes lo grave que es esto?) y que los productos nunca se trajeran formalmente y los pocos que trajeron llegaban vencidos y en muy poca cantidad. A esto se le llama desde el punto de vista de la logística: incapacidad e incompetencia.
    Como si tú tienes a un tremendo equipo de gente vendiendo montones de tu producto los vas a ahorcar?
    Por otra parte, en Perú no faltó liderazgo, muchas de las personas que formaron parte de Agel son hoy por hoy muy exitosos en otras empresas de MLM en el Perú.

    Los productos son buenos, eso no lo voy a discutir, es más me agradaban pero sobre el Plan de Compensación, ponte una mano al pecho y dime que no te pagan mucho menos hoy que antes? No te parece que la empresa se empezó a aprovechar un poco de los distribuidores recortando las comisiones de esa manera? de un fast start de US$ 200 que te lo bajen a US$ 100….me vas a decir que es bueno??? Que de ganar 10% por volumen de equipo te empiecen a pagar 7% y que el 3% restante te lo devuelvan después de un año y sin intereses, es bueno? Eso acá y en cualquier lugar se llama financiarte de tus proveedores….ergo ya se veía el problema financieroque se venía.

    Exitos y que les vaya bien a todos, en Agel o en la red que estén, el MLM es un trabajo hermos y debemos ser serios para que sea respetado.

    A triunfar!

  26. Rockefeller en su libro tenía una frase adaptada hoy en día, ¨Solo sobrevivirán aquellas empresas que se adapten a las condiciones cambiantes del mercado¨. Es así de sencillo, las empresas que más rápido evolucionen serán las que llegaran a la tan anhelada meta del BILLON de dolares en ventas anuales.

  27. Hello everyone,

    Before giving an opinion, and try to damage the image of someone we should be well informed and have the right info. This demand is no longer valid.

    It’s a great industry we’re in. BUT… It’s a shame that there are people unprofessional and momentum hunters.

    Have a great day!

  28. Agel

    I posted the latest installment of my “Inside Network Marketing” show last Wednesday night at about 5:30 pm PT (8:30 pm ET). During the segment about Agel I predicted that their lawsuit against ousted CEO Glen Jensen would likely be dropped and Jensen would return to Agel in some capacity. About four hours later Glen posted the somewhat ambiguous comment “I am Agel – Always!!!” on his Facebook page. I have confirmed that, yes, Agel and Glen Jensen have worked out an agreement and Glen is back as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The lawsuit will be dropped within the next few days. Also, Agel’s past Director of IT Moy Chambers is now officially the Chief Technology Officer for, LLC.

    continue reading here:

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