Reverse Marketing Spam

What is Reverse Marketing in Direct Selling?

Reverse Marketing is an aggressive and imaginative approach to achieving supply objectives. The purchaser makes the initiative in making the proposal.

To give an example, you might receive this email:
Hello John,

I was searching online to find more info about your (Monavie/Vemma/TNI/Herbalife)  business and I came across your information.

Can you tell me, are you still involved with (Monavie/Vemma/TNI/Herbalife)? If you are, how are things going for you?

Please let me know.


Peter Spammer

If you answer you will get an automated email for Peter Spammer's great business opportunity. He is not interested at all in your business. His objective is to promote his business.

This you call Reverse Marketing Spam. Often automatic software programms are behind it, collecting thousands of email addresses. Some Internet MLM Guru's are promoting and selling this destructive software. The best solution? Put the email in your spambox  box, if you answer you will get countless emails. I consider this Reverse Marketing Spam as a very stupid way to promote a business….

I have seen some Top Earners using Reverse Marketing Spam, in my humble opinion you loose your credibility very, very fast……

Down the Drain

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  1. Mr. Nuyten, thank you for the info. Isn’t amazing people are trying to get ‘prospects’ through trickery and deceit? If I was tricked into making a life decision like buying a business I am going to put my reputation and my most valuable asset, my time into, how would I react when I found out I was duped.

    People like this don’t see that this is all about building relationships not burnt earth!

  2. Ted, another spot-on post.

    I’ve seen plenty of these self-defeating messages. They simply prove what morons the senders really are… “join me and build your business like I do!”

    Just the kind of jackass you want for a sponsor! (NOT!)


  3. Yes, it’s a terrible way to do business. Marketing is almost an exact science, and nobody is going to get rich quick on a nickel and dime budget. Marketing takes quality, consistency, integrity and time. It’s a “conservative investment” that requires patience. Now, speaking of integrity, marketing requires a high level of moral authority and trust. Building trust takes the largest amount of time.

    Anyone harvesting emails and creating lists for spam…is definitely losing all immediate credibility. That will never be recovered. Nobody is getting 40, 50, or 70 leads per day, credible leads that is. If that was true, with a highly rated company, those systems would be producing Brig Harts about every two to four months time. Brig has developed total credibility through a time investment of over 32 years now. Great guy, I wish I could sign him!!! On that note, nobody is getting rich by putting $25 down per month with a promise of “residual income.” That’s another one I see and it’s a shame! Everyone reading this…we are all in the same industry, be a person of integrity and watch what happens in 1-3 years time!!! Be patient!!!

    Peter Dean Bouloukos -Facebook- (My business site)

  4. Well said, Ted!

    We wonder if the spammers have thought about
    how long a relationship can last if it begins
    with a lie.

    This industry thrives on ‘know, like, and trust.’
    One out of three is not good enough.

    Thanks for a powerful post!

    Together to the top,
    Bob and Anna Bassett

  5. Hey Ted, always enjoy your insights and that is the most annoying style of marketing. What is sad is that there are a number of people who are using social media like facebook and creating friends, only to spend the rest of the time shoving opportunity after opportunity down friends throats instead of creating a relationship backed by value exchange.
    Each day, you get invited to another group which if you make the mistake of joining, you get inundated with invitations for ponzis and pyramids from day one! No matter how much you try to communicate and indicate the irritation this causes, most marketers do not bother listening or heeding your advice!
    It is a sure fire way of losing cred and percieved friendship!
    Thanks Ted and may those who are new in the game seriously consider engaging their leads before offering their opportunity! Know the person first, find what their need is, then create content rich and value rich information to give. Over time they will fall into the rule for lead maintenance, that being the know-like-trust stages.
    Once they trust you, believe me they will readily embrace your opportunity/product/service wholeheartedly!
    Rev Walter

  6. This type of email is annoying but I like to turn it back on them by referring them to my own blog. I tell them they can find lots of information there about Vemma and if they don’t find what they are looking for, I will try to get the information for them. Thankfully I only get a couple per week and have never received an automated response when I reply to their emails. It only takes a couple of replies to their query to get them to give up. I never ask them what the marketing system is that they want to use to plug my business into as I’m not interested in what they have to offer.

    This method of dealing with these people may not work for everyone but so far has worked for me. Just wanted to share it.

    Success will come to those who legitimately earn it. Have a great day everyone.

    Deb Simpson

  7. I agree and this type of marketing has been getting really annoying lately. Probably because of the increased amount of lead scraping software that is available now. I sometimes try and reverse market them right back, but it’s a total waste of time. This technique used to work a long time ago, but now it’s just abusive and everyone knows what they are trying to do.

    A lot of companies are to blame for this because they teach their new distributors to use this as a prospecting method and as a way to get other network marketers to join the business. Total waste of your time. The amount of time you spend answering these emails and spamming people could be spent so much more productively.

  8. I get those all the time from emails to voice broadcasting and love it…..while all the people on here spend their wasted energy complaining about getting spam I use it as an opportunity and build a relationship with those people and many end up joining my biz. Its all about how you position yourself people and if someone doesn’t know how to market right its your opportunity to establish yourself as a leader and show them. Some people just got nothing better to do then wine about everything and can’t wait to yell spam.

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