Reverse Marketing Spam

What is Reverse Marketing in Direct Selling?

Reverse Marketing is an aggressive and imaginative approach to achieving supply objectives. The purchaser makes the initiative in making the proposal.

To give an example, you might receive this email:
Hello John,

I was searching online to find more info about your (Monavie/Vemma/TNI/Herbalife)  business and I came across your information.

Can you tell me, are you still involved with (Monavie/Vemma/TNI/Herbalife)? If you are, how are things going for you?

Please let me know.


Peter Spammer

If you answer you will get an automated email for Peter Spammer's great business opportunity. He is not interested at all in your business. His objective is to promote his business.

This you call Reverse Marketing Spam. Often automatic software programms are behind it, collecting thousands of email addresses. Some Internet MLM Guru's are promoting and selling this destructive software. The best solution? Put the email in your spambox  box, if you answer you will get countless emails. I consider this Reverse Marketing Spam as a very stupid way to promote a business….

I have seen some Top Earners using Reverse Marketing Spam, in my humble opinion you loose your credibility very, very fast……

Down the Drain

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