How to build your Direct Selling business with your Facebook contacts


Discover how the big recruiters use facebook to recruit!

On Tuesday 25 January we will give a LIVE webinar how to build you Direct Selling Business with your Facebook contacts.

This webinar has been viewed over 400 times by Professional Direct Sellers from all over the world.

Start 8.00 pm Central European Time / 2.00 pm Eastern Standard Time.
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  • How do you position your business on Facebook
  • How do you get 500 Facebook friends in 1 month
  • How do you build up your Direct Selling business


Bonus: Including 40 Powerpoints slides!


You can download your ticket here:

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Comments (3)

  1. This webinar is a gem of information of not only what to do with Facebook, but more importantly of what NOT to do. So many make the mistake of being too personal.

    Thank you Ted for the reminder and quality information.

  2. This is a MUST SEE webinar even for those who consider themselves Facebook-pros! There’s a huge difference between using FB every day and using it for professional reasons–like for finding new business-partners. The webinar will give you tips on how to change your profile and how to search for new info, the way you never thought of yourself…
    Since social marketing is a truly valuable part of direct sales business–joining this webinar will give you insight and valuable tips on how to become better.
    Thank you Ted for this great opportunity and great information!

  3. Hi
    Are you going to repeat the facebook webinar? – unfortunately I was traveling and could not make it.
    I have a number of professional qualifications that stood me in great stead in business until I experienced a sudden and unexpected serious health problem which meant I had to ditch all my business interests and adopt a very different lifestyle. After a number of years pursuing other goals, one of which was to get well again, I have now fully recovered my health, and have discovered the mind boggling possibilities that are now available through the ‘net, applying traditional sales and marketing practices through what is, to all intents, a new medium. However, I have come to realise that I am a relative novice at the use of ‘net services such a facebook, though I enjoy looking up people and their profiles, and also at the ‘pages’ pages. I do hope you will repeat this webinar as it is where it’s all at right now Regards Andrew

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