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On 16 December I published the post: Terry Dorfman versus Melaleuca lawsuit with pictures of the people involved: Terry Dorfman, Frank Vandersloot and Ken Dunn. I got an email from the Legal Department of Melaleuca in which they request me to take the website down immediately:


Dear Mr. Nuyten:

I am a legal assistant at Melaleuca, Inc. (Melaleuca), of Idaho Falls, Idaho in the United States of America. I am writing to complain about the the website 2010112/terrydorfman-versus-melaleuca-lawsuit-max-international-and-ken-dunn!> (Website), which you are hosting.

Melaleuca requests that the Website be taken down immediately because the Website displays an image that is the copyrighted property of Melaleuca without authorization.

In particular, the Website displays a copyrighted image of Melaleuca's CEO, Frank L. VanderSloot. Relevant details are set f0l1h in the Notice of Copyright Infringement that is appended below.

As you may know, under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, you can be held liable for copyright infringement if you fail to take prompt action in response to this request. Please let me know once the Website has been taken down, and feel free to contact me with any questions.


My answer to Melaleuca is: No, I am not taking the website down, but I am willing to replace the picture of Frank Vandersloot, please send me an image. (Update 3 Januari 2011, a former Melaleuca distributor send me a photo, and the picture is replaced….)


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