AGEL – Nat & Chanida Puranaputra – Top Ten Diamonds – to Monavie?

Nat & Chanida PuranaputraNat & Chanida Puranaputra

From the Agel Advisory website: (removed but still in the cache)

Chanida, along with her husband, Nat, will always go down in the Agel history books as the final team to round out the top ten Diamond Directors in the company. Originally from Thailand, Chanida is one of the powerhouses who helped build the South East Asia market.

Chanida has spent 15 plus years in the industry, and most of that time has been spent in top leadership positions. Prior to network marketing, Chanida worked in corporate America but found that getting ahead was not as easy as she thought. In an attempt to get one step closer to prosperous living, she opened a Thai restaurant with her husband. Prosperous living soon gave way to lack of time to share with their family. It wasn’t until they found network marketing that they realized they could have both family and financial freedom.

After several lucrative years in other MLM companies, they found Agel in April 2007. Several short months later, they hit Diamond Director.

Chanida and Nat reside in Los Angeles, California.


Reports are coming in they moved to Monavie. A  reliable source: The origin of the dispute is some arrangements Glen Jensen had with them and Eric Worre, especially in Indonesia

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  1. Wow, Monavie walks away with more business from other MLM. This is not good, even if you are in Monavie. Eventually, at the rate the big pins keep moving, it will hit Monavie. This is the kind of news that continually gives MLM a black eye.

  2. Have to agree with Mike. There seems to be a steady circuit of so called big hitters who either through ego or management disputes readily hop from one company to another.
    The bad news is really not that they move, it’s that they encourage many of their downline to move with them thus making it very easy for the ‘leaders’ to quickly hit the big money with the new company while their organisations are dragged from company to company with only the few at the top making any real income.
    These constant upheavals do little or nothing to improve the industry and one day the average distributor is going to realise they are being treated like canon fodder by people whose only interest in them is to boost their incomes and reputations. When that happens and they stop blindly jumping from one company to another many of these leaders will realise they are only as good as their teams.

  3. Sad to say it but someone has to. Let’s not tip toe around the issue anymore. Mike and John (above) alluded it to it and it’s time the profession stood up to it.

    Should the ‘purchasing’ of top income earners by another company be made ‘illegal’ in MLM?

    Because if something is not done about it soon, this profession, with all the ground it has made in the last few years is about to take one huge backward step…and maybe never recover.
    Here’s what I see has happened in the last 5-6 years and you can make up your own find about what is fact and what is fiction. A company that was struggling decided to ‘purchase’ a proven networker to help them grow. They then went on to offer other deals to other Networker’s in different companies. Some were not ‘paid’ (as one said to me) but offered ‘bridging income’ and help with travel expenses to help while building their business. This company went on to grow so fast that other company owners began to wonder whether this was a better approach to building a business that the other method…having a great product, great culture, and growing leaders from within team members who entered on an equal playing field.

    Eventually, some distributors leave our wonder company when they realise that there are a lot of ‘leaders’ coming in to the company who aren’t exactly there because they found it was the best one to go…it was just offering the best deal. The company takes a slight hit in volume, begins to wonder what they need to do to get back and firing, so decide to get back in the ‘purchasing’ game. It worked once it will work again, right?

    So let’s see what has happened here to Joe & Jane Average, the very people we are trying to entice to MLM. They see a wonderful opportunity to join, but soon find out that the ‘leaders’ on stage are there on special deals. They soon find out that their ‘upline’ who promised to be there supporting them all the way, are sniffing around other companies wondering where to shift their team. They then find out that their legendary upline have moved somewhere else, because they apparently discovered “issues” with the old company that they had previously never been aware of.

    Now let me ask you all this…in an industry that holds itself together through integrity, trust, and building relationships, for how much longer do you think these ‘leaders’ can continue this behaviour?

    Which so-called leader will you be able to trust, knowing that at the drop of a hat, the person on stage who has assured everyone they’re not going anyhere is later signing a new contract with the latest hot deal?

    In a profession where everyone sprouts “it’s all about the relationships” we have more and more leaders willing to walk away from their MLM “family” in the hope they can rise up the ladder faster somewhere else and drive a newer and better car.

    Can you see what this is doing to those ‘outside the industry looking in’? What happens when they Google MLM and discover a whole host of infighting, deal-making and bad-mouthing going on? Is that really what they want to be a part of?

    I know most of the so-called “MLM Leaders” who are doing the jumping won’t read or take notice of this because they’re not worried about the criticism or comments made about them. Unfortunately, they’re more often sitting with their lawyers, nutting out the next deal that allows them to look like shooting stars in one company after another. Where they’ll stand from the stage and announce “this is the LAST company we’ll ever be part of!”

    My friends, here’s what I know. At the end of the night, you and I have a bed to lay in and a pillow to put our heads on. And when you hear the words “I don’t know how they can sleep at night” I, for one, never, ever want that to be said about me.

    With Passion and Honesty,
    Faouzi Daghistani

  4. Couldnt agree with Mike & John more. I hope they arent seriously thinking of moving to Monavie? Juice bottled companies are a thing of the past. Whenever I hear someone say “I made it to Diamond in 90 days” I just roll my eyes. I know all to well they left their previous company to join another company and brought everyone with them. Who do they think they are kidding? Not me.
    Christina Hales

  5. Hi all, this is Rykel Lim from Singapore, and I can more or less confirm that Chanida is already into MonaVie. Just Youtube “ceo monavie in thailand” and see Randy Larsen visiting her in her country. She was given red carpet treatment and had a huge welcome party at Utah just a week or two ago. Good luck to all who follow her today.

  6. Chanida and her ex-Agel team is no longer with Monavie.They are definitely moving to bHIP.Can anyone give me more information about this company?We are forming a large group to go to Monavie(not part of Agel).Because of the process of setting up Thailand office properly(involve legal point) is taking much longer time to hold the team.And there are a lot of leaders from others network companies are facing the same situation.

  7. Hi, I’m Monavie distributor based in Thailand and Malaysia. Latest news, she and her team already move to bHIP Global and some distributor still follows and some learn a lot with her goal and direction. As I known, Monavie still stand on own side and protected Monavie business. I’m cheering Monavie and love you more. “MONAVIE DONE Great decision”
    Sorry with my broken English)

    Learn more about MONAVIE’s Story at

  8. I agree, it is too bad some companies pay big networkers to join their company. although not all companies are like that. Just the ones that can see trouble on the horizon. The companies that are financially strong don’t need to do that. Basically you just need to find a well run company with great products. I wish everyone the best of luck in what ever opportunity these choose.

    E. hanson

  9. the end of days has started for bhip, since nat and chanida with bhip now, it wont take long for them to move on to another company. for those are are joining them wish you all the best.

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