AGEL – Nat & Chanida Puranaputra – Top Ten Diamonds – to Monavie?

Nat & Chanida PuranaputraNat & Chanida Puranaputra

From the Agel Advisory website: (removed but still in the cache)

Chanida, along with her husband, Nat, will always go down in the Agel history books as the final team to round out the top ten Diamond Directors in the company. Originally from Thailand, Chanida is one of the powerhouses who helped build the South East Asia market.

Chanida has spent 15 plus years in the industry, and most of that time has been spent in top leadership positions. Prior to network marketing, Chanida worked in corporate America but found that getting ahead was not as easy as she thought. In an attempt to get one step closer to prosperous living, she opened a Thai restaurant with her husband. Prosperous living soon gave way to lack of time to share with their family. It wasn’t until they found network marketing that they realized they could have both family and financial freedom.

After several lucrative years in other MLM companies, they found Agel in April 2007. Several short months later, they hit Diamond Director.

Chanida and Nat reside in Los Angeles, California.


Reports are coming in they moved to Monavie. A  reliable source: The origin of the dispute is some arrangements Glen Jensen had with them and Eric Worre, especially in Indonesia

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