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Brad Aspin:  I was a Loan Officer for 20 Years. In 2007 I was making $40,000 per month when the economy crashed and my income went to zero! I had the repo man ringing my doorbell and collection agencies calling night and day! That is about the time I started my GBG Business. I have been working it for about 2 years. The past year full-time. I have signed over 84 directs and I have over 23,000 active in my Downline now!

GBG has changed my life!! When I started my GBG business I promised myself that I would work it like a business, and it is paying me like a business now! I make more money in one month now than most people make in a year! GBG has saved our family! Thank GOD for GBG!.

About GBG: GBG is an established company that has blessed thousands of families all across America, and we’re now creating more NEW success stories than ever before.

There is no hype at GBG, no gimmicks, and no gotchas – just honest people working together to create a better life for everyone.

The GBG Vision:
To provide a global solution to today’s worldwide health crisis and financial meltdown

The GBG Mission: To create more healthy millionaires than any other company in history

GBG was founded by Stuart Finger in 1996 after he had achieved the top position in two other network marketing companies, but discovered that the odds were stacked against most other people being able to do the same. Stuart walked away from both of those companies because in their pay plans, he felt like he was making money off of people instead of with them. He prayed for a way to help people, and starting GBG was the answer.

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  1. I am fortunate enough to have Brad Aspin as my upline mentor.

    This guy is the best of the best out there. Extremely motivating, and always there for whatever it is I need him for.

    Anyone would be lucky to have Brad as their upline. He should in all honestly be charging people consulting fees.

    I highly recommend you join Brad if you are presented with the opportunity. Don’t let him pass you by.


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