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Distributors are driving nice cars!

Matthew Jamieson Reza Mesgarlou

Verve car

Monavie Car - Steve Merrit

Keith Dorsey

Matt Morris Car
Herbalife car Monavie Car
Xango Car Ray Higdon Car
Max International car Monavie car
Ray Higdon Car Herbalife Car
Exfuze Car Amway car

Vemma car

Worldventures License Plate - Ewing
Xocai car Nuriche License Plate
Ken Dunn Care - Evolvhealth Roel Bieshaar Car - Euphony
Juice Plus Car Ambit Energy Car
Barrie Gregory Car - FM Group Steve Outlaw - ACN Car

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  1. Yes Ethan – Mary Kay has given out 50,000+ Cadillacs w/out people having to worry about
    making payments. They are way out in front in terms of true car giveaways.

  2. Visalus as well as most other companies don’t GIVE cars away… they REIMBURSE YOU if you buy the car of THEIR choice… who needs THAT? At least Mary Kay pays for the car directly… wonder what all those Arbonne people are doing with THEIR White Mercedes? My hat’s off to the company who lets YOU determine what kind of dream car YOU want… just my opinion… but my car preference doesn’t have to rely on someone else’s judgement as to what I would feel makes me look good.

  3. I agree with Bob Crisp. Visalus hangs out the carrot for a BMW. You have to get financed and if you drop down you lose the money so you are stuck with the car payment. DUMB, but good marketing tool for DUMB people.

  4. The Amway picture was just a computer design for somebody in Miami, the car actually never hit the streets and nobody has ever see a car paid for the Amway company to anybody with the exception of Dexter Yaeger, he got a Mercedes when he arrived at 60 FAA after having like six Mercedes in his garage paid with the “Education System” he got in place selling overpriced books and cd`s to any new distributor willing to get the first million in two months like the “Amway dreamers sell”.

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