Xowii Leaders Just Say No To Evolv Merger

Xowii Leaders Just Say No to Evolv Merger and Speak Out About the Mass Distributor Exit

The Day the XOWII Network Marketing Bubble Burst

Press release from Phil & Jenny Sack and others
Phil Sack Jenny Sack Timothy Feuling
Phil Sack Timothy Feuling
Matt Hasbrook Debra Arnold Amy Henderson
Matt Hasbrook Debra Arnold Amy Henderson
During the housing bubble massive numbers of non-experienced real estate investors swarmed that market to cash-in on buying and flipping property. According to Xowii’s top leaders, the same thing is happening in Network Marketing. Doctors, investment bankers – many people with some capital have jumped in and started networking companies with no hard experience in the industry hoping to cash in on one of the few growth industries left in America’s stormy economy. The game-plan backfired. The bubble burst. With thousands of here-today-gone-tomorrow company failures, these short-sighted investors gave all young companies a black eye. The statistics are stunning – 95% of network marketing companies are out of business before their 5th anniversary.

“Our upline, Ken Roland, often says that when you throw dirt, you lose ground. The leaders stand united in wishing Xowii well. It is simply no longer a fit for our team and families. Perception is reality in our industry. We made a collective decision with much due-diligence and research” said Phil Sack, Xowii’s top earner and co-master distributor along with his wife, Jenny Sack. Matt Hasbrook, a merger and acquisition specialist, was a critical part of the team’s decision process with his special talent in research and objective analysis of company mergers.

Top earners Amy Henderson, Timothy Feuling and others agree that a major shift is happening in Network Marketing. Networkers, top corporate executives and everyday people looking for additional income are doing their homework when choosing a business. They are demanding a company that is run by the book with integrity with a story worthy of being told and worthy of being listened to.

“Industry professionals are waving off the junk seeking a true, pure story more today than I have seen in my 20 years full-time in the industry. People want it all: a fun, hot new product line, mountains of real scientific validation, the best compensation and they want to get paid next week. We found it. The message of Fit, a brand new division of a solid, stable company, is vibrating through the industry like a tuning fork. I’m proud of our decision, our new home, and this rich, powerful story – and to be part of this incredible team. It is company policy to have 90 days of inventory at all times for the security of the distributor partners. Fit began shipping just a few weeks ago. Three months of Fit product flew off the shelves in three weeks. We have the best story ever told. Fit is changing lives already.” said Deb Arnold, a top 1% industry earner, trainer and builder.

Hear the emotional uncut announcement by Xowii master distributors and top earners as they shared the news about the massive exit from Xowii with their team. Click here to listen

Contact: Jenny Sack   317-403-4897 [email protected]  Phil Sack  317-965-2000   [email protected]



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Comments (51)

  1. I really look up to them all for their hard decisions they had to make. I wish while you were in Utah you could have stopped by the Nuriche office!
    Good luck to you all–it’s nice to hear good hardworking people doing what is best for them!

  2. Total crap!!! I am certain that Jenny Sack had the very same heart felt phone call when her and her husband left Monavie. She says she is not trying to sell anybody on this recorded call but at the same time she loaded the call with her top people so that she could not only try and salvage her reputation but make sure she hasn’t completely destroyed the faith and direction of their ability to lead. The Sacks delay in letting their team know was so that they could formulate a plan solely for their benefit to retain as many people as possible. What happened with all this due diligence that their leaders on this call speak of when they took a look at Zowii!!! Total crap in my opinion!! They new they had to find a company that had been around because no one would believe them otherwise if they were going to pitch yet another deal. This is about protecting their “legacy” rather than looking out for others they have dragged along and damaged as a result of their gift to sell and their inability to really size up a company. I wish all well but do your own due diligence, no one is impervious to change whether it a 2 year old company or a 14 year old company. I am listening write at this moment as I type and I have to turn this off because I am feeling as thought I need a shower…ALL THESE LEADERS TALKING ABOUT WHAT THEIR PRIORITIES ARE IN LOOKING FOR A COMPANY TO PARTNER WITH…WHERE THE HECK WERE THEIR PRIORIES BEFORE!!! This is an easy one GREED…GREED…GREED…GREED! All of a sudden all these leaders are now saints and have all had miraculous revelations and epiphanies and now life will be better. I have to turn this off because I am going to vomit.

  3. Not surprising why many a leaving Xowii/Evolv. 2 Companies that offer ZERO VALUE & INFLATED PRICES will go nowhere in the long term. “Xowii Kool-Aid Drinkers” will tout their Free Autoship if u get 4 people on Autoship then yours is Free….$300 Autoship requirements are not for the masses, they
    are for the benefit of the owners & a fortunate few people at the top. Xowii could have been special but, an Abundance of Greed took over.

  4. Btw, I agree with Chester above. The Sacks & other so called Leaders are from beng Goody-Two Shoes as they want people to think. Like they would go to Tahitian Noni, a company that is solid yet, far past the momentum stage w/out $$$ involved. This bunch & other Xowii/Monavie people will continue to hop from company to company every so often, no doubt…and…what’s up with the word LEGACY being used so much as of late??? Gimmie a break, like History is going to remember these people. Just work hard, stay ethical, make $$, do good & zip it.

  5. Chester, Very sorry you see it that way. I really do appreciate your opinion even though I do not agree with it. We just left another big pay check to start over. The easy decision for us would have been to go along with the merger. Going along with the merger would have kept us from looking silly for going with Xwoii. It would have been easier to just collect a weekly paycheck too. My wife meant what she said, and sure we do want out team to follow us, but to suggest GREED? We left movavie as a million dollar earner and we just left Xowii as the top earners to start all over again. No loans, no bonuses, no enticement what so ever. STARTING ALL OVER! We are in this industry for LEGACY INCOME not just fast money. We want to build a team that can be proud of the company they stand for and see our children reap the rewards as well. Anyway, the greed comment bothers me because our track record is that we do the opposite of greed. We don’t even try to keep collecting our checks even know we legally could do so. Again, sorry Chester that you feel the way that you do but I always appreciate the views of other MLM’ers.

  6. Eddie, we actually believe that TNI is hitting a huge wave with the launchig of their new “FIT” program. TNI DOES NOT do deals! We won’t work with any company offering deals. Deals underminde the whole structure. What does a company do when there are no more deals to be made? The revenues drop and they eventually go out of business. My first company was a great example of that which was a big reason why we left them. Again, its so easy to suggest we got paid to leave or enticed. I will pay anyone a million dollars if you can prove we got paid to go to Xowii or TNI or anywhere else for that matter. The only deal we will take is NO DEAL!

  7. Phil I empathize and appreciate your position however to load this call, very strategically I might add, with the sole purpose to pitch the new deal in my opinion was unethical. 43 out of the 55 minutes was to pitch the new deal! The utter irony of having leaders on the call talk about what makes a great company and what the key criteria is to look for is priceless…for everything else their’s master card. Admit it, as leaders yourselves, you have no clue what to look for in a company, no clue whatsoever…admit it, please do that for me. Be honest I mean really honest. One of the the guest callers you had spoke of how his forte is knowing how to really size up a company…again priceless. I didn’t hear once on this call an acceptance of responsibility in regards to you guys having made a mistake…a mistake! We all make mistakes if we didn’t we wouldn’t be human but to hide, pretend and lie about those mistakes and the reasons these mistakes were made is unethical. Walk into your new company with a clean slate, do that for yourselves and the people around you it will go a long way in reestablishing what you have lost rather than just pitching a new deal.

  8. It is a sad day to me to think that it is almost impossible for people to believe that there are leaders in this industry that care more about people than the money. Our team has only been able accomplish the success that we have because of serving people FIRST and letting the money come from treating people right. I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids and I worked as an RN for 10 years. I got into this industry to have fun, help people and never dreamed it would lead to millions. I have been so disheartened by companies that want to “buy their people and their leaders” and anyone that know Phil and I- they KNOW that we cannot be bought. The easiest thing in the world would be for us to stay where we were and bury our heads to all of the “smoke in mirrors” and continue to collect a big check. We had some of the top leaders on that call because we didn’t want it to be all “about us” and our decision. All I want to do is be with a company that truly does want to do the right thing and not get caught up in the greed and the money. If we were about the money, we would have stayed when we were offered a BIG pay increase to stay- Again, we can’t be bought. In my opinion, the real builders don’t need to be paid- they will go out and rebuild if they need to in order to stand up for what they believe in. I apologize to anyone that we have hurt along the way as that was never our intention.

  9. total of 6!

    1. Had to be 5 years or older
    2. Had to be in or about to to enter the weight loss industry
    3. had to have a reputation for keeping and attracting top corp. mgt
    4. had to be international
    5. had to be known for NOT making deals

  10. It is amazing how mud slinging can proceed and get out of hand so quickly. I encourage everyone to take the high road and just know each of us knows what we know – in other words, some will create opinions based on what they believe to be the truth while others actually know the truth. Believe in people until they give you a reason not to believe in them. Anyone that questions the Sacks integrity is doing so either because they have a vested interest in doing so (have something to lose or gain) or they only know what they have been told by those that keep the truth quiet so as not to cause chaos that could be hurtful to them (personally and financially). Network marketing, in my eyes, is about bonding with people looking for more HOPE in life and grabbing them by the hand and helping them in any way you possibly can to live the life they are craving to live. Those that say YES to our industry are HOPING for an opportunity to truly live better in every aspect – physically, spiritually, relationally, financially, mentally and more….Let’s not sling mud – as a new mentor said to me “When you throw dirt, you lose ground.” Please know that myself and the Sacks and the other leaders that have moved on from this acquisition of xowii, do so with love in our hearts for those we had the blessing to meet, help, bond with and grow with. Those that move on with the acquisition of xowii, I hope you are blessed to get everything you want out of your experience. Those that don’t I hope for the same for you in your new experiences. I know with 100% certainty that I have made the right decision. Trust in your innate feelings and figure out where you are and then move forth with all your might! God Bless. Enough said.

  11. I think the criticisms of Phil, Jenny, Tim and others are inappropriate. We are all free agents in this industry and our first responsibility is to our families and ourselves.

    These are business decisions and should be respected accordingly. I have great respect for all of these individuals who are great leaders in our industry.

    I, myself left Xowii at the end of December after meeting with Xowii leaders and being dissatisfied with the outcome.

    I have rejoined my mentor Blaine Williams who is now Master Distributor of Nuvia3.

  12. Chester, I understand how hurt you feel, and how that can lead to anger and mud-slinging, but honestly, the people who follow Phil and Jenny will be those who follow their own hearts, without the mud-slinging and harsh words. People follow them simply because Phil and Jenny Sack stand for truth, honesty and following your own heart. They have always allowed others to follow their own paths, as well. The fact that they have walked away not once, but twice from large paychecks without splattering the underground dirt, so-to-speak all over the press, proves that they follow a different beat not typically found in this industry-one that I believe is the path of the greater good. When a leader chooses passion, purpose, and people over money, that is the path that I will follow, because I believe in these exact same values. We left XOWII long before Phil and Jenny did, but only because we lacked passion for the products. How interesting it is to me, that in looking for these same values, our paths have crossed once again. That is not a coincidence, but a reality of people searching for the same thing in this sometimes crazy industry! We were looking for a company that was purpose driven and believed in the people and the products they represented. Nothing more, nothing less. I truly hope you can move past the anger and rely on your heart to move forward.

  13. Shocking Negativity(I think not)!!!….. I only have 4 years of MLM experience but have been blessed to find success in other industries over the last 15 years and one glaring concern I have seen with the last two MLM companies I have worked with (MV,Xowii), is the inability to find ethical leaders at the top. Success will come to those who work hard, suround themselves with ethical people and not turn the other cheek when theses company leaders are flat out lying and only looking out for themselves.FYI guys not all MLM Companies are ran by money hungry,dishonest individuals.I have taken a real hard look at TNI, and it’s leaders and product speak for themselves, go do the research and you will see the same thing. Secondly, in this MLM industry tarnished by fakes trying to lure in the low hanging fruit and cash in on them, I so much appreciate people like the Sack’s and their team who are willing to put themselves out there, knowing the industry leaders will do whatever they can to beat them down. You don’t find many people willing to make very difficult decisions, sacrafice income and put themselves out there for abuse all because they have such a high level of integrity and passion for doing what’s right, helping people and making a difference. I’m finally realizing there is hope for this industry, thanks to you guys!! Great recording

  14. Ok this is a Joke, first things first remember when Phil and Jenny Left Monavie and were touting they “Never got paid to join XOwii” Bullshit. They got placed over thousands of people who never asked them to be placed their. Second the reason why they are leaving I believe as insiders are telling me is that Phil wasnt getting his Ego fullfilled as much as he needed too and he FLAT OUT could not lead that big of an organization. His leadership Skills are practically non existant, the leaders at XOwii were sold on him because he was a Black Diamond at Monavie and yet he brought absolutely nothing to the table other than bitching and moaning,crying,new inittiatves ( that never worked) every other month. think about it, why on earth would a Master Distributor leave and have practically no one follow him….no one.
    Phil sack is by far one of the biggest EGO maniacs on the planet, and this was a paid advertisement people, look, his name is on the bottom of the AD! The reason why 90% of the distributors dont make any money in MLM is because they are so nieve! Things didnt go his way, and since he didnt he jumped ship to his 3rd MLM in 3 years! wake up everyone…… this isnt mud slinging, its simply THE TRUTH.

  15. 6. Had to be known for not making deals, kind of like hey you guys join our company and we’ll put you at the very top of the organization…. Like those Deals Jenny?

  16. My, my, my…. Didn’t sound so convincing when you broke down crying. It didn’t sound like you believed what was coming out of your own mouth. In fact it sounded like you were not only trying to convince the callers but also yourself. I’m not surprised your true colors are finally being seen. Millions??? Whatever. Stop reaching. You’re only cheating yourself.
    Sorry for the confrontational comments everyone….


  18. WOW!!!!!! First the acai, then the Coffee bean, now the amazing Noni. Oh yeah, zrii also.

    I wish you could here yourself 6 months ago talking about how great xowii corp was.

    You people are walking billboards.
    Get a job

    working out = wieght loss

  19. FACT: We DID NOT pay for an ad
    FACT: We did get placed in the master distributor position and DID NOT get paid TEAM COMMISSIONS
    FACT: I did complain every month about shipping and customer service (I have high standards)
    FACT: I do need to improve on my leadership skills
    FACT: I am sorry for being viewed as an “ego-maniac” since I can’t stand those types of people

  20. “Justice”, it would be great to know your name too! For the record, that call was done only for a very small group and it was straight from the heart. I wish my acting skills were that good. I know it is hard to believe that people do get emotional and have feelings- but I am one of those people, and I am not going to become hardened and “not vulnerable” because of trying to maintain a certain image. As for Max, shame on me for never opening the opening the book to read the first chapter of NONI- I wish I would have taken a serious look at them 7 years ago when I entered this industry because I probably wouldn’t have had to go through all of these painful transitions.

  21. Max I agree isn’t it amazing how things change? Just 6 months ago Monavie sucks and Xowii was the best now they suck and oh yeah by the way look at Noni cause thats where we’re going, even though their old as dirt and it taste like worse than molasses come join us!! Come follow us,look my number is at the bottom of the post for any information.
    (Jenny and phil by the way the more you respond the worse you look, real leaders wouldn’t even be paying attention to all this right now, im sorry your ad isn’t working out the way you hoped it would)

  22. Some of the above comments are disheartening. Phil and Jenny are some of our closest friends. We have seen the pain and anguish that this move has caused them. In this industry there are many unethical people, Phil and Jenny are the exact opposite. We know that they have the best intent for their team and their hearts are in the right place. We have faith in Phil and Jenny and we believe that God is leading us in the right direction. If anyone thinks ill of Phil and Jenny, then you do not know them. Actions speak louder than words.

  23. Phil, Jenny Im sorry your guys are going through this but honestly guys, you should just let these idiots rant, cause the more you respond the more of an idiot you look….

  24. For the record xowii failed because of Leadership

    There was none.

    Monavie- I know plenty of people that are still there growing like crazy.
    International. Why do people leave kick ass companies that just went international?
    It is a great company with great leadership!!!!

  25. That’s great. What would you do if everyone you and Phil have stepped on came out? That integrity you speak so highly of would really come back to bite you.

    If the call was for a very small group of people why did you post it here for all to hear your plug on your new best thing?

    Your initial instinct of going back to nursing is probably best. Hopefully you would regain the true meaning of “serve” since it seems you’ve gotten it confused with self serve.
    Oh, and my name is Justice.

    “Leadership” Really? Idiots? Great display of leadership skills. I agree with you though. Natural leaders would never give this forum a look. Good point. The only reason you would look at this is if you doubted yourself.

    Amy, I like you. You’re a nice lady. You’re right too. Actions do speak louder then words. Hence, the angry people.

  26. Phil and Jenny are top-notch leaders who I have a lot of respect for. Words are just words, but actions and results are the true measure of leadership. Real, legacy residual income is dependent on business whose value propositions make sense in the “real world”. Non-comp plan participating customers provide stability through regular consumption to get needed benefits. FIT offers this, and more. This type of business provides a real opportunity for hundreds of thousands to make a good residual check by helping others. And, as a result, thousands more to make a GREAT residual check and more earning a LIFE-CHANGING residual check. No one-month-to-bust bonus checks, no hollow and phony hype. Just real business. Its a simple formula, tried-and-true, but is so foreign to so many MLM companies today. It is almost impossible, in the mlm environment of today, to find this type of real business that enriches and builds relationships, not degrades and damages them. This is the type of “homework” that Phil and Jenny have been doing and, it may surprise many who have been sharing their anger here to know building long-term, real multi-generational income is not only possible, but that people have been doing it for over 15 years. No deals, just looking for a place to build something that is real. Take a look for yourself, have a conversation with Phil and Jenny.

  27. Don’t just read the easy stuff. You may be entertained by it, but you will never grow from it.
    – Jim Rohn –

    Congratulations to this young, energetic team for finding TNI. Just think, you will never have to start over again. I was in six businesses before I got it right and found TNI. Our customer base in 70+ countries is fiercly loyal and growth is exploding around the globe. Welcome to your forever home. The nonsense in these comments are but whispers in the wind. You have many lives to touch. Much success to you and your team.

  28. We all have the right to feel the way we do…. FACTS ARE FACTS

    1. We know in the past TNI has paid HUGE DOLLARS for leaders to come…. most of them have left before receiving all of their money!!! Go figure
    2. We know that TNI is paying HUGE DOLLARS now to recruit leaders…. remember the leaders that have been recruited for 3 million or so … didnt stick around… Why do you think they are paying today??!! Go figure

    Now I am not saying that any certain person has excepted money… I do not know the facts there, I do know that Xowii had no leadership. When our team was recruited and paid big bounces for coming on board the leadership we were told was there was not… all I saw was a “System” My XowiiPro that someone was putting huge dollars in their pockets from…. and did nothing to build a business…. for leaders to think that a “system” will ever build anyones downline…. well that just shows the SKILL SET of that leader…. The facade that we were shown did not exsist…

    People have the right to go where they choose to go. But I know from personal experience that $$$$ signs make the mind see things that are not there!!!! Biggest mistake we eve made was accepting money to build a business!!!! But when your walking from one income to none income… well like I said….

    I think if you are departing a company…. you depart without telling everyone where you are going…. do the right thing and leave!!!! there will be plenty of time to have that 43 minute phone call… or your team will call you!!!!!

    just my thoughts!!!!!!

  29. I was in Monavie and never met the Sacks but they always came across as real people.  Reading these posts makes me wonder if the owner of Evolv wishes he/she had the Sacks instead of these negative KNUCKLE HEADS! 

  30. Wow!! Reading this thread has led me to realize people can really be unkind and despiteful. An industry built on people helping people reach for the stars and get more out of life. If you have no empathy or the abilty to respect others feelings don’t take your failure out on others dreams and desires to transform thier lifes. No one person is perfect but God has blessed us all with an ability to forgive. Those that cast a stone of discontent or hatred should regress from even posting.

    It’s not about companies, products, or leaders. Everyone starts somewhere and continues to look until they find a home to nest in. When a leader leaves and others follow its because they have bonded and formed relationships based on trust. A leader is someone who leads with their heart out front in everything they do. Its my opinion that people become critical of others when they are jealous or lack qualities with in themselves. If you havn’t shed tears with others in times of their hurt as so many do with change than perhaps its your time for a change yourself. Even though we all need change and are all finding our place in the world, we still know that when tears fall in agony or we smile together in times of joy we can still come together no matter where this world of crazies takes us.

    Nothing stands in the way for us to all change and become better encouragers. Synergy brings us all together. I welcome my frienship and fellowship to anyone willing to make that change. If you cant make the change because of envy then your legacy will be left in your own big puddle. I’m happy to know my friends feel the same. Let’s do it and God Bless!

  31. So this is what MLM is all about? I too was convinced to join Xowii within a month of the Xowii launch. I was excited to be part of MLM, but I didn’t understand the system, so I canceled my auto ship back in June.
    I have been doing my research since and was considering Monavie or re-connecting with the new Xowii/Evolv or Pre-paid Legal. I have been keeping up with Jenny Sack and listen to her message, she has inspired me to look into TNI, do I care if she did got paid? NO. She and Tim Feuling have more character and integrity, look at the post all those which criticize. I would rather go to a caring leader, that is why I will eliminate Monavie as a prospective company. Thanks Max!
    “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain-most fools do. But it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving”

  32. It is a very exciting time in our industry today! I have looked at 23 companies in the last 5 months and have learned alot! I have not made any emotional decisions based on money…..I have carefully looked at Number 1…The Ownership!!! You can have everything else in place…The Right Product…The Right Compensation….The Right Systems…The Right Financial Backing….BUT if you have the WRONG Ownership the Company will FAIL! After much consideration and weighing all of my options….I am placing my confident BET on TREY WHITE (Owner of Evolv)!! I am putting my reputation and my relationships on the line knowing that what is going on behind the scenes Evolv will EMERGE as THE COMPANY of this DECADE! Get ready for a MIGHTY, MARCHING, MASSIVE Surge of GROWTH this YEAR with Evolv! Just remember that I told you here!

  33. Danny I agree with your criteria for validating a ligitimate company, I subscribe to the same school of thought. Although evolv may have 1 good leader, I have used the products for 9 months now and they just aren’t that good. I dont mean taste, I mean clinically they dont produce results. Ask for the White Paper on the products and see what repitable 3rd party studies are saying……they dont have em. Unfortunately this is just another company saturating the market with the same hyped up product line, just in a different package.Do a little more research and I think you will ssee what I experienced. Good luck with your journey.

  34. I believe your ‘business’ is your people. If you are a good leader, people will follow you…if you are not, people will soon figure out that you are not concerned about THEIR success. Only by helping others can we become wealthy for the long term…as well as knowing that we did some good for people, while we were here on this earth.

  35. 1. Had to be 5 years or older
    2. Had to be in or about to to enter the weight loss industry
    3. had to have a reputation for keeping and attracting top corp. mgt
    4. had to be international
    5. had to be known for NOT making deals

    Number 1-4 are text-book answers found in most “Network Marketing” books. Good people looking for help and not in a position to “make a deal” buy these books from leaders or proposed “guru’s” at places like Amazon. Funny, but XOWii was not number 1, 3, or 4 at the time the Sacks entered XOWii. Why would they bring up number 5 if they were not placed on top of 10,000 distributors or so? I really don’t care if my company brings in a few studs to be leaders, but they had better be steadfast in their commitment and produce major results if I feed them volume.

    Jenny, Phil, and Tim all “pimped” the science and move from other companies to XOWii. Tim siting his experience as a Chiropractor and how important XOWii Ultimate was to him.

    The economy sucks. People are not aggressively investing in housing or stocks. People don’t know how to pronounce “Acai” or “Cha de Bugre” let alone build a business centered around “Nutrient Dense” and “Anti-oxidant Rich” products. Some very smart and deserving people will not watch a 3 minute video presentation, let alone spend time understanding how important nutrition is in today’s society. Rather than buy a can of Mona Vie EMV or XOWii Energy, they will buy a pizza, drink a soda, watch Snookie on Jersey Shore, and wonder why they are obese! These same people will save their money at 1.8percent interest rather than invest in an asset. In-fact, they don’t know the difference between an asset and a liability.

    Most of us know that this is the perfect time to invest and stand firm. There is so much value in the markets right now. There is also a ton of value in building depth one person at a time with a Network Marketing opportunity. But some people can site the right bible verse or charasmatically champion friends to join them, but that does not help them to create depth and build industry leaders. Yes, people are “looking” but who would you have teach them? Man, not a leader who say’s he wasn’t happy about Customer Service yet did nothing to fix the perceived problem!

    The problem with network marketing is the opportunity creates wealth…in some cases it creates “massive wealth.” That can create some free rides, and it can also create cynics. On Main Street USA it’s not your location like many novice business minds might have you believe. It’s YOU. With this, when you add a bad economy into downlines that move fast and fail to create depth….what happens? Well, the magic “money tree” disappears and people will chase for reputation much faster than they might be willing to dig-down and get to work. It’s not “Timing” in this industry.

    If you are a leader who lists “timing” as part of “why” your opportunity is a great deal…STOP!

    We create our own timing. Kiyosaki calls it “The Business of the 21st Century” because it is a “Business.” Right now, it’s time to build leaders. It’s time to work one on one with your personally sponsored team that wants it!!! You speak of integrity, where is it? You placed good people in this business probably up to five or six weeks ago. Now what kind of taste do they have in their mouths about Network Marketing?

    I have heard Tim and Phil speak of the science behind XOWii. I have heard them talk about how excited they were to switch from their former companies to XOWii because the science was superior. Well, a merger happens and all of the sudden the science fails? Come on! Phil and Jenny were placed as “Master Distributors” without merit. They failed to bring or attract downlines like their position did at Mona Vie during a better economy. They claim they operate with “integrity.” I doubt they have created more than TEN new Executives at XOWii that did not already have experience from their Mona Vie sponsorship.

    I know their money paid for Google Ad Words that attracted people who had a dream. But once they were sponsored, especially in this economy, who taught them how to own and operate a business? Not the Sacks. If they were great teachers and leaders, they would have a well established downline of Executive Leaders right now. A merger would not shake that.

    They definitely “Pay to Play” but when the “Magic becomes Work,” they jump ship. They have the money to start right back up. Google Ad Words, Web Sites, they will sell a lifestyle rather than a “Business Investment.” Too bad, because they could do so much better. I can’t stress how meaningful the work is right now. This economy demands srong leaders. With that being said, XOWii Ultimate, XOWii THIN, XOWii ENERGY and EVOLV Archaea Active Water are a powerhouse of nutrition and science. Love it! We just solidified a vision, backed it with more science, and did so in a horrible economy even when Phil Sack had a bad experience with “Customer Service.” I wonder how many of his personally sponsored team have had a bad experience with business building???

    Finally, It’s a great industry. Everyone has the right to do what they want. Let’s all just move forward and start building “Business Owners” and show little tolerance for anyone selling a dream!!!


    I am not ful of hate!! I want answers. I am calling these people out. That is all. I still have not heard what has happened. Man or women up and let us know. Everyone is finger pointing. We all work for a company, we should all know whats going on. I want to know the reason for the “break up”
    Instead of telling us how bad you feel. Then pitching your 3rd company in 17 months

    Danny, how do you research 23 companies in two months?
    You cant!!
    If you could you would know Evolve’s water loses everything good about it after sitting in plastic. Emagic and other machines own that market.
    Drink ph water out of a machine and eat paleo diet.

    Fueling when is your book coming out??

  37. In response to D.Jones. You obviously have not done much research at all. Evolv has the science and testing to prove it does everything it says it does along with thousands of testimonials. As well as world renowned Dr’s and scientists that oversee all of the testing on Evolv’s products. I came on board because of how much the product helped me. Never wanted to be involved in MLM until I tried a product that finally works.
    And Lee Lowry, don’t assume the knuckle heads posting these comments are Evolv people, they could be Monavie people or anyone. And of course the founder of Evolv would have like it if the Sack’s stayed, but it was their choice to leave and that’s that.
    And Max, Evolv’s bottle is BPA free and can be frozen and heated to boiling and still not loose its properties. 🙂

  38. Phil and Jenny Sacks were not top earners at Xowii. They brought nothing with them. They were grandfathered in. They changed there system every two weeks.

    It is funny how they are talking about science!!!!!
    Many times I heard Phil say “who cares whats in the drink, just tell your prospects to drink it share it and be rich”n

    Phil and Jenny were also saying things like, “at our practice company(monavie) they were not ethical people”

    NOT ETHICAL!!!!!!!!!!
    You people are a JOKE!!!
    Dont you ever get sick of hearing your own voice over and over about how great a product is?? 3 in 17 months, OH Man!!!!
    Go Be a nurse. That is the best way in the world you can help other people. Thats what you want to do, then go DO IT!!!!

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