Bellamora Game Over!


CEO Ed Ayala, CMO Brian McLane and Corporate trainer Allison LaMarr left the company.

Startup Bellamora (Tampa- Florida) is in heavy weather, founders left the company, website several days down and up again. Field Leadership is gone.

Most companies do not survive such a brain drain….52.000 pre-launch sign ups in shock!

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  1. I gave up my position during pre-launch. The product being promoted was a miraculous burn cream but the product being distributed was an exfoliant with a lot of chemicals. While they promised it would be “all natural” in the future, that doesn’t work in business. This time the skeptic in me was right! I have been with Trump Network for 2 years and TriVita for 3. Both companies have integrity, unique products and steady growth. Be careful out there!
    Nancy Travis
    Lotus Wellbeing, Inc.

  2. Well, 52,000 “Pre-Launch” sign-ups sounds like they were selling a dream. Probably promises of big commissions with no investment, all of the things that make people run away from the greater industry. Friends, you are not going to find anything that is credible if they make money claims or stress it’s a “no brainer” while citing how cheap it is to get started. Nobody is making $5000 per month for $25 down. Nobody is making $19,550 per month for a $25 investment. If you do not use and believe in some of the products your company offers, you are also fighting an uphill battle. People do not trust this industry, but there are real people doing real good things within it. You have to build your own brand, and develop trust over a period of time. All marketing requires “trust.” Share your experience and knowledge of the industry and your products. Don’t share a dollar amount people can “make” as the attraction to your business.

    To learn more: Facebook -Peter Dean Bouloukos- / Social Media Success Secrets /

    Email me: [email protected]

    Yours in Success,

    Peter Dean Bouloukos

  3. The product works. They’ve brought in a professional to clean things up. The fat lady hasn’t sang as of yet…She may sing still, but as of today, she’s not even on the stage! The corporate leaders who left were not the “brains” of the organization. If Dr. Miller leaves, then you may have something. But right now, it’s still a go.

  4. They are gone because they can see the writing on the wall..It’s a matter of time am Bellamora will be no mora…They know the product was all hype..We all need to do our homework..That’s why i’m so impressed with DrinkACT, great products and even better leadership..

  5. I saw this coming the first time I received a notice about Bellamora. When you have to convince people they need something that they don’t really use in their everyday life and charge a premium for it, it is only a matter of time. It is great to have a product that everyone wants, does not require a change of lifestyle and is changing lives all over the globe by the way the company purchases it, as is the case with Our Mission Coffee.

  6. Hummm una vez mas es mas fácil culpar a otros.. cuando el barco se hunde todos arrancan. que le paso a Bill Gates cuando lo demandaron.. la gran mayoría tuvo miedo y arrancaron y los que se quedaron como viven hoy. Es mejor escuchar y aprender de los exitosos y no los fracasados de siempre. mientras todo se arregla seguiré en ganoexcel.

  7. Ed Ayala Who?? That product actually does work and I know a few people that are doing really well. The so called field leaders from what I saw didn’t do anything. I believe he only person that put serious time in was Allison, but then again, why did she leave Mary Kay after making millions?

    Did she leave for the money or the product? She claims she left because the product does work. They’re all typical MLM divas that when things don’t go all their way they jump ship. I’ve been in the industry for over 19 years and have seen many company’s come and go and I believe Bellamora will be here to stay because the product sells itself. I’ve tried the samples and was blown away. If I wasn’t making so much money with Herbalife I’d be all over Bellamora.

    Let’s wait and see what happens with the shake down. My hunch is that Doc Miller will come on top and boo hoo for those that couldn’t handle the heat!

  8. I agree with Jack. The people at the top don’t build your team, you build your team. If the product works, and from what I’ve seen it does. Who cares about Ed, Allison and Brian. They are not the owners, they are all distributors just like you and I. You tell me that after all that hype they aren’t going to start marketing another product to you and I after they told people that this was it… cmon. we’re not all that stupid.

    The industry needs more average Joe’s with integrity not Divas as Jack put it.

  9. Hi Ted,
    Although I am a huge believer in this amazing industry with all it’s diverse products and amazing opportunities, after sixteen years I still wonder what promotors will come up with next.
    That said every new business has it’s challenges to deal with, some in the early days and with others it might take years before the problems become obvious. Good companies with strong products or services and leadership will adapt and overcome. It’s always easy to quit and life isn’t always smooth so believe in your own judgement, give management a chance to correct things but always have a Plan B to make sure that whatever happens – you and your team will survive.
    Best wishes,

  10. Re: Special Bellamora Call 3/18/2011 @ 12 PM EST
    From: Ivonne Pelaez

    I work with Bellamora’s corporate office as the Field Liaison. I have been with Bellamora since August. We have not sent messages or notifications because all our administrative system has been shut down. We currently do not have access to any information that is why you can not log on to our Bellamora account. Since we have not been able to communicate with the field I opted to use Facebook as a resource. We also do not have access to Bellamora’s facebook fan page so that is why I am using my personal facebook account. We are asking all distributors to please pass all that information along to their downlines. I hope you can listen to the call tomorrow.

    Join Bellamora?s Chief Operations Officer Kelley Foote for a special call this Friday!

    Call in #: (507) 726-3515 Alternate call in when the first one fills up: (712) 338-8215 access code is: 33607#

  11. After 18 years in our industry it never ceases to amaze me why some people are surprised when a new company has some teething problems. It happens in all types of business and walks of life generally, but if the product delivers value to the customer, has a sound back-up corporate team who know what they are doing and good field leadership, then a company should pull through the early days and prosper. You may say that they are big ‘ifs’ and yes, maybe they are, but so they should be when distributors are investing time and money to build there own businesses.

  12. There’s more money in selling picks and shovels than digging for gold… We provide picks and shovels, along with support to help you build your business. Talk Fusion allows you to make a healthy income as a stand alone business opportunity OR you can put your current opportunity on steroids!


    I hope they get it together. I would start with Customer service ,,GET ONE

  13. After almost 1 week of silence from the Bellamora Corporation, COO- Kelley Foote held his first conference call on Friday.

    There have been alot of concerns for the Bellamora Distributors, including the members back office, retailing is a requirment for distributors yet there was no where on the websites for customers to purchase products, products were not being shipped out in a timely manner, Bellamora samples were included in the distributor kits and they have not been delivered.

    There is no doubt the product works!

    Kelley Foote told the distributors “We will have to take this 30 days at a time”.
    He has alot of work to do, so we will just have to wait and see!

  14. In the beginning there was over 52,000 reps that joined in the FREE LAUNCH if your do the math on each person coming in at $499 x 52,000 = $25,948,000.00 that is what BELLAMORA would have collected from each of us.
    Now with the same figure $19.95 (for the website that never worked)
    $19.95 x 52,000 = $1,037,400.00 A MONTH
    For a GRAND TOTAL of $ 26,985,400.00 not a bad day for ALL THE HYPE

    So now lets get down to reality out of the 52,000 people that just wanted to try this product (Cancer forming I might add) there was less than 5,500 people that upgraded

    So lets do the math on a realistic figure I will use an average of $299.00 for each person
    (this was an example using a smaller figure cause some people did not FALL for the BULL of FOUNDER?S KIT) put this is just an example of the $$?s they really lost of what they were expecting.

    5500 x $299.00 = $1,644,500.00
    Now with the same figure $19.95 (for the website that never worked)
    $19.95 x 5,500 = $103,740.00 A MONTH
    For a GRAND TOTAL of $ 1,748,240.00 this is a FAR CRY from what they were expecting for ALL THE HYPE

    I was one of the SUCKER that was in Bellamora from the beginning of time. Since the pre Launch I have seen ALOT of changes NOT for the BEST. Bellamora in my opinion STICKS (and that it saying it nicely). I was active until I was seeing what was happening and I wanted to get my feet wet in something else, and put Bellamora on the back burner. OH YES Corporate was kind enough to take my $499.00 (plus shipping & Taxes) from me. I was friends with a few people in Bellamora on Facebook and when I started promoting another line, my posts and emails were sent to corporate. On this day I received a letter from Brian McLane CMO for Bellamora and explained to me that I was cross recruiting. CROSS RECRUITING????? HOW?????? By posting ON MY FACEBOOK WALL, and EMAILING my FRIENDS that are in your address book???? hmmmm that is NOT CROSS RECRUITING!!!! I was posting on my PERSONAL Facebook page, if they saw this and they were in Bellamora then so be it. But to report this to CORPORATE and say I was cross recruiting that is WRONG!!! So at this time in Brian McLane’s letter he explained to me that I was going in front of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, WHO IS THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS?? And why am not able to tell my side of the story????? I have been not given my distributorship but BELLAMORA took my money, I have not been paid for ANY OF MY DOWN LINE that I was promised BUT BELLAMORA took my money. I was to get a whole list of things from BELLAMORA and NEVER RECEIVED it, but BELLAMORA TOOK MY MONEY. NOW WHO IS THE CROOK?????? If your answer was BELLAMORA you are CORRECT!!! If you paid your $499.00 (plus shipping and Taxes) I GUARANTEE you that you have not received what was PROMISED and they BELLAMORA STOLE FROM YOU TOO!!! If I was not getting my distributorship why has BELLAMORA NOT RETURNED MY MONEY? I phoned them and the board is ALWAYS in a MEETING. How can one company has SO MANY MEETINGS?? I am thinking they are discussing how to STEAL more MONEY from their distributors. They already double, triple and quadruple your autoships, and when asked they say it is not from them. hmmm call your bank they are different transactions so it is BELLAMORA taking money that does not belong to them in banking we call that FLOATING.

    BELLAMORA IS A SCAM this is what they call a pyramid, if you are looking to join this GREAT (SCAM) COMPANY, RUN don’t walk RUN and give your money to someone that needs it on the street. You will get more satisfaction from giving it away to a homeless person or someone that is about to loose their home. At least they will say THANK YOU!!! BELLAMORA has informed me they will not give me back my money, oh but after the BOARD (here it goes again) reviews it they will decide. hmm you decided to not give me my distributorship, but you want to keep my MONEY??????

    I think that BELLAMORA needs to have a lesson in INTEGRITY and a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT needs to be in place!!!! Websites that don’t work and charge distributors a fee, (oh yes, if you were in pre launch for FREE your website still works, you are not paying for that site) but everyone else that is a member that has paid their monies are paying for it. WHY?????? Why our back office has been down for weeks, tell the truth!! The 3rd party left with EVERYONE’S information, SS#, Credit Cards, Names, DOB, Addresses, hmmm and you did not have our information protected?????? I have never heard anything about the 3rd party leaving with our information have you??? Yes left, but nothing said that our information was with them on their server.

    And besides, what owner of the company calls people they LOVE and ADORE 3 BLIND MICE?????? I thought this was a FAMILY? My father never called us 3 Blind Mice!! So here you go again, the pot calling the kettle BLACK, when things don’t go his way.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE And besides I am not a DIVA, but an average Joe that believed in something, but could not get what was promised. So if you think I am MAD I am not, I just don’t want to see anyone else GET HURT by this.

    And I heard ALL of this from CORPORATE so I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH AT LEAST, that is something that BELLAMORA does not know how to do.

  15. I was a Bellamora Founder for 499.00 sign up total price tax snd shipping 570.00.Two of three of my downline were charged double sign up fees in January. Double auto ship fees in Feburary and March.They still after many calls and emails to Bellamora have not recieved a refund for the money they are owed..If I took your credit card and over charged on it month after month how would you feel Bellamora International Group? that would be money laundering when you take cash from lots of credit cards and deposit it in your account for the use of it for an undetermined amount of time! Has Bellamora been honest with us “NO” they have not that has scam written all over it.

  16. Sorry To Hear this for many people this will hurt them. Been In your shoes!! I have found a Home after 3 years of Trial and errorr and Thousands of Dollars! If you loor looking for a REAL Company that has Unique products including Skin Care. Lets Talk I have positions for leaders on my TEAM!

    Company is Rock Solid Management, Pay Plan and Product with Momentum and International Expansion in Progress now!

    Have a Great Day!

  17. Sometimes we make decisitions w/o having all the information required thinking that everything will end well, it seems that this time this is not the case with all the reps from Bellamora, well, i know this is gonna sound tribial for some but it`s the true, there are serious companies in the field that may suit your needs for a long stay and building a long term business, when this is what you are expecting please do contact me, we are part of a team with more than 100 years combined experience in the industrie, i can show you a great company with a great future, great lidership, the best products around and just getting in the begining of the momentum phase, you won`t regret making this call, [email protected], se habla Español tambien.

  18. 52,000 people was actually around 5000 – 10000 as everyone had 5-10 free positions so it wasn’t the true number. Too bad they didn’t have it all together when they got going. And please, enough with the TalkFusion opportunity. Talk about about a founder and owner who is not all there. I join a company first and foremost because of who is behind the company and what their background and experience is. Wouldn’t touch that company if it was the last one available. Do your homework on that one.

  19. Most people joining the MLM ranks are looking for the next winning lottery ticket imo. I feel bad for all the good people that get sucked into thinly veiled ponzis who are looking for legitimate continuous income..only to waste a lot of blood, sweat, tears, reputation, and money chasing a pipe dream.

    60+ years of MLM statistics tell us over 90% of people fail in MLM – which would have been fine all these decades if those 90% were really customers who were finding real value…bang for their buck. Obviously that hasn’t been the case, otherwise residual income would be real.

    I’ve watched many friends surpass the $20k/mo mark for a couple months, sometimes for as long as a couple years, but we all know that long term, true residual income, is not to be had for 99+% of anyone in the field in MLM-world. It is a broken business model.

    Even a company like LifeVantage with their reasonable feeling price point and high retention (right now), their mainstream marketing piece, and the other cool things they have…has a giant battle ahead of them. Their product is competing in a space where they have endless competition from all over the world…scientists everywhere working RIGHT NOW…to create a better product. So long term residual? Good luck.

    This post is my rambling thoughts generally designed to bash the “long term residual income” myth that’s been perpetrated on nice people for decades through MLM. I fell for it for over 10 years and may have a little residual…bitterness, maybe.

  20. Health & Wellness industry is a must… but for biz, there is a new company really making things happen. What took me a year in my last company I did in less than a month here. The product is an impact product, so no waiting for results. 90 minutes vs. 90 days… check it out, obviously I would love to do my part 🙂

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