Eniva in Chapter 11

Nutritional supplement maker Eniva Corp. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, delaying a hearing to evict the business from its headquarters in Anoka.

An eviction hearing had been requested because Eniva had fallen behind on its rent, said Arnie Seltzer, president of Results Real Estate Inc., a firm serving as court-appointed receiver for the building. He declined to say how long Eniva had not paid its rent.

Eniva said it was wooed by a north metro real estate group in 2006 to move into the 435,000-square-foot building, the former Cornelius Co. headquarters. At the time, Eniva said it told the group and its lenders that it wanted to use just 100,000 square feet.

Eniva said the group agreed to help provide additional renters and capital and to assist with selling excess land, if needed. But Eniva said the lenders and the real estate group, which it declined to identify, did not meet these assurances.

We have only one goal in this process, to distance ourselves as far away from this group … as possible, Eniva Chief Executive Andrew Baechler said in a statement on Wednesday.

Baechler said Eniva will probably relocate elsewhere in Minnesota.

Eniva said it has $10 million to $50 million in debt and owes money to 200 to 999 creditors, according to court documents. The company lists assets between $10 million and $50 million.

Baechler said the company's key business indicators are strong and he does not anticipate any loss of jobs or growth.

Source: https://www.startribune.com/business/117286948.html

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  1. Yes, sorry to hear. The truth is that more and more companies will merge or fold. The economy is horrible. People are more scared today than they have ever been in my lifetime. The labor figures coming out of Washington are skewed. I am willing to bet about 20percent of the population is unemployed. Now, with the dollar spending far less today than when it was earned, and the Baby-boomers going onto “budgets,” the world emerging is going to be way different than we could have imagined just five years ago.

    Network Marketing is a fantastic way to earn extra money. But even with the best products or compensation plans, if a “cold” market is broke or worried, you will never push them into opening a new business or investing money from limited reserves. In-fact, most Americans know nothing of investing or finance, let alone much of anything on what it takes to build a business.

    People in this industry struggle, or jump from one opportunity to the next because they don’t understand how to manage people. They become “leaders” because they could sponsor enough people to climb certain “Executive” ranks. But when it comes time to work one-on-one with someone who struggles, they will fail. People quit when times get tough. People don’t sign-up as readily when times are tough.

    In my experience, now is the time to learn new things and start working on a secondary income stream. I just know to “voice” my experience honestly. I don’t stick with my “Why.” I teach my “How.”

    Facebook: -Peter Dean Bouloukos- & XOWii Ventura

    Best Wishes and Warmest Regard to everyone in this industry!!!

    Never stop giving. Never stop sharing!!!

    Peter Dean Bouloukos

  2. This is sad news, company after company after company are folding. Look at the recent mess Xowii and Evolve were in. The trouble this time in this recession as opposed to the 90’s is the financial sector was still strong back then but today the market is being flooded with the same types of people who collapsed the financial system in the first place. How many no name people from the investment side of corp america like investment bankers started an MLM in 2009? Xowii was one of them and they barley made it 12 months without running into trouble. I am not picking on Xowwi but it is an example of the transition of corporate types moving into the MLM market and ruining its reputation just to make a buck. More greed after greed after greed. Lets see if we can slam a bunch of really insignificant products together and lure as many unsuspecting hopefuls as we can seems to be their plan. People are getting hurt in the process and its not right. Who regulates this industry anyway? You would think seeing as it preys heavily on a financial element rather than the product one would think the security exchange commission should step in and set guidelines. After all no one would dispute the fact that we market a financial product like any other financial institution. I suspect we will see more to come as the ones who really know what they are doing will rise to the top as the others fall by the waste side. I pass along my best to those hurt mentally and financially in the process. I refuse to leave my company name at the bottom of my posts here as to leave this an unbiased forum for discussion rather than someone commenting just too invite others to join them. The word Vulture kind of comes to mind. Please keep this a free post for discussion.

  3. The truth of the matter is that the economy has absolutely nothing to do with ENIVA Corporation’s current situation. After having worked in the network marketing industry for 22 years on a full time basis it has become abundantly clear that in times of economic crisis and distress we experience solid growth due to the fact that the pool of people looking for a part-time or full-time opportunity is much larger…people get hungry for opportunity.

    In the right hands the ENIVA product is UNDOUBTEDLY a BILLION DOLLAR PRODUCT…clearly it is not in the right hands and this is simply the result. We were top earners with ENIVA and reached the company’s top ranks in record time…ENIVA cut the checks of 12 of their top ranking distributors in the Fall of 2007…it’s that type of attitude and poor management that is bringing about the demise of the company, no the economy.

  4. I agree with Peter that ENIVA lost a billion dollar opportunity because of lack
    of skills, ethics, and integrity of its management.

    I had built a very large group with ENIVA but was terminated “without cause”, as allowed
    by Minnesota state laws of No Risk.

    I also learned that many other leaders in my former group, and other groups were terminated
    the same way. How does a company survive when you fire all the chiefs?

    Had Andrew Baechler gone to college for more than a semester, he might have learnd the
    business skills to successfully run a company, and all of the remaining distributors
    might have a future. Too bad, there are alot of people that worked hard with much
    sacrifice that will have nothing to show for it.

    The old saying.. what goes around, comes around.

    Best of wishes to the distributor force.

  5. Remember me Randy?

    Remember when you manipulated my downline and told me, “What are you going to do about it? Your wife is ill and if you do not shut up I will cause you trouble and you and you wife will have real problems.”

    The next day I stopped working Eniva and joined another company and I now have over 150,000 downline.

    You are right, Eniva failed by keeping YOU and making people like me leave.

    Glad to hear you were terminated.

  6. Hey guys,i have seen also company after company go down,i was in 7 0f them.
    I was building a team,and when you think you start to get at your best ,something happens and the company goes down,time after time.But,there is one company that is growing like a plant that has no end,slowly with solid bases,and steady.
    There is people coming in every day,day after day,in five years it grew about 230%.
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  7. The beginning part of my message did not make it above. I just said that one year ago to the date, I came through the same scare and disappointment. With Bazi. Wow! Our worlds crashed down! We were in love with the product the company, everything. and one day its gone. They went retail, so we had a month before we would only earn off 1st level.

    But, do you know that within days, the BEST thing I could EVER have imagined happened. I found a company with everything I mentioned above. I would not have grown from the change, nor learned THIS MUCH, nor have expanded m new opportunity to work with the team at EvolvHealth & Beyond, I like to say. There are wonderful companies out there. Great products and options. I am just inviting you to Evolv.


  8. My deepest sympathy to the members and distributors of Eniva. I am so glad I was not a partof that kind of company. I never thought of NWM until OG. I don’t ever see that happening in this family.The leadership,training, compensation and the best product out there ever hands down. Check out http://www.ogcoffeepays.com and see what I mean. I would love to show all of you lost and destroyed by Eniva how OrganoGold has brought freedom and joy to my life.See you at the top: fewRchosen.organogold.com

  9. It sad to see another company with a great product have trouble. we all know it isn’t the economy but the mangement of the company. mlm is the one thing that is keeping the economy afloat. I’ve been burnt a couple times by companies closing but i’ve found a great home now. i would lie to invite anyone who wants a new home to join me in DrinkACT.

  10. Wow that’s crazy they have been around awhile. I to was just involved with a company that closed a few months ago. It was hard and I actually felt like I let my team down. The fact that those people trusted to join up and venture forward with me and then our company folds. Many distributors in that company spent countless hours and dollars to succeed.

    I actually didn’t want anything to do with the industry again. I was without a company for months. I did finally find something a friend of mine suggested to me after it sat in my facebook inbox for 2 weeks lol. But after watching what the videos and what they had to share I decided to venture forth with that company.

    To all you distributors if Envia does fold I and you stay in the industry make sure you do your due diligence and find a good home for you and your team. Preferably a home where everyone wins. I would like to invite you to check out the company I chose if only to know whats out there. Look at the first 3 videos it is different and i’m not just saying that like everyone else does. Either way I wish all there distributors and employees the best of luck!!

    Here is that link


  11. “The Distributor Rights Association – has Eniva on a list to be voted on at the Distributor Rights Association convention. The award will be for “Top Terminator Company” company in the MLM – Network Marketing industry. Right now numbers (of MLM Distributors Terminated) make it look like Envia is ahead. It is this editors opinion that Envia will WIN! The MLM Company winner of this Tounge in Cheek award will get a mounted gold statue of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER”

    Just Off the Top of my head, I can think of at least 25 people that I know of who were terminated, all top ranked distributors……

    I wonder how many in total?


  12. Our sympathies to all distributors and leaders in the network marketing industry, but luck is on your side and surely you will find the right place to be!
    While you are looking, we have Master Distributor positions within our 2 year young company for leaders seeking a home for their families and downline organizations. Our business pre-launched in 2010, and expanded into 9 countries within the first 12 months. If you are looking for a new home for your organization, and one that can provide for the benefit of ALL, rather than a few, feel free to contact us.
    Our 10-step compensation plan structure is balanced, and more than fair with a payout of 73% (Our unique leadership structure allows us to do so, and the product line is super unique). Give us a call or for more detailed information email the owner.

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