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Based on the input of the Direct Selling Facebook community, (check this link for the facebook discussion) and other sources this are the Top Direct Selling Mentors. Active leaders who are the best coaches in the world of Direct Selling. One of the guidelines we had: Is a mentor willing to do 3 way calls?

This Top 100 mentors do not have to be the top earners in the company, and it are Ambassadors of the Direct Selling industry. We are listing 2 mentors per companyopportunity, there are definitely in every company more great mentors present.

If you are enrolled or mentored by one of them, you maximize YOUR business opportunity. The list is not a rank but sorted on name.

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Direct Selling Distributors, they are active professionals, who love to team up with you!

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  1. Make NO MISTAKE, Susann Crawford of Wealth Masters International has earned the very best rating possible. She tirelessly teaches, trains and helps in every conceivable way, including for many that are not on her team. If actions are any measure of a leader then Susann wins in every category…a real doer and giver. Thanks Susann!

  2. Susann Crawford is the epitome of someone who leads by example. She has been a true inspiration to me and the entire community of Wealth Masters International. She gives back tirelessly to our community through endless training, mentoring and supporting. Susann absolutely deserves to be in the top 100 list – probably in the top 10 to be truthful. A true leader, mentor and servant! Thank you.

  3. Michael Hamburger has been giving the members of the Wealth Masters International community his all for the last year and has been instrumental in helping all of us stay on track and keep our focus on the business at hand. He has brought the top motivators, trainers and personal development coaches to our teams. He is constantly training, coordinating and searching for ways to help each and everyone of us to be the best we can be. Without Michael’s efforts, life would be much harder. Thanks Michael.

  4. Micheal Hamburger is a Direct Sales Industry ROCKSTAR! He is Wealth Masters VP of Marketing and has been a legend in the industry for the past 7 years. Highest Recommendation as a Top Trainer.

  5. I want to also recognize Michael Hamburger of Wealth Masters for his incredible attitude and amazing leadership. I truly believe that Michael would make the energizer bunny look like tame by comparison! His ability to inspire, lead and train others is unrivaled, and he does it day after day for our community here. Without question, Michael should be on this list – he is the poster boy for servant leadership in this industry!

  6. This is a recommendation of Lehman Hailey with Wealth Masters International. I have been listening and taking part in trainings that Lehman has done for a while now and I will tell you that he is great. Not only does he give you the tools that you require for Success, but he also shows and explains how to use them correctly. Many trainers just tell you what to do, but Lehman takes the time to show you how to make your Wealth Masters International business a Success. Thanks for all you do Lehman.

  7. I Recommend Michael Hamburger with Wealth Masters International. His Passion and warm friendliness brought me back into a life full of passion and a rekindled spirit for business from a place where quitting seams to be my only option. Michael not only Leads by example he lives by example this honesty is what I related too. This ability of his friendly leadership spirit now has reflected from me to help others, ” Very Powerful ” Michael Deserves to be on the Top of this list !

  8. Lehman Hailey is a top leader in a fantastic company, Wealth Masters International. His expertise in business surpasses his impressive results; Lehman is an inspirational leader of people and conducts business with integrity, honesty and compassion. These rare qualities, combined with Lehman’s business acumen and marketing expertise make him a top leader in his industry. Thank you for your contributions and your leadership, Lehman.

  9. Lehman Hailey is the best internet marketing trainer around in the home business arena. He’s in Wealth masters International and I highly recommend him as the top direct selling coach and mentor. He’s been by far our best upline ever!

  10. I recommend Michael Hamburger for the Top 100. He’s the Vice President of Marketing at Wealth Masters International, and he’s one of the best marketing specialists in the business!

  11. Lehman Hailey is an outstanding mentor/trainor for Wealth Masters Internetional. He teaches from experiance gained from being out there every day on the cutting edge making it happen.

  12. This is a recommendation of Lehman Hailey with Wealth Masters International. He is a great marketer that knows his stuff. He operates on the cutting edge of what works. As a trainer and mentor he is always happy to share his knowledge.

  13. Brad & Marcia Hager will be added to the Top 100 mentor ranking: Brad Hager (Zrii) has mentored 11 couples in his organization to over $1,000,000+ documented income.

  14. Ted,

    Thanks for your continued contribution to the industry. I am proud to recommend all of the Wealth Masters International trainers. We have a stellar group of industry experts that give of their time and expertise every week. The top of my list are below in no particular order:

    Lehman Hailey
    Rick & Susann Crawford
    Sue & Jerry Smart
    Per Gunnar Hoem
    Jay McLynn
    Ryan Nelson
    Cheryl Hunt
    Art Basmajian

    Respectfully submitted,

    Michael Hamburger

  15. This is a recommendation for Susann and Rick Crawford with Wealth Master’s International -not only are they among the most effective and best all-round network marketers around and in the trenches every day impacting SO many lives, but they are also unparalleled in their dedication to their team.

  16. I recommend Bob and Anna Bassett for inclusion in the Top 100 Mentors List. Bob and Anna give unselfishly of their time, expertise, and talents. The amount of time and research they put into presenting the best training and encouragement to the Vitamark community is incredible. They provide mentoring and support to, not only their personal team, but to cross-line members and even networkers outside their company. I don’t know how they do it, but their door is always open and everyone is welcome. You are always greeted with a smile and “How may we help you today?” Top Shelf.

  17. Lehman Hailey is by far the best trainer that I have ever met. I have personally known Lehman for over 4 years and the guy always answers the phone when I call. If you are looking for a true support and training for your Wealth Masters International business then you have got to connect with Lehman. His training will definitely take your Wealth Masters International business to the next level.

  18. Quite clearly I can divide my Network Marketing career into two very distinct periods: Before Working with Bob and Anna Bassett and Since. Both embody everything needed in leadership, enthusiasm, patience, ability to teach, coach and mentor. Oh, and a great sense of humor! When I discovered it was as important WHO you joined as it was WHAT company you joined, I finally understood THE key element to success. They have made the difference for me and their entire downline. They deserve every accolade there is.

  19. I would like to recommend Susann and Rick Crawford as fantastic trainers with Wealth Masters International
    I have grown immensely fro the teaching they have put out overt the last year since I have joined this program

  20. I am proud to recommend Mr.and Mrs.Bob and Anna Bassett
    as two of the the Best Mentors and Friends that I have ever worked with. Bob and Anna are truly Mentors with a servants heart, not only are Bob and Anna Great to work with, but they really do their research when it comes to valuable and helpful information. If you are looking for two people who know the network marketing industry inside and out Bob and Anna Bassett are a force to be reckoned with.

  21. I would like to recommend Bob and Anna Bassett. They have given me invaluable help with my business. They are willing to help anyone and have given me some of the best advice ever. They are the best! I would not be where I am now if it hadn’t been for the help and advice I have received from them. They have a wealth of knowledge and a real practical knack for knowing how to apply it and how to explain things in an easy to follow, understandable way. They top my list!

  22. I choose to recommend Bob & Anna Bassett They are one of my most knowledgeable mentors and friends as well that I have been privileged to know. They train me and my team to think critically about the industry and helped my team whenever I needed their help. That is
    mentoring with a servant’s heart. I have learned so much from them that I can pass that knowledge on to my team. Everyone benefits from their giving forward. These are the mentors I seek. They do not benefit from me financially, or my team in this way. These two are Top Mentors and are Notch!

  23. I would like to recommend Bob and Anna Bassett. I am proud to call them my upline. When it comes to support, they are unbeatable. They are experts at Mentoring, Teaching, Supporting and anything else that is needed for you to succeed. I am proud to call them great friends. Many uplines dissapear after you sign and you no longer see or hear from them. That is not the case for Bob and Anna. They hold you hand every step of the way and futher if needed.

    They definitely deserve to be added to your list.
    Thanks and God Bless
    Maggie Kress

  24. I highly recommend Bob and Anna Bassett. Please visit them on facebook at . They are experts in compensation plans and contracts for the network marketing industry. They have extreme passion to help others find success in their business. They have personally coached me, called prospects, and helped validate my confidence. They are true leaders, mentors and servants to this industry. They are actively building a company and they know tips and tricks to share in today’s market.

    Please add them to your list, as they are worthy with true integrity.

    Thank you,

    Susan Higley

  25. I would recommend Bob and Anna Bassett – incredible mentors who are more than willing to help – they DO help, taking you by the hand to lead you into your personal success through doubts, insecurities… No hype, no manipulation, no pride and boasting.
    I love the Bassetts and thank them loads!!! They have helped our whole team and are still helping us on the way to success in their unique and gentle way.
    People with great hearts, practical skills and unique approach to the hearts of the people.
    They ARE top leaders and top mentors!

  26. I Highly recommend Bob and Anna Bassett. They are truly Mentors With A Servant’s Heart. They have not only helped me with 3 way calls, they also help my team. And they also help me and my team with many other aspects of our business.

    And, to top it off, I am NOT in their Downline!!! Yep, they help me and my team anytime we need help.
    Bob and Anna have truly been the Cream of the Crop with their mentoring. They edify me, and anyone whom they do three way calls for. Now all this is what I call Team Work.

    Because of Bob and Anna, I have grown as a person, and my business is steadily growing too. They know the true meaning of “Help others get what they want, and in return you will get what you want”. Even though they will never make a penny from helping me and my team, they still help us, because they KNOW it will come back to them some other way!!!

    Thank you Bob and Anna for being who you are, “Mentors with a Servant’s Heart!!!”

    Linda Hoffman

  27. I would highly recommend Bob and Anna Bassett.

    They are awesome leaders and wonderful mentors. They always lead by example and always have a can do attitude. They are always willing to help you with whatever it is you need help with.

    Most mentors limit what they do for you. But not these two awesome people they never cease to amaze me. Everytime I’ve fallen they have always been there to get me back on track.

    Can’t say enough these guys are TRUE mentors with a servant’s heart.

  28. I highly recommend Bob and Anna Bassett of Vitamark International. Their facebook link is

    Bob and Anna are an amazing couple who bend over backwards to help anyone build their business. Most of the people who they mentor aren’t even in their downline. I’m one of the many people who benefit from their support and coaching.

    Through Bob and Anna, I’ve been exposed to some of the great MLM trainers like Tom Schreiter and Jerry Clark. I’m learning the communication skills to effectively present my business and products to people. I’ve become a better person because of them

    I am honoured to be on their team, one of the many people who aren’t in their downline. They are blessed souls!

    -Andrea Scott

  29. I nominate Bob and Anna Bassett from Vitamark.

    They are selfless and top notch trainers and mentors, who teach story-telling, the magic sequence of words and are close students of Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and are excellent with personality technology.

  30. I would highly recommend Bob and Anna Bassett. They have been a great big help to me and my team. I know I can call on them anytime and they will return my phone call and spend as much time as it takes to get my questions answered. They are true mentors who will help anyone!

    Ingrid Camacho

  31. I highly recommend Mr. Bob and Mrs. Anna Bassett, partners with Vitamark International, ( for inclusion in the Top 100 Mentors List. They are top ?notch leaders who lead by example. They are an inspiration to the entire community of Vitamark International and the industry of Direct Selling.

    Mr. Bob and Mrs. Anna Bassett tirelessly give of their time, expertise and talents through endless training, mentoring and support. This extends beyond their personal team and the Vitamark Community, to others in the Direct Selling industry. Their leadership abilities, communication skills and steadfastness to helping others attain the success they deserve regardless of company affiliation in this industry is impeccable.

    Mr. Bob and Mrs. Anna Bassett will make a fine addition to this prestigious Top 100 Mentors List.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    April Page

  32. I would like to submit the names of Bob and Anna Bassett (Vitamark International) for inclusion on this impressive list of mentors. They are true ambassadors of network marketing in all of its dimensions and they share their years of experience joyfully with anyone who seeks their counsel regardless of company affiliation.

    Both Bob and Anna are skilled communicators who can make even complex information (like compensation plans) understandable. They spend many hours every day advising others on what actions would be beneficial and how to avoid pitfalls. To me, what makes their advice most valuable is that it comes from honest, caring, people who “walk the walk” and want to help others own their lives too. They motivate, inspire, promote personal development, team spirit and, even more importantly, they lead by example.

    I believe the Bassetts are worthy of being included on the esteemed “Top Direct Selling Mentors” list.


    Lyn Mullins


    Adrian and Verenetta Warner lead by example.
    They have been a true inspiration in every way. They are new to Network marketing but they understand how to coach, train, mentor and support. This power couple absolutely deserves to be in the top 100 list. They are servant leaders in every sense of the words!
    Facebook page-

  34. Joe Occhiogrosso and Frank Marone are partners and Independent Associates of Viridian Energy. They are great mentors and excellent role-models of how to build a remarkable network, train them with duplicable systems and continue to grow. They are always available for support calls, to do trainings and presentations and they are very encouraging to those who are teachable!

    Joe’s Facebook page is:

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