AeroGarden Review 2011

AeroGrow Worldwide LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyrano Partners, LLC, is a newly-formed Direct Sales company.  They have formed a joint venture with AeroGrow International, the creator and manufacturer of the AeroGarden line of indoor gardens. AeroGrow was founded in July 2002 and became a publicly-traded company in 2006. AeroGrow is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, USA and employs approximately 45 people. The revenue for fiscal 2010 is $17 million.

Since launching the first product in March 2006 the company has sold almost 1 million AeroGardens and have expanded the product line to include multiple gardens with different form factors, price points and consumer benefits. Over the last five years, AeroGrow has sold more than 5 million seed kits, grow bulbs, and other accessories, and generated over $110 million in sales. The company is backed by 4 U.S. patents and more than 10 patents pending

Cyrano Partners, LLC  is to expand distribution of AeroGrow-branded indoor gardens, seed kits, and accessories into the MLM sales channel. Cyrano is a partnership between Steve Campbell, Melyn Campbell and Jack Peterson, each of whom are well-known and highly successful in the MLM industry.

The Campbells have a 21-year track record of success in building multi-level sales teams. They have built independent distributor networks numbering more than 100,000 distributors, and have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in aggregate worldwide MLM sales. Jack Peterson, who brings over 23 years of MLM experience to this new venture, was a long-time senior executive with Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.


In-Home Garden products.

AeroGardens are foolproof, dirt-free, indoor gardens–so easy to use that anyone can grow lush, beautiful gardens, all year round. With an AeroGarden, you can grow almost anything, anywhere, anytime, with no dirt, no weeds, and no gardening experience needed. Your success is 100% guaranteed.

The AeroGarden 7 received a 9 of 10 possible points when rated by almost 100 testers/members of Gardening How-To Magazine.  Gardening How-To Magazine, with more than 600,000 subscribers, is America's number one gardening magazine and uses extensive, unbiased product testing by its subscriber base to rate, review and recommend products to its readers. The AeroGarden received better than 9.0 marks in the categories of Ease of Use, Quality, Design, and Performance, with a 9.2 overall rating. The rating was the highest given among the 10 gardening products reviewed in the March/April issue.

AeroGarden Product Review

Compensation Plan

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Corporate leadership

Cyrano Partners: Melyn Campbell CEO, Steve Campbell Master distributor , Jack Peterson,

AeroGrow International from left to right: Mike Wolfe Ceo, Greg Clarke Chief Financial Officer, John Thompson Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

AeroGrow Corporate Team

Alexa Ratings, 3 months growth -4%. Worldwide rank 127,458

AeroGarden Alexa Rating 30 April 2011

AeroGarden Top Earners

Not available yet, the company implemented in April 2011 a MLM compensation plan.

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