Eric Worre and Jeff Roberti Interview

MLM trainer Eric Worre interviews MLM legend Jeff Roberti, $70 million in distributor earnings!

Jeff Roberti is an icon, both within the NSA company and in the world of network marketing. He earned his title as NSA’s #1 income earner his first year and never looked back. During his first three years as a distributor, NSA’s sales went from a million a month to a million a day.

His distributorship now spans 24 countries. Jeff’s story is often used by other distributors and companies to demonstrate the unlimited potential of network marketing. It is one of the most recognized and published stories in the history of the industry.

The Interviews are Flash based (Don't use an Ipad or Iphone…)

Part 1

$70 million in personal commissions in the Network Marketing Profession is NOT an accident. Pay close attention to this entire 12-part series. You’ll be glad you did.

Part 2

Advice for Young people.  How to become Fearless.  The longest journey in MLM.  Three things to get clear.  The importance of Language in Prospecting.  And so much more!  Take notes and comment below with your biggest lesson from the day.

Part 3

“Lead by example.  Watch the feet, not the lips.  Would you follow you?  Leading vs. Pushing.  Getting paid for telling the story.  Relationship marketing.  Long-term relationship = Long-term success.  Setting high standards.  Don’t worry about the one’s you can’t sell, worry about the ones you can’t see.”  WOW, so much value in this episode!  It’s worth watching more than once.  Take good notes and post your comments below on what you learned.

Part 4

Don’t focus on the few.  You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.  The #1 reason people fail in MLM.  The power of Next.  Coming from a position of strength.  The $70 million dollar man keeps bringing value.  Add to your notes and comment below on what you learned today.

Part 5

Part-time to Full-time to LIFETIME.  Concepts are constant, techniques vary.  It’s not your upline’s business.  Launching a new person.  How to compress a lifetime of work into 3 to 5 years.

Part 6

The science of achievement. The art of fulfillment. Continually growing. Retiring into your business. Evolving your “why”. Marketing hope.

Part 7

Enthusiasm is Contagious.  Being a well paid story teller.  Sell results, not ingredients.  Should you lead with the product or opportunity?  When you know what you know, it’s not an opportunity, it’s a responsibility.  This is one of my favorite parts of the interview.  Fill up your journal and pay it forward by sharing what you learned below.

Part 8

Many people think you need to get in early with a company to win in MLM.  In this episode, Jeff Roberti talks about the role timing plays in your success.

Part 9

If you’re not having FUN in MLM, you’re not doing it right.

Part 10

Learn the fastest path to mastery in MLM

Part 11

Establishing a productive daily method of operation, how to build momentum, the importance of big events and much more.  If you’re getting value from this series take a moment and comment below on what you’ve learned.

Part 12

Can you turn the worst day of your life into the best day of your life?  In the final episode of this Epic interview with $70 million dollar earner Mr. Jeff Roberti, you’ll find the answer to that question as well as many others.

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