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FM Group Review 2011

by Ted Nuyten on April 22, 2011

Arthur Trawinski FM Group


The FM Group or FM Cosmetics is a family business that markets fragrance products through the direct selling channel. Arthur Trawinski and his wife Katarzyna are the founders.

The fragrance essences are created for us by DROM, one of the top 10 fragrance houses in the world. The FM Group offers more than 200 fragrances. The business was launched in 2004 in Poland, and has subsequently spread to more than 50 countries. The FM Group opened the US operation in 2008, with headquarters in Chicago. The business has already attracted more than 500,000 members.

Nearly all well known branches buy perfume concentrate from DROM. So like Chanel can buy a perfume concentrate from Drom, mix this with alcohol and water and name it Chanel NO5, FM Group buys the same perfume concentrate and mix it their way and name it FM.


The Women's perfume contains 20% essential oil, and the Gentlemen's Eau de Parfum contains 16% essential oil. Compare that to the weaker Eau de Toilette products  that people purchase elsewhere. The fragrances are priced at just $20 and $30. When you compare the price-per-ounce to competitive fragrances in the same fragrance families, the products sell for about half the price of the competition.

FM Group Cosmetics

Compensation Plan

The Starter Kit costs just $59, providing you with everything you need to start your own business. Members have no monthly commitment to earn commissions. If you plan on building a downline organization, the monthly minimum to qualify for bonuses and overrides is apptox. $21 per month. The compensation plan is designed to create success quickly, and to provide exceptional earning opportunity at the Leadership levels with an exiting car program.

Corporate leadership

The founder of FM Group is Artur Trawinski and he was already active as adviser for DROM. Drom in Germany, is the factory where 80% of the world perfume concentrate are made.

FM Group Top Earners The earnings are as follows:

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