Max International vs. Ken Dunn: Joint Settlement Announcement

Joseph Voyticky and Dave Bagley, Co-CEOs of Max International, LLC (“Max”) and Ken Dunn (“Dunn”) jointly announced today that they have settled all disputes between them on mutually agreeable terms.

Mr. Dunn indicated that resolution of the lawsuit between Max and Dunn was made possible by recent changes in Max’s management. “Max is a great company”, said Dunn, “with innovative products, and a bright future”.

Mr. Dunn praised Mr. Voyticky and Mr. Bagley for their leadership in the industry, and stated that he “looked forward to Max’s continued positive contributions to the MLM industry”. Mr. Voyticky and Mr. Bagley thanked Mr. Dunn for his contribution to the start of Max and wish him all the best.

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  1. These “recent changes in Max?s management” are the ones who are making this company a great place to be, right now Max Intl. is the world leader in investigation, production and distribution of Glutathione accelerators (wacht this word carefully, GLUTATHIONE is being call to be three times as famous then vitamin C in the next four years and will produce also three times the amount of money globally), so far in seven countries and by the end of this year in 12, don`t be surprised if Max break the records of being the first compañy getting at the billion dolars in sales in less time in the industry.
    If you take care of your health you`ll be taking Max GXL or Max ONE very soon.

  2. The story on those recent management changes is complicated. It’s literally a tale of intrigue, deceit, politics, rivalries, sex, and betrayal. And from what I hear some heads have yet to roll. They’ve waited, and don’t want to panic the field, but there is a vendetta against some of those who remain that still has to play itself out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the company wound up in even more lawsuits down the road.

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