Monavie Top Earners Review

Todd Hartog, Kelly  Bangert, Calvin Becerra and Joe Licciardi are successful Royal Black Diamonds in MonaVie with combined 600,000 distributors in the MonaVie organization.

Joe Licciardi is Todd Hartog's upline. Together, this Team of leaders have created one of the strongest line of sponsorships in MonaVie, and because of this, the success within their organization is un-parallel in the MLM industry. They specialize in building International teams around the world, and all 4 work closely together in opening up new foreign markets for MonaVie.

The combined estimated earnings for Todd, Kelly, Calvin and Joe is $5 million a year!

MonaVie burst onto the scene in 2005 and has quickly become a leader in the health and wellness industry. By providing an avenue for better health and financial well-being through its premium quality nutritional products and rewarding opportunity, MonaVie offers a timely solution to today’s challenges.

MonaVie blends antioxidant nutritional power with an opportunity that can allow you to capitalize on the surging health and wellness industry. From powerful antioxidant support to joint, heart, and immune health, MonaVie body-beneficial products provide the nutrition you need for a healthy and active lifestyle.

By becoming a MonaVie independent distributor, you can share MonaVie products with others while taking advantage of the rewarding compensation plan—with 10 ways to earn Income:


Todd and Angelique Hartog

Todd and Angelique Hartog Monavie Black Diamonds

After more than 14 years in the tanning salon industry and law practice, Todd and Angelique Hartog had built quite a collection of different M.L.M. opportunities.” I had built up quite a wall of resistance to it all. Nothing made any sense. I almost missed out on MonaVie when it came along.” One day in June of 2007, Todd’s friend, Joe, dropped by with some bottles of juice to share with Todd and Angelique. “We didn’t think there was a net work marketing aspect to it. We just thought it was fruit in a bottle.”

But a few days later, Joe called Todd with some astonishing news. “He told me he was going to sell his fitness centers, get out of real estate, was going to travel around the world, would be making a million dollars annually by December and was going to get a free Mercedes. I made a decision right then. I told him, Joe, what ever you’re doing, I want to do the same SIGN ME UP!

Todd and Angelique had never been taught anything about network marketing. But one thing they knew: “If you want to make money, you follow the people who are making money.”

Todd was on the and websites for at least two hours each night, reading, learning, and printing off everything he could find! Then, he pointed everyone he brought into the business to the same websites. “That’s how I grew so fast,” he explains. “They’ve got a formula that’s endlessly repeatable.”

Follow the M.A.P. book. 90 days to Blue Diamonds-127 days to Black Diamond Monavies fastest Black Diamonds. Todd and Angelique also find great value in the R3Global meetings and conventions. “If you can get your people to those, they are life-changing experiences. I mean, forget the network marketing. What you learn about life is just priceless.”


Kelly and Jill Bangert

Kelly Bangert

Kelly and Jill Bangert are Royal Black Diamonds:

  • Blue Diamond in 3.5 Months
  • Black Diamond in 5 Months
  • Royal Black Diamond in 9 Months

Kelly Bangert did not know how he was going to provide for his wife, Jill Bangert, and daughter a few years ago. Kelly and his wife Jill were no longer willing to give up their lives toward something that didn't bring freedom.

Therefore, when they were presented with the MonaVie opportunity, they gave it serious thought. Some of their first questions were, Who owns the company? What kind of people are they? What have they done with their lives? After extensive due diligence on the opportunity and company leaders, Kelly decided to enroll.

Because experience had shown him that he wanted a life of time-freedom and residual income, Kelly decided not to scramble after short-term financial satisfaction. For the kind of long-term stability Kelly saw that his new company would need, he determined to devote time in the beginning to build a strong foundation.

Therefore, he did not focus on making money at first, but rather on vigilant training. He carefully crafted his organization so that he could share a lifetime of freedom with his family and those that rose with him. He knew that a short-term sacrifice in the beginning would soon give him a lifetime of free-time.

Kelly: Our system is easy to duplicate and you get paid 8 different ways. Ordinary people just like you and I can make good money helping one another. Don't let an amazing opportunity pass you by. Bottom line… if you don't make money… we don't make money. It's that simple. We have a team of people ready to help our team accelerate the business.


Calvin Beccera

Calvin BecerraCalvin Becerra lives in Corona, California, USA as in Thailand where he has his second home.

Just before being introduced to MonaVie Calvin was involved in the real estate industry. When we was approached with MonaVie from his neighbour – (Kelly Bangert) he pretty much had his back up to the wall financially.

Even though he was looking for financial options he was avoiding MonaVie like the Black Plauge.

So bad in fact that after Kelly Bangert shared a free bottle with him, Calvin did everything he could to hide from his next door neighbour….the Juice Man. After a few weeks Calvin finally looked at the business model with MonaVie and instantly saw what he called, Liquid Real-estate.


MonaVie is a billion dollar company that has a vision of becoming a 20 billion dollar company in 20 years and I will be here to experience it with many new partners. It is important to understand that MonaVie is not a start up company, it is a proven company that has shattered virtually every MLM record in this industry.

Where most start up companies fail within their first two years, MonaVie is only 5 years old and we have done what no other young company has ever done.

This is my first experience in the network marketing industry and in my first 8 months I became the youngest Black Diamond in the company at 27 years old. It doesn't matter what your background, ethnicity, age, gender or religion…in MonaVie, anyone can be successful when on the right team.

It's as simple as getting started and consuming our products. When you can show them how to get started as you did, the business takes on a life of its own.


Joe and Patricia Licciardi

Joe and Patricia Licciardi MonavieJoe Licciardi: I have spent most of my life as an entrepreneur – making money and spending it just as fast. After 27 years of working in the health and Fitness industry (owning health clubs and fitness centers), I felt I was no longer being challenged, and started looking for another vechicle. In 2006, I joined my wife in the Real Estate industry, who had been involved for 10 years and had done very well. But as life would have it, timing would not be on my side and I missed the market.

Here in southern CA, the Real Estate market crashed, and crashed hard in 2006. No matter what I did, nothing was happening. After several months of no income, we were out of our savings and wondering, what were we going to do. Having Faith in God, we knew that He would provide for us, we just didn’t think it would come in the form of a bottle.  After saying no for 8 months to the MonaVie opportunity, I decided to at least drink it, and see what happens.

Well, with the significant nutritional experience I received, I knew I was on to something and decided to hit the ground running. And that I did. We achieved that rank of Gold in 14 days, Emerald in 54 days, Blue Diamond in 90 days, and Black Diamond in 6 months. This journey has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life. Not because of the ranks we achieved, but because of tens and thousands of lives we have changed.

We have help to create 5 millionaires like us, now that is life changing. oday, our business has not only grown here in the US, but now we have a very strong International business with the much of my focus in Asia. My family and I live the Dream life that many only hope for, with all the income we could ever have dream of, and the time freedom to do whatever we want.

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  1. Super, dass Ihr nun auch den deutschen Markt in Angriff nehmt 🙂 Wir können alle von Anfang an dabei sein, eine gigantische Chance für alle die wirklich etwas verändern wollen in Ihrem Leben. Ich bin froh, dabei zu sein.

  2. What else is there to say about my direct sponsor (Calvin Becerra) and his upline. Great leadership in the field and an incredible company and an unmatched product. Thank you guys for your leadership and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. GO MONAVIE!!!

  3. I find it interesting that you all claim to be black diamonds. Some of you seem to credit R3Global for some of your earliest successes where others have links to BDB and R3G on the same page! You all claim to have gone to HBD in 5 months and are flogging you e-book, which is in reality just a vehicle for you to get names of people. You have really blown your integrity tho when you recently joined Legacy Business Group and are passing yourselves off as “Leaders” in that non-thriving organization as well as all the others they represent.

  4. Hello- I am a Presidential Diamond in Unicity and though I have achieved a high level of success in the industry and have surpassed the million dollar mark, my income has come down too. However, this does not change my view of the industry. It is still growing and changing and the business obviously has to go through a correction every year. The fact that these individuals are out on the front line fighting everyday and thinking outside of the box and continuing to build internationally, speaks volumes for their characters. Since when have we seen 4 partners link arms and decide to help each other like these men are. I barely ever see it anymore even with uplines and downlines. It has turned into to a big competition now. Let these men be an example on what we should be doing. Do not show your ignorance and leave comments about there income now being where you think it is. Commend them and say good luck fellows. Have some respect for the other like minded people in your industry who are trying to build this massive business up to help the world of networking. Great job guys, keep up the good work and no matter where your income is, you know hat to be done to increase it. Keep doing what you are obviously doing. My comrades at Unicity have a common respect for you at Monavie and I hope you have the same for us. We too are looking at the International piece of the pie. Cheers.

  5. M.S.
    Thank you for your acknowledgement of our success in this industry, most people who have not reached a level of significant success in MLM leave negative comments. Congrats to your success in Unicity and hopefully someday our paths will cross.

    Jimmy, I must say you have no idea how we all went so fast, but I will tell you this, it had nothing to do with using credit cards, it had to do with people believing in their Dreams again.

  6. @ John Atkinson: You make some interseting observations John. The truth is that all of them went BD using BDU’s/Darrell Utterbach’s system. Todd was the first one to leave BDU after having a falling out with Darrell over how much tool money he was going to receive. Kelly only went to R3 after most of his leaders went there because their businesses started to go backwards. Joe left BDU and went to R3 when his business started to go backwards as well. All of these guys were saying that Brigg was the answer!
    Flash forward to 2011 and you have Brigg bailing out of so. ca. saying he was done. He told them he was done on a wed. night and by thurs. afternoon the next day the irvine office was emptied into his trailer and they were on their way back to florida. Brigg and his system did not break even one black diamond out in cali.
    Now they’ve all gone over to legacy. I think You said it best when you said: “You have really blown your integrity tho when you recently joined Legacy Business Group and are passing yourselves off as ?Leaders? in that non-thriving organization as well as all the others they represent.”

  7. Wow Legacy? Nothing like jumping from the pan into the fire. I spent 12 very long and expensive years with the supposed leaders of Legacy. I watched thousands of people pay into a training system which didn’t produce any income for their teammates at all. Meanwhile, the “leaders” of Legacy pocketed millions of dollars of “tool” or “system” money. Hope it works out well!

  8. Hey Guys, I have finally figured it out! Jimmy is an ex -Monavie distributor who’s business had failed and he, just like many other distributors who’s businesses fail wants to blame everyone but HIMSELF. Jimmy, you are making a fool of yourself and everyone can see it. You notice how you know too much about Monavie and the lives of others so detailed. Its because you are too busy watching everyone else instead of your own business. Try a new profession because this one is not for you. International downlines bought for these guys. hahaha. Everyone always thinks they have the answer. Since their is no way you can build a downline, there is no way anyone else can either right? So someone must have bought them for these guys. LOL’ing on the floor right now. Good luck guys. Keep up the HARD and well deserved work.

  9. I find it interesting how you all are willing to talk about this without disclosing your real identities. Am I the only one on this thread using my real name. As for Legacy, here is my number if anyone wants more details 1-208-431-7999. Why be a faceless name, I can call a spade a spade. No training system will ever be powerful enough to propel an organization forward when the compensation mathematics are so skewed. That goes for Legacy, R3, BDU, Team, or anyone else.

  10. Jimmy- your true colors come out. You were in Mr. Licciardi’s organization and failed. Most people fail at business, but most people recognize their own faults and get back up and change some things, but they do not quit. Hey, if the systems don’t work, then don’t use one! Build your own downline and care on them, find people who can afford the product instead of selling them the pipe dream taht you have not fulfilled for yourself. Quit blaming other people. If people in Joe’s downline have failed, then that is not his fault. that is why it is key to sponsor over and over until the right people are found who can maintain the business. There are successful people you know. And drop the B.S. line of people selling and buying downlines. No people dont know that downlines are bought and purchased in monavie , because that is a False tale my friend. Prove it. Brent, no need for the call, like I said systems do not matter, hard work on the individual’s part does.


  12. Hey Everyone- Ted, first of all, thank you for the article. I appreciate the fact that you have a website that is unbiased to the industry. Just like any business, it has its ups and downs. The true networker will rebuild after he learns he built his business the wrong way initially. I am a huge student of the industry and have been humbled at times when I tried to go too fast. However, I rebuilt a business through approaching higher quality people and also using social media to my advantage by targeting top networkers worldwide. MONAVIE has NEVER gave me or purchased a downline for me. I WISH!!!!! I would gladly accept 🙂 LOL. I have seen all of the various systems that are in Monavie. Some I like, and some I am not interested in. How I really build this business is by finding top quality experienced prospects and getting their commitment and then flying to them to build a relationship. They already know how to build a network and already have the relationships with their teams. Yes, I had to start with just common everyday working people and I found that 1 out of every 10 people was a leader. Hey, that got me to Black Diamond and built up my name. Most people are not leaders and cannot make the business work, but that is the business of networking. Hey! That is any business!!! I can start a traditional business today and not everyone is going to be my customer, but some will. That is all that matters, a bunch of people getting a few. Some will, some wont, who cares…NEXT! To anyone who has had a bad experience in the industry or who has a had a bad upline role model, I apologize. I hope that you don’t lose that fire and dream for your future. Get back up, dust yourself off and try again. I ‘m here for you.
    Visit my YOUTUBE PAGE:
    MY Official Page:
    Email: [email protected]

  13. Hey Jimmy,

    Maybe you should get back to work and get off your companies computer before you get fired. I personally know all of the above leaders, and you are slandering their name and I would be careful.

  14. Calvin, I appreciate your comments but I would like to ask you a question. I have been around the industry for a while and have witnessed many unscrupulous things. Can you honestly tell me that during your tenure with Monavie that you have never witnessed a break insert, a positioned associate, the movement of a team, or persons, or the gift of multiple positions within the binary? With my last binary, I witnessed all of the above and I believe it happens throughout the majority of the industry. I have heard similar rumors about the particular team you are involved with, and would hope it is not true. With your status in the company, I am positive you may have knowledge of, or ability to discredit any rumors. Can you shed some light on this?

  15. Hello Brent- first I would like to point out that the world is not perfect and there will be many things in business that are not to our liking. This is is not my first business where I have had to experience that. However, I still manage to be successful in all. I can honestly tell you that in ALL of my 3 years (LOL) with Monavie I have only seen people moved in a market that has NO ACTIVITY. I have never seen it in an opened market. That would piss everyone off! Also if Monavie is gifting people, then I think I DESERVE A FEW! LOL. I am truly sorry if that has happened in your last binary, I know that would make me upset. I have seen lines get moved when they were in two different positions and they had to go back to the original position. And rumors about one of my teams I have no idea what it is about. I have many teams. I have had teams moved from my organization and also brought back to my organization. Fair is Fair.

  16. I have been following this thread out of personal interest, and it seems like it is getting a little one-sided. I watched the Rick Gutman video that Jimmy spoke of in his previous post, why was that post deleted? I understand Ted that this is your site, and you can allow whatever comments that you choose. I do however believe that Jimmy should be allowed to voice his opinion just as much as Calvin Becerra, Joe Licciardi, or anyone who chooses to get involved.
    I do not know Calvin, Joe or Todd personally, they could be leaders, or not, but I do know that the plan they represent has less than .5% of its distributors that are even able to pay for their autoship. How they can continue to build internationally in poverty stricken countries is beyond my comprehension. I would feel guilty knowing I am taking “FOOD” money out of peoples pockets and putting it in mine, especially when I know and understand the mathematics of my compensation plan.
    Perhaps Mr. Jimmy knows more than the rest of us? I have always enjoyed your insight into the industry Ted, but I think you need to allow the negative along with your exuberant promotion. If there is controversy, why not display it and give prospective people the opportunity to hear both sides of the story? Unless of course, your website is about promoting the industry despite the negative truth.
    Times are changing, and those who are running straight forward, honest and ethical businesses have nothing to hide or not disclose. These are things that all of us should consider before joining an MLM company, or starting any business for that matter.

  17. @Brent. I have removed the comments of Jimmy as his comments where insulting. I have send him an email asking if he could behave more as a gentleman. He continue to use nasty words so I removed him.

  18. @ Brent. The poverty stricken countries of Thailand , India, Malaysia and the rest of East Asia is the top MLM area in the world. Just a note to you. Also what thecompanies do in these areas is lower the pv requirements to be active and paid the same. Many of the top income earners in many of the top companies are actually from Thailand. And there are many people getting paid well in every company, the ones that aren’t paid well are the ones simply that have stopped sponsoring. Attrition is present in every and ANY business. Keep the comments clean and have an attitude of gratitude, no matter if you are a making a dollar or a million dollars. Hey the alternative is: YOU CAN ALWAYS GO GET A J.O.B. No one makes you stay or join any of these MLM ventures.

  19. Ted, I appreciate your insight. I know Asia probably better than most of the people on this thread. Although it might be the “hotspot” for MLM the fact still remains that over 99% of those who join U.S. models, are driven further into poverty. Of course it grows quickly in Asian countries, they have the highest concentration of desperate people.
    I believe that there are models out there that could provide a much better opportunity for those people, even many of their own domestic models, which have less expensive products and a higher payout are better alternatives for those markets. Unfortunately the U.S. companies exploit the poverty stricken areas knowing too well, that the mathematics of their compensation plans mandate that the masses fail. Let me ask you this Ted, since “Monavie Leaders” is the original topic here. Do you personally feel like a 10% weakside, flushing binary is an appropriate model for developing countries? Don’t take my questioning as “disparaging comments” like you did with Jimmy, I am simply asking your honest, and simple opinion. In my opinion those who take models like the one we are talking about to developing countries are committing economic atrocities. The majority of U.S. based, MLM compensation plans are simply a redistribution of wealth from the hands of the majority, to the hands of the slim minority. Lets face it, their own number show that less than 1% can even cover the cost of their own autoship.
    I have been in the industry for 16 years Ted, and now I feel a great remorse for the many lies that I helped propagate and promote. So although this foursome may be amazing “international” leaders, I hope they feel good looking in the mirror and knowing that the mercedes benz they are driving is being financed by someone in Thailand, Malaysia, or soon to be India (according to Calvin), who are struggling to put food on their table.
    Please leave this comment on your thread Ted, I have not used any inappropriate language, vulgarity etc. I am simply challenging the paradigm that you all call a “business”. And just for the record Ted, at least at a J.O.B., you will get paid, unlike 99% of those involved with the “international specialists”. Thanks again for providing this platform, I appreciate it.

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