Direct Selling featured in Wall Street Journal!

Direct Selling featured in 40-page spread in today’s Wall Street Journal

Cover story describes “The Ultimate Social Business Model”

Thought I was dreaming this morning when I opened this morning’s WSJ and out pops a wonderful sight — a Parade-style magazine chock-full of articles educating the business world about the promise of our industry.

Apparently our good friends at the Direct Selling News are responsible for producing the supplement, and I am thoroughly impressed. Articles are well-written, and there are full page ads from a dozen or so of our better known companies like Avon, USANA, Ignite, NuSkin, and ViSalus.

DSN tells me they delivered 1.2 million copies this morning.


You can download the magazine as PDF file here

Articles include:

  • “The Ultimate Social Business Model – Why Now is Prime Time for Direct Selling”
  • “Solution to a Shrinking Job Market” features an interview with a wrold-renowned economist on how DS impacts the economy
  • A financial article “Making Dollars and Sense” on why DS companies are a good investment
  • A list of top publicly-held DS companies
  • “A Truly Global Channel” about the industry’s impact internationally
  • An article about energy sellers including interviews of Rob Snyder and Doug Witt at Stream Energy/Ignite
  • “Of the People, By the People” describes how the model provides opportunity for the average person
  • “The Heart of Direct Selling – The Home” a story on party plans
  • DSN Global 100 list of top direct selling companies in the world, with profiles of the Top 25

The insert is available online and to subscribers to the print edition of WSJ. Check it out, it will make you smile.

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  1. It’s about time the “business world” took notice … people are more likely to buy from a friend or family member’s referral then any advertisement … those of us that already know this are smiling from ear to ear … =)

  2. Hi Ted, As you said, some excellent news!
    Great to see the rest of the world has caught up with what we already knew. We are in a fabulous industry which if properly used can offer aa almost endless variety of riches to anyone willing to add effort and enthusiasm to ambition.

  3. Hi Ted,
    It’s great to see the rest of the world finally catch up with what we already knew, we are in the industry which offers anyone willing to add effort and enthusiasm to ambition, the opportunity to create not just personal wealth but to also help hundreds if not thousands achieve an incredible lifestyle.
    Usedproperly,there is no industry capable of bringing somuch to so many.

  4. I could not agree more. This article certainly helps build the legitimacy of an already growing industry! Money can be made in the DS environment, great money, if you look for the right ingredients. Products, Timing, and Branding are key to your success! Rock On! This is awesome recognition.~ Ed

    Edward Magdziak

  5. I could not agree more. This article certainly helps build the legitimacy of an already growing industry! Money can be made in the DS environment, great money, if you look for the right ingredients. Products, Timing, and Branding are key to your success! Rock On! This is awesome recognition.~ Ed

  6. The profession of network marketing has changed the lives of many, including a former construction worker from Michigan. I now earn as much per month as I used to earn in an entire year. BUT, more important is the lives I’ve helped change along the way. Thank you DSN!!

  7. As a 66 year old grandmothert and Social Security not getting a raise in the past 2 years MLM has been a Savior for my husband and I. Techology is going around the world full speed and video email is the TOPS for me. I didn’t have to go to work at Walmart or the 7/11 to make ends meet. Thanks to Jon Gillardi

  8. Thank you for sharing this.. looks like the company that I am getting such an amazing opportunity to work with is in the article…I am sure everyone appreciates your work. Now is the perfect time to get involved!!

  9. Jerry, congrats for your new-found success.

    One thing to remember and I do hope you and others remembers that we STILL do need “Construction Workers” like Jerry.
    They are a very important part of our society. And I do salute you all. And it goes from teenagers who does their morning newspaper deliveries, hairdressers, car repairers, factory workers all the way to the company managers, the guy or people who owns the company well they might have their fortune cut out already. If they are inspirational people for their workers, congrats, job well done.

    For those people that has been in any industry for a few years and has found that it is not fun, takes ages to get somewhere on the corporate ladder, and wants to try something new. I would say, Welcome!

    But please remember to do your research! Learn about the product you plan to tell the whole world about! And be open minded to meet new people, no matter where you might get to know them or what their background is.
    Some will be open for your opportunity, others will close their door before you have the chance to say hello. If that happens, no worries, there is always new doors to knock on,. You just need to learn how to knock on the right doors.

    Thanks Ted for the heads up on the article.

    Tom Makela
    I am connectable on LinkedIn, just ask.

  10. This is a fantastic article from the very difficult type business that takes like 40 hrs a week to the newer even a lampost can do it in lest that 30 min a week.. Even the New Kid on the Block .”.$1000a week for life” is makinging it easier for the financially strapped family to make an EASY comfortable living. It is articles like this that we need to get the word out.

  11. Ted & Jonathan, I must say Thank You !! For a job well done and much needed. Too many people look at Direct Selling as a pyramid scheme.
    This article is fantastic!! I love it !! Now I can show it to the “know-It-All’s” LOL


  12. I have been a WSJ subscriber for years, and never have I seen such credence given to one single industry! I have been working my company now for 30 months and absolutely could not imagine myself doing anything else. I have started 6 traditional businesses of my own, all before NWM became a part of my life for good. It has allowed me to reduce all the headaches of traditional business (walk away from them actually) and yet still has the opportunity of true business ownership.

    In my opinion, this article proves the power of what we do, how it is the emerging industry of our global economy, and why someone should now seriously consider this business model. If you take it serious, you can get serious results.


  13. Thank you for posting this article! This helps to legitimize Direct Selling as a viable alternative for most of the people in this economy that are suffering. Network Marketing is the ultimate vehicle to level the playing field and allow ANYONE from ANY economic or social circumstance to go out and fulfill their dreams. Anita M

  14. Thanks Ted, this is really good positive news to give a powerful third party endorsement of our industry to reinforce new peoples’ understanding on how they can transform their lives given some application, focus and consistent effort over a period. Our time has now come to help those millions of people out here who need what we can offer, and the timing couldn’t be better with the economic situation as it is. All we have to do is get the message out!

  15. Thanks, Ted! This is simply amazing! The right time for anyone who is serious about making a true freedom lifestyle in life to open up and join in the industry! We are going mainstream! Don’t get left behind!

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