Ama Nation Energy Terminates MLM Operations

Confirmed by several (former) top distributors. Seems the company lost $2 million and the management team did not want to put more money into MLM operations.

About 6,200 sign ups, 2,500 active distributors left in the dust. The company will keep the customer base but will not pay the distributors…..

About Ama Nation: America Approved Energy Services, is an independent energy and products direct sales company. Our unique independent business structure allows us to market for many Retail Energy Providers or ESCOs giving us the largest footprint in the industry. Our goal is to help you deliver to consumers multiple products, services, and information related to Electricity and Energy savings.

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  1. Too bad these things happen. I was also in with an online company that did not work out the way I hoped. But there are so many good companies out there, I quickly found something else that resonated with me and I’m having great success with. The thing is not to let what seems to be a failure knock you down, but look at it as a learning curve and growth.

    Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. A. Schweitzer

  2. It’s truly a shame. With the economy the way it is, so many are looking for ways to make ends meet. I’m currently involved with 2 companies besides my fill-time job. It’s just the sign of the times. It’s just hard to see when a company doesn’t pay their distributors.

  3. Sadly this will continue until people realize that if the company is not the licensed retail provider, they don’t call the shots. This was critical in my decision when choosing an Energy company. Thankfully it has yielded me 5+ glorious years of freedom with options.

  4. Too bad for the reps. The good news is it is really about the relationships, not necessarily the product. We had something similar happen 15 months ago and it was the best thing that could have ever happened. We landed with a company with a lot less risk and much greater potential. We’re not alone. There are many others! Take Edison’s advice and just count it as one thing that didn’t work. Keep looking for the one that does like he did!

  5. It’s hard to see companies go, and leave there people in the dust, but there are options and i do believe everything happens for a reason.
    Energy deregulation is the business to be in, that’s why i chose the same industry to build in, if any one wants to learn more about the companies that are available to you just do a google search and pick one you feel gives you the best chance for success.

  6. It always sucks when a company makes promises and doesn?t keep them. Its worse when they act shady and just drop people like that and leave them clutching a fading dreams

    The good news is there is always another door opening when one is closing.

    So to all you distributors that have been left by AMA, you might want to take a look at Ambit Energy as an alternative. The company is solid, its built on and with integrity and it was rated the 2010 #1 fastest growing company in America by Inc. Magazine. You will remain in the Energy field but you will be with a solid company that is poised to explode into the future not fade from memory.

    I.E. Ambit is opening the Chicago, IL area up for electricity on June 22nd and the Rockland/Orange County, NY area up for G&E service on July 21st, 2011 with more to come in September.

  7. Do not get suckered into another MLM paying to broker energy, hundreds of dollars to sign on and then website fees on top of that.
    Then having to reach levels of customers and reps, to recieve bonuses. Don’t do it !!!!!
    Get paid for what you do with the best unique technology behind you, and no bull PERIOD!
    For more information feel free to contact me.

  8. This is sad and is what tarnishes the name of the greatest industry and last bastion of financial freedom. This is why a company with a product that has been used to amass wealth for 3000 years in an industry that has been the most profitable on earth for 150 years with a manufacturing heritage of 125 years captured my attention 4 years ago and has proved to be a decision that I am beyond thankful I made 4 years ago.

  9. Silly Rabbits this is why you dont represent a service! The future of MLM is products you can touch feel use drink!!!! 2500 distributors left in the dust. Expensive learning lesson. Everyone smart knows no services!!!! I unfortunately learn my lesson too with travel services. Had a bad taste in my mouth for yes until Monavie, Todd, Calvin and kelly Bangert helped me turn this all around. At first I thought they were arragant, but they know how to make money in this industry. Calvin and Todd really worked with my team and I went Blue Diamond in 6 months. I also have a team in Canada and Europe because of them.

  10. Building a business to last a life time,must be done with a company that has the right management in place, if the people at the helm do not know what they are doing, then the company will fail, unless they get LUCKY.

  11. Xyngular is an 18 month old wellness nutritional company that is breaking records and setting trends. We pay daily for the merits of your works now not later, 12 global bonus pools, trips and more. It is a shame that there is so much of this going on in our Industry, but I’m here to tell you I wouldn’t mix my Military credentiels and my Wife’s if Xyngular wan’t all that and a bag of chips. Please feel free to call me at 937-529-4731 or take a look at my website: We only have 32,000 distributors and have a home for your whole team. No structural requirements at all, just one straightline strong leg where everyone is getting spillover. Come assist us in building from the ground up, we’re ethical and do not buy leaders in.

  12. Though it’s an important piece, it’s not the company you work with that is the MOST important. It’s the relationships you build and the team you work with. Unfortunately, companies come and go. Some faster than others but anything can happen at any time. Many years ago I heard an industry leader say “if you build it right, you will never have to build it again.” What he meant by that was this: Be more committed to your team than your company. If you ever have to move your team to a new company, they will stay intact. But if you don’t provide and protect for them, you will lose them completely. Build a strong culture of integrity and leadership. Build authentic relationships. Find strong opportunities to create legacies.

  13. One thing I love about my company is they go to great lengths to take care of their customers because they know those customers are friends and family of their Associates. Therefore, by keeping customers happy, that keeps Associates happy. Doesn’t get any better than that!

  14. If you’ve ever wanted to be in the right place at the right time!!
    This is ABSOLUTELY IT!! It’s so CRAZY!
    It’s almost CRAZY if you don’t join us? What have you got to lose?
    Some weight and some debt? We are blessed financially by sharing an
    awesome product that is helping people with things other than just
    weight loss!

  15. Perfect timing right now to get involved with this company…helping tremendous amount s of people and really important to me is that the people can get the product for free very easily…email me as one can also work with a very successful person directly who has 35 years experience. I am serious in that you should check it out and think of the amount of money that can be made but also helping others.

  16. This is awful and a grim reminder of how quickly we can lose our income if we’re not plugged into a platform that protects us.Many MLM operations are on the way out. leaving their distributors stunned and in financial hardship. Ken Eggleston CEO of Monitium believes this is unfortunately a growing trend within the industry. Monitium members have an opportunity to grow their business by helping PROTECT other Home Based Business Owners.

    Check out the Monitium platform, I believe it’s the answer to attaining true financial stability for every Home Based Entrepreneur. Monitium has spent the last 9 months Beta Testing it’s model and they have the best technology solution available in the industry .

  17. I am so sorry to hear this. I wish the distributors well. It is really sad that more and more of this is happening. Get a peace of mind and there is only one company to do that with. Monitium is the answer for anyone that is tired of waking up and having the lights turned out on them (pun intended). It is time that the distributors take control and as Monitium continues to grow you get more and more control of your income as new companies are added.

    Time to look at Monitium.

  18. If any AMA consultants wish to make Awsome money take a look at Organo Gold Coffee, you can reach me at 8179445561 if you would like to know more about the company. I am truly sorry to hear what has happened to you all. you are all in our prayers

  19. The THIRD WHEEL problem again raises it ugly head. There is no such thing as a failure on a macro-cosmic level, as we are all following a path of being-for-its-own-sake. However, if we wish to participate in fine-tuning, lessening burdens and bringing on smoother operation, we’ve gotta stop bumping up against the traffic and strategise for that.

  20. AMA Reps ~ Don’t Give Up!

    This is still A Powerful Opportunity to Create a Sustainable Income While Helping the Environment! This is still a $500 Billion Frontier of Energy Deregulation.

    Opportunities are what we make of them.. Lets turn this negative into a positive! Viridian Energy is featured in Success from Home Magazine’s June Edition.

    Are You Still Motivated and Entrepreneurial And Still Looking To Create A Residual Income ~ Currently Looking For Associates in IL, NJ, NY, PA, CT, and MD!

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  21. Simply stated:

    The energy market is here to stay.
    ACN, Ambit, Ampegy, Dynastar, Ignite, Momentis, North American Power, Viridian, Zurvita and many others simply do not stand a chance compared to…

    Get a free Carribbean vacation just for visiting the site. Reduce your utility bills in every deregulated state. No big investment for the business opportunity. Get paid down to infinity on your referrals. This is the biggest opportunity ever.

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  22. I’m sorry to hear this news….ANY company can go out of business or downsize, but it hurts when a direct selling company eliminates its distributors!

    Energy is a $500 Billion dollar industry, still in its infancy – and you can still participate with an incredible GREEN company; AMA Distributors join for only $99! There is unprecedented growth, as we just opened NY state June 1st, and are in pre-launch for opening Chicago on August 1st! Available in NJ, NY, PA, CT, MD, and soon Illinois!

    Bud Foltyn

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