Monavie Announcing A New Training System – MVP

Distributor founded training and tools website's like R3Global and Team Legacy are not compliant with several international laws. 

Monavie Corporate is taking the lead in this systems.


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  1. So the company is taking over the role that the field leaders are supposed to do? Did the company buy Brigg’s system? I am cautious when a company takes responsibility for developing the field.

  2. This is a system designed for international use, MV is working with all of the “system” leaders to create the best system to use for international use.

    As stated above, right above the video

    “Distributor founded training and tools website’s like R3Global and Team Legacy are not compliant with several international laws”.

    “Monavie Corporate is taking the lead in this systems”.

  3. Interesting. Well, something has to be going on with Brig. It would be a shame to see him leave Mona Vie, but he is also selling some of his Mona Vie “toy’s” to include his Smart Car which in Southern California is an asset and great marketing tool itself.

    Now, I believe each company should have tools, but they should also be internet based and free. All too often we think “Magic” exists in Network Marketing. Some people are out selling a “dream” rather than a “business” itself.

    Personally, I have no problem with anyone creating a system that others can follow in-order to better duplicate the important aspects of business development and ownership. I also have no problem with anyone selling shirts and other goods in a fashion that helps someone brand him or herself. But on either front, corporate or distributor, I feel it’s important that they do not take advantage of the distributor.

    For example, selling a “Map Book” and telling people to go out and buy ten Map Books for each of their personally sponsored distributors is not how you build a Mona Vie business, it’s how you duplicate a sale of a cheap, mass produced tool that Brig and partners benefit from. In this case that’s $100 that could go to sharing more product or buying business cards. On that note, selling 25 brochures for $19.95 is just another example of how these leaders or companies take advantage of the first time business owner.

    The 1996 Telecom Reform Act connected the world via Fiber Optic Cable. We had an internet explosion and this pushed an Industrial Aged Economic system into the ground while enabling the emergence of the “Knowledge Age.” Internet based businesses share “knowledge” and “information” about products and services where instead of “mortar and brick” it’s a “point and click” at purchase. Where Health and Wellness is concerned, network marketing is putting “Superfood Nutrition” from all over the world into a distribution model that delivers top-quality nutrition to the door-steps of educated consumers. If you have not looked around over the past few Christmas shopping seasons, one in twenty people actually are out making purchases. The malls are dead and many of you notice the strip malls are struggling too. But if you look closer around town, man are you seeing more UPS and FED EX trucks making rounds. Take a look at their stock prices.

    Now, the companies that provide FREE internet based tools that professionally share the value of the product and business itself…will be the ones that make it through this recession and push to the top of all Momentum and Sales charts over the short and long-run. There is no way around this. The money is to be made on distribution of products, not on purchases being made by distributors. That is not rocket science, but man can it burst the bubble for an accountant or investor at MLM Headquarters across the board.

    Here is a novel idea, how about providing free digital quality templates so first time business owners, otherwise known as New Prospects can purchase 2500 cards for the same price many MLM Companies now charge for 500?

    Again, I am all for training and support systems both inside and outside of the companies. What I have the hardest time with is the nonsense and taking advantage of well-meaning, first time business owners. On the Corporate front, any company that charges for a functional business website should truly evaluate priorities and vision.

    Now, Team Legacy, well…never very impressed by the way they share and sell the business. That’s an entire other story.

    Yours in Success,

    Peter Dean Bouloukos
    [email protected]

  4. This great we are making sure our International markets have what is needed to build this business that is a true blessing for the world.

  5. The truth is that Brig was forced to leave MonaVie, and who’s forcing him out? MonaVie! Why? Because of over paid pay plan.

    From what I heard from Taiwan is that MonaVie is going through Taiwan to buy over R3Global, and from there to force out Brig by shutting down his network by forcing the leaders out the same way MonaVie treated Brig, then MonaVie will save millions of commissions and to flush all the remaining PV in the system.

    Cunning huh!!! Thats MonaVie….. So with R3Global gone, Brig gone, then MonaVie will make even more money from selling tools and material, Dallin Larsen all along doesn’t like what Brig doing with R3Global, because people focus on Brig more than Dallin…….LOL

  6. LOL…….after watching the video of Dallin several times, anyone who study human body language can tell Dallin is lying……. try to watch the video for a few times and you will notice also……..cheers!

  7. Let me see if I can give some overview as a Strategic Management Consultant of what Dallin Larsen mentioned of “Distributor founded training and tools website’s like R3Global and Team Legacy are not compliant with several international laws. Monavie Corporate is taking the lead in this systems.”

    Don’t you find this statement a bit weird? R3Global has been running for the past several years, and MonaVie (Dallin Larsen) endorsed what R3Global has been doing, and now suddenly Dallin Larsen taking the excuse of “not compliant with several international laws” and shut them down?

    Perhaps what I am going to explain will make more sense.

    1. MonaVie sales has declined tremendously not only in the US but also globally.
    2. With many Black Diamonds leaving the company eventually make it more difficult for new prospect to join as the first question will be asked, “if MonaVie is what you’ve mentioned such a great company, why are the top leaders Black Diamonds leaving?”
    3. With the sale volume declined, meaning that the revenue receivable / cash flow slowed down into MonaVie account, however, the network volume generated by the distributors remains and these PV is due in Team Bonus every week. How long can MonaVie sustain?
    4. Bonuses and Commissions continue to pay out, where to get immediate cash flow into company? Let us now look at R3Global (sorry I do not know much of Team Legacy, so I can’t give any comment to that.), R3Global are generating a huge profit income every month, company to MonaVie, the sales revenue generated, a large portions will return to the distributors as bonuses and commissions, but as for what R3Global generated, after deducting the costing, these are clean profit. ?i.e. a T-Shirt selling at the price of US$65 cost less than US$5, a 2xBottles Carrying Bag selling at US$20 cost less than US$3, these are all made in China in mass quantity.
    5. MonaVie (Dallin Larsen) looking at these profit margin generated by R3Global, and yet these profit need not pay out any bonuses nor commissions, so now since MonaVie has taken over the systems, I can tell you that in very short future you will see a new batch of materials, shirts and many more by-products will be introducing to the distributors, and trust me, distributors are crazy enough to spend lots of money for these items, and the profit? All goes to MonaVie LLC.
    6. By taking over R3Global and Team Legacy, also meaning that the leaders in the two groups will basically leaving MonaVie, and here MonaVie will save millions of dollars of bonuses or commissions to pay out.
    7. So MonaVie is buying time, many new distributor registrations also badly affected in South East Asia, (not sure about the States situation.) New Distributors accounts will remain active as long as they do not make any purchases, the moment a purchase of products has made, MonaVie will shut down the account by not giving any reason, so what happen next, some people will fight back, however, because what MonaVie kept on mentioning that the company reserves all rights to terminate any distributor without giving any notice, the distributors basically nothing much can do. What next? If the distributor has consumed the products, then they have noting to return to MonaVie for a refund, and MonaVie can just disable every benefit and right of the distributor and happily keep the purchase money, PV will be flushed! commission hold back, and what else, MonaVie gets to reserve whatever left in the distributor’s account.

    Well, these are some of the review I am giving, if anyone has another view, please share with us.

    Thank you.
    Dr. Philip W. Loh

  8. It’s too bad most of you don’t know what you are talking about. Ever read “Hung by the Tongue”? apparently not. God frowns on those who spread rumors. If you knew what the company is all about instead of speculating, you could put your time to help people instead of hinder them. Who has made more millionaires than anyone else in the history of America? I will tell you..Brig Hart and MonaVie. Brig is only cutting down his exposure, he is only turning over the leadership rolls to those he trained to do so. Get your facts straight before you talk. I am MonaVie!

  9. Stop trying so hard to read between the lines as far as what Dallin is saying here. I doubt Brig is going anywhere unless he’s retiring, in which case he’d still be bringing in his Million dollars a month. His income is determined by his downline volume, so it goes up and down with company sales within his organization … not possible for MonaVie to short themselves by paying too much commissions. What’s happening here is exactly what Dallin is saying. Distributor created tools are allowed in the United States, but many international territories don’t allow distributors to make training tools, so MonaVie is working WITH the top leaders and creating their own system, which I’m sure Brig, Steve, and Orrin will all be a big part of. They’ll just have MonaVie standing out front now instead of themselves.

  10. Thank God for a leader like Dallin Larson who have VISION and all the leaders in Monavie who can embrace his ideas to keep Monavie moving forward. I can hardly wait for MVP. The way I see it, If I go to a Starbucks or a KFC in Los Angeles, Washington DC or locations around the world I’ll see the same look , the same menu and the same service ! WE ARE MONAVIE………I AM MONAVIE…..Thank You Dallin !!

  11. ****WHAT????****Can’t believe what I heard. A President/Owner of a MLM company that say:” Regardless of your sponsor, regardless of your downline…” His Monavie success driving you crazy?
    Dear Sir, I am in MLM business for a while now and i ‘ll get old with it, a MLM company IS THE SPONSOR, a MLM company is the UPLINE, a MLM company is the DOWNLINE , do not forget you had an idea and you share..congrats , but all those people are Monavie not you!!!!

    Regardless of them…THERE IS NO MONAVIE….regardless of you…MONAVIE STILL BE THERE!!

    And that works for all mlm company

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