Monavie's Black Diamond Rick Gutman moves to Visalus

After 5 year in Monavie Rick Gutman moves to Visalus.

One of the reasons: 20 % retention ratio at Visalus while Monavie is 5%-10%

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  1. Get ready for the shit storm coming your way Rick. Monavie will do everything its its nasty power to make you out to be the worst human being on the planet. they will threaten to sue you, all the brain washed distributors ( who don’t make money) will bash you… all because you simply decided to make a move to better your family and better those around you…..

  2. Welcome, welcome, welcome on board Rick!

    It’s an honor to have someone of your caliber and credibility promoting ViSalus and the Body By Vi Challenge! Things change and you either go down with the ship or you can grab as many life rafts as you can… and save those who are ready and willing to be saved.

    You shared some great points about why ViSalus is a phenomenal home for those looking to create success in Direct Sales/Network Marketing.

    – Yo

  3. This guy had now down line we were in it. He made 300.00 a week in Monavie lived on his sisters couch and no car.. Get real get to know Rick.

  4. Renee… You must be a made up person with no vision no goals and sleeping on your sister’s couch! Do you even know RICK GUTMAN? You would be lucky to wash his feet. You are a seriously delusioned person if you think he was sleeping on somene’s couch with no car. You need to shut your mouth before people really realized how stupid you are… Don’t give us the benefit of the doubt. We will show you when we are driving the BMWs and you are still couch surfing on … what did you say… your sister’s couch! Its not too late to get in and change your life and those around you… Just first get your head out of your ass.

  5. HMM…And I thought traditional businesses were cut-throat. A lot of emotion here. Renee and Joni I wish you both well. Renee if you were in his down-line how do you know what he was making? Joni I hope you read the fine print about those BMW’s. Rick I don’t know what to think, we all have a past and we all make mistakes, I guess it is what you do about it that shows where one’s character lies.

  6. Rick! Thank you for being honest about Monavie!! As we can see here there are those who stand by you whole heartedly and those who are trying to disgrace your name and who you are. I dont care about those business people who can’t support your decision on leaving Monavie. I do care about how you care for others and for your integrity and your honesty. Lets face it God has shown you the path to take and we are seeing the ugliness come out in those who do not want to respect the fact the truth hurts. They will see in due time and also be wise to move on to something bigger and better like you have just done. No matter what you do Rick, your true friends will follow and will still learn from you. These people obviously impacted by you leaving and they are seeing the power that you have and the likeness you have that so many people are supporting you and following you that they dont know what to do. Hopefully, they to will find their happiness and peace. God Bless!!

  7. If my comments were received in a negative way then I am sorry. I think if someone sees that the ship they are on is going down then they should do something. As I see it Rick made a business decision, if ViSalus starts to tank I would expect a smart business person to look elsewhere then to. I will admit that my success in Mona Vie is not great but the only person I blame is myself, and maybe the economy a little, but myself first and foremost. Augustine of Hippo wrote about the freedom to choose, he was talking about sin and control of ones will, but this loosely applies here. God showed Rick an alternate path, not necessarily “the” path as Tonya states, but certainly a path.

  8. First of all… I want to say good for you Joni! You said what most of us wanted to say, but didn’t.

    Rick Gutman is an amazing man of God! He spent 9 years of his life on the mission fields in 3rd world countries. He is a huge inspiration to people all over the world. He is a financial genius and a caring friend. Rick is one of the most genuine people with a high level of integrity of most anyone I have ever met.

    He is NOT ok with allowing people on his team to keep suffering just to try to keep afloat. He was emotionally invested in Monavie for many years… hardly the jumper. He just could not stand by and see the ship going down and have his friends be apart of it without their full knowledge of what was going on. Never once did he say to “Come with me” He just said “I want you to know why I am making this choice”. The facts and numbers don’t lie… Documentation is always better than a conversation. Some people were hurt not fully understanding this decision and feeling left behind without their mentor and friend, but once they were aware of the possibilities they understood. Most people said without a doubt we are with you no matter what.

    The venture that Rick and his new team members with Visalus are apart of will be a mind blowing adventure and exciting to watch (if you are on his team… sad for those who had the opportunity, but passed it up.)
    Rick you are a great friend, an awesome mentor, and best life leader and coach I have ever had the privilege to be around. I wish you the best and hope you have all the success in life that you want. You have put myself and my family in a better position to be successful and to build a financial fortress.

    I will be right there with you Bro! If you ever need anything we are here for you.

    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I don’t buy it! There’s always an excuse and nobody REALLY knows if Rick Gutman left Monavie because 1) he was making a wise decision, whether 2) he was making a decision because of the old self-lie “the grass is greener”, or 3) if he simply got caught up in excuses while he was at Monavie and couldn’t change his patterns. The only one who really knows the answer is Rick. Talk is cheap and means nothing. People lie to themselves at times because they are afraid and create their own “valid” reasons for their decisions. My point is that only Rick’s conscience really knows. I hope he made a self-honest decision and things go well for him. Good luck Rick!

  10. Man, this was definaately a shocker for me when I found out. Yes I am with MonaVie, best decision ive made EVER. Been in for a few monhs now and NO im not making millions or thousands but I have something better….HEALTH! MonaVie has Top Shelf products that are changing the world. All natural energy drinks with 80 REAL FRUIT. ViSalus has a powder that you mix with water? GROSS! but anyways Didnt wanna come on and talk about our iron clad products. Its all about leadership. I have listend to cd’s of Rick’s and gotten a chance to meet him when he was out here a month or so ago for a 4 hour MonaVie/ business workshop. As he stood in front of the room with his Black Diamond rings shining bright from the lights and him ranting and raving on WHY MonaVie is the best decision hes made EVER. Now guys this was 2 mths ago. Now im not sure any of his downline was there so they couldnt see but he talked himself up and looked like he ran MonaVie himself. We have broken all the records, CEO Entrepreneur of the year 2009, Created over 115 millionaires, one every 2-3 weeks, 18 overall in Inc. 500, fastest compny to hit a BILLION dollars in sales 3 years, 2 months.MonaVie is only getting stronger. We have a great line of healing products and our RVL you dont need a 90 day challenge. People lose 7 lbs in a week! Me being a great example of that. Rick says he couldnt stand to see his friends and family die on the vine. Well theres a couple things that are in place if this is happening. A) YOUR THEIR UPLINE!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! get them the help they need (work with the tools you have) B) THEY ARENT CUT OUT FOR THIS, Not everyone is able to do network marketing. and bringing them over to ViSalus isnt going to do anything for them either. Its very easy to make money with MonaVie, watched a couple make $20 Grand in 6 weeks. I just dont get where people are saying he didnt want to go down with the ship. The ship is nowhere even close to even THINKING about going down. This company just keeps getting better and better by the day. Its like the Oprah of the Networking Industry. So anyways, as I was saying about leadership. I know I will be here for my team, 100%, thick and thin and I will not go flip flop to another company on them. You are a leader and people look up to you. if one month you are gloating about how great this one company is and everything their doing right to your downline and then you move to another company the next month and start gloating about this other company that has been around a year less longer then the one that you were with and havent even come close to doing HALF of what MonaVie has done. It just shows your real character. Not really loyal, a trader, on the fence ready to jump on the next big thing and those friends and family that are dying on the vine REALLY just lost hope because you flip flopped to another company that has SUPER low recognition then the one that you were in prior and they dont know WHO to follow anymore. I mean look at Lebron James, He left Cleveland to go to Miami, He wasnt loyal to his fans, he left them with a sour taste in their mouth, they were hurt, they burned his jersey, etc He left because Miami looked to be a good team especially with 2 other great leaders on the team, theyd become a three headed monster that fizzled out and lost the NBA Finals this year. So you gotta ask Lebron, was leaving Cleveland really worth it? You gotta ask Rick, was leaving MonaVie really worth it? They both have people really questioning their leadership abbilities. I know how much Lebron was paid to flip flop teams, what im wondering is how much Rick was paid to do these cozy videos in the ViSalus corporate office?!?! and ya cant believe him when he says he wasnt paid anything because he also said a month ago that MonaVie was the best thing out there. The Wall Street Journal just came out with a 40 page spread of direct selling and they had the top 100 Direct Selling businesses. MonaVie hit at number 17, what number was ViSalus? oh wait? what was that? ViSalus didnt make the list? But they have a MonaVie Black Diamond that just jumped ship over to them, doesnt that mean something? NOT AT ALL!!! Man id hate to be in Ricks shoes right now!

  11. hi guys i dont know why paul and jfk are saying these nasty and negitive things about rick he is a wonderful man of god he loves god dearly and his friends and family also he loves helping people get over it he made the decsion for the right reasons he will be succeful in ViSalus i have no doubt of that i am in monavie to and i will miss him the calls he did etc were very good and inspirational but this is life so jfk and paul just get over it and just stop being so nasty about rick i wish you all the best rick and god bless xx

  12. Rick, we welcome you with OPEN arms….JFK, here is some of what was said about ViSalus in the Wall Street Journal that you referenced…..from WALL STREET JOURNAL …”VISALUS 6yr old company with 50% of top producers are UNDER 40yrs old, VISALUS 3000% GROWTH LAST 18 MONTHS…with 40,000 new customers a month…3000 FREE BMW’S earned, VISALUS has given away 10 MILLION IN FREE PRODUCTS, PRIZES & VACATIONS.” Wanna know what the hype is about? Inbox me for details We welcome any and all to see what the hype is all about.

  13. I can’t believe that these people call themselves “Leaders”. Maybe he was paid to move to the new company maybe not, but the fact is that he was given a great opportunity with Mona Vie and he maid a lot of money. As soon as he found another start up he is talking trash about Mona Vie. I feel so sorry for him and people like him or those people who are stupid enough to follow him. Integrity is a must in Network marketing and he sure doesn’t have it. Also, how can he talk so much junk about Mona Vie, when he was one of their biggest supporters and followers up until a short while ago? How can he change his mind so quickly? I had a lot of respect for Rick, but I guess I was WRONG. He is just another money hungry and greedy person who is willing to sell himself for money. He is full of it when he says that he felt sorry that his friends and family didn’t make any money. Fact is, if they were not making any money, how the hell did he become a “Black Diamond”? He can talk all this nonsense to someone who is stupid enough to fall for it and doesn’t know the industry well enough. Rick, you are just one of those people who will always run after money and not your passion. There will be a day where we will see you making another one of these videos and talking bad about Visalus. Just give it another few years until some other start up is willing to take you and pay you the big money.

  14. Wow…Let’s face it, everyone on here are in it to “WIN IT” and make money. As long as you are on the up and up, and don’t give people a line of BS to get them to join and spend their money. If the product works, and you believe in the product, that should be good enough. Everyone always will think that their product is the best, whether it be Monavie, MaryKay, Beauti control, etc. As long as you are ethical, and follow up with your clients, and not just be money hungry to get a BMW then I think you will do well. This is suppose to be a product to help others get healthy and lose weight. It seems to me with some of the things I have seen, it has become more of a contest, and who can out do the “Jones”. If you are going to sell a product, remember the reason why you chose Visalus, to help others. Do the right thing, and the rest will come.

  15. all I have to say is if he is black diamond he is still making money from monavie. all he has to do monthly is keep his 100 pv and he still collects his residual income off what he has built from the last five years and will continue to unless everyone in his downline leaves and I hardly doubt that will happen. That is why monavie built the way they did so that their would be residual income.

  16. Rick,

    I don’t know you personally but I know your situation very well. I have been full time in the industry for over 22 years and I have seen many people in your spot change companies. We will miss you over here at Monavie and hope you do well… just do it with class.
    There are two roads you can choose here;
    First, You can let people know that you didn’t have much of a group left, hadn’t really built the business in a year or so, then go contact some new people and go knock it out of the park. If this is what you do, I will be cheering for you along with many others.
    It will be great for you as a person, great for Visalus, and great for our industry.

    However, If you act like you left Monavie as a qualified Black Diamond, then try to recruit everyone you have met crossline and downline as though you never stopped building, then bad mouth the company that paid you over a million dollars back in the day when you were actually working it, you should have a hard time looking in the mirror.
    One of the easiest things to do when you lose your entire group is to jump into another company and try to use the credibility you received from your crossline friends to rape their group. I pray that is not the case here.

    Visalus is a good company with some great people at the corporate level and in the field. Blake Mallen is someone I respect and my wife’s cousin is a three star ambassador.
    I do wish you and the company success… just do it the right way.
    Karma is alive and well in this industry and what you sow is what you will reap.


    Lance Smith
    Monavie Blue Diamond Executive

  17. This industry is fun to watch—it’s like watching “Days of our Lives.” I enjoy just watching from the sidelines. The things most people do not know about what happens “behind the scenes” is something that could be made into a movie.

    Christina Hales
    Nuriche Gold Executive

  18. Rick Gutman personally destroyed his down line in MV with his lying conning ways long before the economy took his retention rate to less than 5%.
    He couldn’t lead baby ducks to water… Look up his past leaders and ask them, they’ll tell you. I doubt any of them will be coming with him.
    This should be fun to watch.

  19. Lance is nothing more than a former Amway LCK and current MonaVie LCK who makes most of his money from the tools. For more inforamation, google “Tex Amway Blog.”

  20. I know Rick personally as well. He is NOT what he conveys to people. Only a true man of God would not decieve others as he does. Yes, he does live at his sisters house (which by the way could foreclose at anytime according to his friends). He does not own a car, borrows a friends car, his wife left him but he justifies that by telling everyone she is an alcoholic. Seriously? Get real. Get a job Rick and pay child support and spousal support like a real man does.

  21. To Rick, and to All other who jump ship,

    I concur with Lance Smith who has more knowledge and integrity than you will ever know. Here is what I have to say to all those who jump ship. Why don’t you all just say You failed instead of bashing MonaVie(or the company you left) and take it like a real man/woman. You see, if you would say that you failed and not the company, then you could at least keep some of your integrity. By blaming the company, only makes you look weak. I don’t understand how you can go out there and sing a different tune and blindly lead many astray, when for the last 6 years, you have been waiving the MonaVie banner. If you would have done what many of us are still doing, and that is working, believing, and building, your business would have looked a lot different.

    In closing, for those of you who believe that Rick left MonaVie for a better opportunity and has a huge following, guess again. Only time will tell who the real Rick Gutman is.


  22. This guy is Not a Man of God, He burnt his whole down line in Monavie.Get a copy of his Monavie pay you will see, I have feel very sorry for people who buy his crap. He only cares about himself, he has spent his time trying to get other peoples down line in Monavie. He got kicked out of Brig Harts R3 Global for not paying his bill. If they gave him a dime to come over that is Sad…. Gee I don’t think they’re are to many people that believe his garbage. Anybody that sez Rick was a great leader in Monavie was not in his down line, he let us all down along time ago. He even burned his best friend in Monavie. I guess they will be building both his legs just to make a point. God Bless anyone who gets in with him. By the way do some math genius he was not on Mission fields for 7 , 8 or more years. Get the proof. Ask him about working with Robert Kiyosaki that is a lie. Good Luck

  23. Amen, somber Rick he only cares about Rick. If he was making any money he would have never left. We heard he burned a lot of bridges, we too knew he was kicked out of R3Global for ripping off Brig. We watched while he tried to tell everyone’s down line that he was the only Monavie Black Diamond making. He is a Poacher… Does anybody know anyone in his down line? He should get off the STEROIDS and spend more time helping his down line. What Charlatan… He has no car, no house, no money we have heard that from everyone in Orange County. Living on all the Black Diamonds Couches. You are going to need God with this guy.

  24. JFK – MVP- NOTAFAN are probably Todd Hartog, Joe Licciardi or these other Black Diamond idiots who can never and will never be able to build a downline again in their lives. Dont all of you get it?? Monavie was simply the perfect storm…a 2 year storm that caused only a handful of people to make a ton of money. And those handful of people caused false hope in thousands that to this day think ” I just have to sponsor one good one” or now the story has changed since the US is dead and the story is ” BUILD INTERNATIONAL” when none of these poor people have any ability to build a downline here in the US let alone internationally. Rick Gutman is not the first black diamond to leave nor will he be the last as 80% of them DONT MAKE ANY REAL MONEY ANYMORE!!! Their downlines are gone!!!!!! Do you really think all these black diamonds actually still qualify as black Diamonds? Oh did you think they qualify to go on these trips? NO!!! The company has to pay for them to go to cancun take pictures smile and give the same story as always “someday you can be here too”. If the company doesnt do this then the reality sets in…..that monavie is dead in the US, and pretty soon will be dead internationally. Notice they dont make an income disclosure statement anymore? Notice all of a sudden Brig isnt at the top of the income earners list on business for home? The thing is a sinking ship! You really think the new Black diamond actually made it??? Come on now that was a gift from Uncle Steve. Rick just basically stopped drinking the cool aid, and in all honesty hes going to go ride the visalus cool aid for a little bit as soon that will die down too. PEOPLE WE HAVE THE INTERNET NOW, THIS ISNT THE 80s WHEN NO ONE KNEW OTHER COMPANIES WERE FORMING, MLM WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN as PEOPLE NOW HAVE ACCESS TO SEE OTHER COMPANIES FORMING! MOnavie is falling apart at the seems! Want proof, I dare you to grow some _____ and go walk to your black diamond right now and ask them to open up their back office and SHOW THEM THEIR PAY CHECK. GO Ahead, but only do it unless you are ready to finally stop drinking the kool aid, and wasting your life chasing a fake dream that was created during the perfect storm of the US economic meltdown between 2006-2008. Are you ready for the truth? Ask to see any Black Diamonds money history in the last 12-35 months…….and get ready for the truth.

  25. MVP…show us your check, show us your money right now. Go ahead take a picture of it and post it here. You probably make $300 a week in Monavie and thats it. I challenge EVERYONE reading all this dumb crap. do a 90 day research on Monavie, and heres what you do : Go to And click where you can see who has moved up in rank. and Journal all the Rank advancements for 30 days and you’ll notice how sad the situation really is……….. if people arent growing….then how can the company be growing???

  26. Who IS RICK GUTMAN? !!!!! He is a nobody in Monavie. He rarely ever came to any functions and when he did a meeting he spoke the same speech every time and talked about owning land and being a student of Robert Kiyosaki. The guy was a one hit wonder and then eventually tried to charge people from his cross lines to be their personal life coach when he was broke himself. He hit his rank because he had his team order so much product and buy their ranks. His last big rank bought their rank too and then tried to turn the product back to monavie and get refunded. This guy is trying his hardest to find his second chance?..or third or fourth or fifth. He?s been trying for too long now. All he is doing at Visalus and on his videos is giving the same speech about that company as he did for Monavie, just switching the company name now. he should copyright his speech since he is the only one that uses it. What a joke.

  27. HAHAHAHa! Monavie does not have to pay for us to go on these trips even if we are not qualified. Believe me, there are plenty that qualify. Look, I just got my email, and so did all 9 of the Diamonds on my team!!!! Cant wait. I LOVE MONAVIE!!! TO BAD RICK COULDN’T QUALIFY FOR THESE TRIPS, NOT EVEN THE DIAMOND TRIP!! BUILD IT RIGHT AND IT LASTS, BUILD IT WRONG AND IT FALLS LIKE A STACK OF CARDS. Sorry Rick, I feel sorry for you bud.

    Register for Diamond Destination 2011 Today

    Dear MonaVie Executive Distributor,

    Congratulations on qualifying for Diamond Destination 2011! We look forward to having you join us at the breathtaking Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa in Maui, Hawaii, August 19-24, 2011. Registration for Diamond Destination 2011 is now open.

    To register online, please click here. The deadline to register is Thursday, July 14, 2011.

    Please do not share this link with other distributors. If you believe someone in your organization has qualified for Diamond Destination but has not received this letter, please have them contact Director of Recognition Scott Andersen

    Diamond Destination includes the following for 2 attendees (qualified distributor and spouse*):
    Round-trip Airfare
    Ground Transportation
    5 nights/6 days at the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa (inclusive of porterage and daily maid gratuities)
    Group Welcome Breakfast
    Group Luau
    Group Farewell Dinner
    Activities and Incentive Money
    Once you have registered online, you will be contacted by a MonaVie representative to book your flights and rental car. For additional questions, please contact MonaVie Event Manager Kim Parkinson


    Jeff Graham
    President of North America Sales

  28. Tell the truth Rick, does Visalus have a better looking bottle? We don’t care about compensation or we would all be selling energy or water.


  30. Rick,
    I’m going to ask you for once and for all, STAY OUT OF MY personal relationship and my personal business!! You and an my ex can move in together and make millions in your fairy tale story of “get rich quick” schemes. You live at your sisters, and borrow my ex’s truck because you can’t afford a car of your own. How pathetic is that? For the life of me, I don’t understand why you don’t focus on your own issues, i.e your own marriage and child. I’ve been a business owner/ entenprener for many years and I didn’t have to do it to “USE other people”` or mislead them into believing them I’m something I’m not. I am not in MLM, nor would be. My choice!My advise to you, treat others as you expect to be treated. You are an opportunist at all costs. Even at the cost of affecting my personal relationship. So STAYY the HELL out of my life!! Otherwise, I will start calling and emailing your ex (whom your still married but claim single on facebook) to ask her version of her drinking and anger problems that you cry to everyone about to justify your pathetic actions. If you think this email is rather abrasive– keep pushing me, otherwise I will see you in court. I don’t play games with children!

  31. If someone wants to move from one company to another cool no problem, in this day and age company’s change and there could be many legitimate reasons to leave a company, but just do it with class and integrity. Tell the real story, don’t mislead people.

    Lance you are the man!!!!! A true industry leader!!!!!

  32. First of all I would like to nominate ?The Truth? for president. He is definitely the smartest guy in here. I could care less about Rick or Visalus but, It?s no surprise people are in here foaming at the mouth because he left the purple giant. I just wanted to share this since Lance is in here and I read a quote he posted on his FB page earlier.

    This is the quote: “The height of all stupidity is forming an opinion about something without knowing all the facts!” – Travis A. Flaherty

    That?s a great quote Lance. Here?s a fact for you. Did you know that in any given MLM comp plan there is a mathematical formula that you can apply to the model to determine what the mathematical chance of success is in any given opportunity? All hype and rhetoric aside. There really is a mathematical formula to evaluating your opportunity/business. I was just wondering if you have ever looked at your business from this perspective?

    Take Monavie for example. Based on the number of people it takes a distributor to have in his/her business I can tell you how many people in your business make enough on a monthly basis to pay for just 1 case of juice.

    It goes like this. You on 100pv= $145 You need 15 left and 15 right to generate $150 in commissions. You can?t count fast starts because they are 1 time bonuses. We?re talking ?recurring? income. What that means is that for every 1 person making $150 you have 30 NOT making enough to cover 1 case. That?s a 1 in 31 success ratio. That?s 3 people in 100 or 3%. And it ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY does not ever get any better than this. Have you ever looked at it from this viewpoint?

    Here?s another fact. Your personal website says that you have 20,000+ in your business. If we apply this formula to your business it looks like this. If we count ALL 20,000 we would divide 20,000 by 31 we come up with 645. That?s 19,355 people in your business who don?t make enough on a monthly basis to cover 1 case of autoship. That?s 97% of your people.

    But you would counter ? but not all of them are working the business.? Ok, let?s say that?s true.

    We will use MV?s own numbers and apply it to our model (according to MV IDS 87% are ?wholesale customers?) it looks like this when applied to your business: 20,000 x 87% = 17,400 ?customers?. That leaves 2,600 ?business builders? 2600 divided by 31 = 84. 84 of your 2600 business builders making at least $150. That?s 2516 or 97% ?business builders? not even making $150. Have you ever looked at it this way Lance??

  33. Wow, you all are pretty harsh on Rick, why would you personally attack someone for striving to better their lives. Bottom line is most MLMs have horrible compensation plans, and most of you on this thread are failing in your businesses. Most of you who are talking trash about Rick probably don’t know him (just like me) , and are talking tough hiding behind your handles, or login names. The only person I know on this thread is Lance Smith, and I am surprised Lance that you would talk to Rick that way, (as if Legacy was squeaky clean, and full of integrity, and he had always “taken the high road”) hahaha! We all should be a little more careful about personal attacks. Attack a company, a plan, or an idea, thats fine. But leave the individual and his family out of it. But some of you are down right malicious, and for what? To make yourselves feel better about your own miserable situations?

    At least Rick is doing something about it and my hat is off to him for that. Bottom line is just like Jimmy said above, best case scenario in a 10% weakside binary is a 3.25% success ratio, and if you are all ok watching 97% of your folks lose money every month then maybe you should look in the mirror and point the finger at someone else other than Rick. Cause from my vantage point (outsider looking in) it appears that you all are part of the problem as well.

  34. WOW! I just read ALL of the ugly posts in here about Rick. I must say, the fear on this board is palpable. Are your businesses going backwards like Ricks did or what? If they are, you either better move to Visalus or another company that is in it’s growth stage, perhaps Vemma or Nuriche??, or you better become great international recruiters (nobody left in the U.S. to recruit)

    And I would also add: Visalus comp plan blows Monavie’s comp plan away any day. How? Simple. In a WORSE CASE scenario in Visalus you have 1 in 20 that make enough to cover their monthly autoship. Here’s the math: visalus pays 5% on every level. 5% x $2500 in product = $125. That covers your minimum to be qualified for team commissions. 1 in 20…..5%…….Monavie….1 in 31…..3%.
    AND NO! I’m not affiliated with Visalus in ANY way!

  35. That means your team has a 60% better opportunity to make money in Visalus than they do in MV. It’s simple math. And don’t forget about the breakage. Visalus gives you 1 point for every dollar MV gives you $0.68 for every dollar. Tell me, where do you thing that extra $0.32 cents on every dollar goes???

  36. I respect your decision to find a new home in ViSalus. In my personal opinion this video is not appropriate. As you know our industry has bad reputation to a lot of people. They accused as Pyramid Scam. This video will not help our industry. I respect all legit Networking company because they give us opportunity to achieve our hopes and dreams. There are no 100% perfect companies but I am confident most of the Networking Company are looking for the goodness of their distributor. People are the back bone of Networking Companies. Our Company ViSalus has a great leader and we don?t want a bad reputation. I hope you just promote yourself w/o the expense of your previous home. Even we are different networking company we need to think we are just one industry. We have the same mindset to help people achieve their hope and dreams. I hope 5 years from now you still with ViSalus. If ever you found a better company, I hope you have a good start and praise ViSalus for the time you spend with the Company. People will respect you more and join your team. We are leaders so we need to set example. English is my second language and I apologized for grammatical error.


    Interesting, it never ceases to amaze me to see top earners jump (and I’m not here to bash companies…I do however find this story interesting, and the comments…)

    I’d say, based on integrity, everyone should start in the supplement industry looking at ingredients. Based on that alone, I declined ViSalus almost 2 years ago. Even though I was offered top position, and would have been first here on the West Coast making serious money…as a natural health consultant, writer, researcher and whole foods coach in this industry, I couldn’t do it. And that’s just me, based on my years in the industry specializing in supplementation.

    So rather based on money…my advice to anyone looking for advice is to put credibility first…all around…product…company…team….training.

    We need more professionals making their decisions based on crediblity not “built on financial decision to build a fortress for our families”. As Zig Ziglar puts it, “If you help enough others get what they want, you will get what you want.” Follow the laws, and as Bob Proctor puts it…be others focused…Bob know’s it…he’s got The Secret. And he’s a close personal friend.

    I love network marketing…it’s the Business of the 21st Century!!! We need strong credible leaders in the industry to lead the way and restore integrity to an industry that is offering the most moral form of compensation. Starting with highly credible products with healthy ingredients…big names who’ve made millions in the industry…and a solid highly credible team who have a proven system to duplicate success through out your team…

    And more PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS…that’s why I LOVE VEMMA!!!

    Commit to the success of others, and you will be rewarded!

    Cheers everyone!!!

  38. That?s a nice plug you got in there for Vemma while bad mouthing Visalus Charlene. Your post is full of implications that Visalus is a poor product. And are you also implying that Rick Gutman has no credibility? You?re sure to sway a lot of people away from Vi to go to Ve.

    On another note: Did you know that less than 96% of the people in your downline are making $120.00 a month on a regular basis? To be exact for every 100 people in your downline only 3.7 can make $120 a month (enough to pay for their autoship) on a regular basis. So 96.3% aren?t even making $120 a month. Unless of course they are retailing like crazy and we both know that?s not very likely.

  39. Brutal——–I was just getting over the fact that even though slavery was abolished in America, “The Fed” seems to be re-instituting a more modern version and all the while the real problem is the incestual cannabalism amoungst the Networkers. Read a copy of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Carnegie and then come back by and say something. Brook and I wish Rick Gutman all the best and regardless of any of his faults, we still love the guy. BTW I also left MV as a Hawaiian Blue Diamond and loved that company and am not a part of Visalus! My best toall of you

  40. Folks, here is the real deal. Permanent income requires permanent commitment. While my career has been one of significant success, I can critique myself. Twice over a 23 year period, I chose to leave a company that had and was paying me well. While each of those decisions was personally rewarding, it was selfish and immature.

    My decision to move on had the unintended effect of stealing the dreams of those who had made possible my success. I do not here make a judgment call on decisions made by anyone else. It is only I that I critique. I was selfish and immature.

    If your business is not growing, whether it be MonaVie, Visalus, Nuskin, Herbalife or any other legitimate company…the problem is not the industry and the problem is not the company. The problem is you (in my case, the problem is me).

    There are a few simple skills which can and must be developed…and a handful of character attributes which when developed make it possible for us to be in positive association with more people.

    Please learn from my successes as well as my failures…
    Recruit from outside the industry…not from within.
    The way to grow your business is not to tear another one down.

    Realize that your big moment of opportunity is not about special company timing…your big opportunity is tied to a moment of development in you!

    If you are in any legitimate company…stay there and become what you must to really succeed. Help others live the real dream.
    Permanent income, which requires permanent commitment.

    A bit of clarification…if an apple is bruised, I can cut off the bruise and what is left is good. If the apple is rotten…nothing will make it good. What would make an apple rotten…a lack of integrity on the part of ownership and management. If the apple is rotten, there is then justification and even responsibility to move on.

    No real leader should exit their current company in my opinion, so long as the apple is not rotten…… because of the issues described above.

    Randy Schroeder

  41. I as far as Randy Schroeder’s statement I give him all 5 stars. Go look at the video of Rick Gutless driving his jeep in a parking lot stopping people to see if they heard of MonaVie. He wanted to show us how easy it was. The next video to surface from Gutless is he pushing Visalus. I think He and Robert Dean should join forces and drag their groups to 20 different mlm’s. They get rich and the group loses its credability. Noni,ah no MonaVie, ah no, evolv or whatever that company is called, then Visalus and he already left them. Gutman & dean would make a good pair.

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