My Shopping Genie Busted by Andrew Burling

Andrew Burling was the Nr. 2 Top Earner in My Shopping Genie.

Business For Home has warned against MSG in September 2010, see this post

This what Andrew Burling has send Business For Home:

Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 8:20 PM

Hi Ted

Great post/news on My Shopping Genie!!

For the record we were TERMINATED UNJUSTLY from MSG. I think they did not want to pay us all the money we had earned.

They owe us TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, and after asking,  then begging, then threatening to  get paid, they turfed us! We were turfed on June 6, 2011. We were accussed of CROSS SPONSORING, but we were not even in another Company.

The GENIE is a dirty gang of thieves and liars. This is not good news for our great Industry. If you need any questions, let me know!

Thanks Ted!

Appreciate All You Do!

Andrew W. Burling

From our previous post:

John Van Deurzen – Canada


Andrew Burling – USA


Frankie Lawler – USA


Chuck Williams – USA


John van Deurzen - My Shopping Genie Andrew Burling - My Shopping Genie Frankie Lawler - My Shopping Genie Chuck Williams - My Shopping Genie

Sergei Kotcherine – Russia


Simon Brookes – UK


Kalpesh Patel – UK


Linda Chatham – Australia


Sergei Kotcherine - My Shopping Genie Simon Brookes - Myshopping Genie Kalpesh Patel - My Shopping Genie Linda Chatham - My Shopping Genie

Craig Wotton – Australia


Chuck & Cheryl Alimena – USA


Emmanuel Kuye – UK


Joe Mhamed – Canada


Craig Wotton - My Shopping Genie Chuck and Cheryl Alimena - My Shopping Genie Emmanuel Kuye - My Shopping Genie Joe Mhamed - My Shopping Genie


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