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Qivana Review 2011

by Ted Nuyten on June 29, 2011

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Qivana is founded by five industry veterans Derek Hall, Rodney James, Devin Glazier, Justin Banner, and Craig Johanson. The founders have a long history of MLM leadership:

Derek Hall is CEO and has served as President and CEO for Nature’s Way, Botanicals International, Integrative Therapeutics, Unigen USA and Univera. In addition, he served as Vice-Chairman and CEO of ECONET, Inc.

Rodney James has served  as Director of Product Marketing at XanGo, Director of Marketing at VM Direct, and Director of Sales at NuSkin. Rodney has managed all aspects of a brand that includes nutritionals, personal care and internet technology.

Devin Glazier has served as Senior Financial Analyst at Novell and Senior Director of Finance at XanGo, Devin sharpened his management expertise in many key areas, including financing, investment, cash flow, acquisition, budgeting and forecasting.

Justin Banner has served as VP of Strategy and Development at XanGo. He was also a member of General Electric’s prestigious leadership development program and before that served as Market Research Manager at Tahitian Noni International. Justin has extensive experience in all facets of the business operation, including strategic planning, marketing, R&D, international development and customer service.

Craig Johanson has served as VP of Marketing at XanGo and Senior Brand Manager at Tahitian Noni International, Craig has developed hundreds of products worldwide.

The company is founded in 2009, the corporate office is in Provo, Utah, USA . 1,500 people attended the company’s first convention in 2010. Estimated Revenue 2010 $5 million and 12,000 distributors.


Nutrition, Personal Care, Vitamins

The Qivana founders, in conjunction with world-renown naturopathic physician Dr. Marcus Laux, developed a philosophy that the best approach to physical improvement, core balance and core strength is to utilize multiple products in a systematic approach. It's a system that not only promotes improved health, but it also promotes long-term activity in our Independent Business Owners and customers alike. Qivana has scoured the earth to find powerful, time-tested ingredients.

Qivana Products 2011

  • Qivana’s QORE System is a practical health regimen created with world-class natural products.
  • Stabilize your intestinal flora daily with QORE Probiotics to build immune defense and enhance nutrient absorption.
  • Vitalize your system daily with QORE Essentials, a proprietary blend of proven healing herbs from Asia for enhanced energy and protection.
  • Optimize your wellbeing each quarter with a free body cleansing with QORE Detox, or boost your immune system with QORE Defense.

Compensation Plan

A Binary Compensation Plan. Team Commissions are the foundation of the compensation plan. They are paid from the binary tree structure. As you sponsor people into your team and as they sponsor new people, you are entitled to receive a Team Commission on their weekly purchase volume. Your commission is 10% of the total volume in your lesser (volume) leg. There are 6 ways to earn:

Qivana Compensation Plan

  • RETAIL COMMISSIONS: Every time you sell a product, you’ll make a retail commission. Preferred customers enjoy a $5 per system discount off the retail price.
  • EXECUTIVE MATCHING BONUS:  A share of the Team Commissions on the people you personally sponsor, up to a total of seven generations.
  • BONUSES: As long as you’re active, you can qualify for the Quick Start Bonus and Silver Bonus.
  • QUICK START BONUS. 10% -20% commission on the first order of those you personally sponsor
  • SILVER BONUS As a qualified Silver, every time one of your personally sponsored IBOs achieves the rank of Silver, you will automatically receive the $40 Silver Bonus.

Corporate leadership

From left to right: Derek Hall – CEO,  Rodney James –  Chief Sales Officer,  Devin Glazier – CFO,  Justin Banner, – Chief Strategy Officer, and Craig Johanson – Chief Marketing Officer.

Qivana Corporate Team 2011

Qivana Alexa Ratings, 1 month growth 20%. Worldwide rank 213,799

Qivana Alexa Ratings 29 June 2011

Qivana Top Producers

From left to right: John Terhune, Jerry Campisi, Marshall Douglas, Angel Lee, Joe Land

Qivana Top Producers 1

From left to right: Vernon and Debra Douglas, Frank and Paige Zecher, Matt and Traci St. John, Ken and Melissa Dovey, Debra Campisi

Qivana Top Producers 2

From left to right: Tony and Debbie Underwood, Chris Cavedon, Ray and Mikelyn Clausen, Mark L' Hommedieu, Bill and Laura Wolfington

Qivana Top Producers 3

From left to right: Richard Mays, Marty Keefe, Stephen Carse, Janet DeLeo, AJ Monte

Qivana Top Producers 4

Qivana Top Earners, the est. earnings are as follows:

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