How Financial Planners Can Make Money In MLM

Financial/estate planners, Insurance and Annuity salespeople have always been intrigued by network marketing as Insurance is setup in a very similar way to network marketing. Insurance commissions have decreased over the years and the regulations and requirements have increased.

However, financial planners represent the perfect people to do network marketing as they illicit trust, have large circles of influence and are typically very analytical. The video in this blog post will teach you how financial planners can make money in network marketing as well as how you can get more financial planners in your business.

Financial Planners and Commissions

Real estate agents make an average of 2-3% nowadays with the banks usually being involved and beating them up on commissions. This is why a lot of real estate folks are working harder than ever to make less than previous years. The same can be said of financial planners.

Annuity guys are making around 6% on average and Insurance companies of all sorts have been altering their compensation structures for the worse for years. With less people in the market making large amounts of money, some financial planners find themselves with clients that no longer have money to invest but in fact, need a way to make some money.

At that point the financial planner has to grab their briefcase and head for the door, missing a huge opportunity…unless they are in network marketing.

Do Analytical Financial Planners Like Network Marketing?

They do, it’s just they want to keep that prestige of being a planner and being respected. You have to help them with the right approach for your company or they will weigh the issues of MLM criticism as being higher than the potential gain. You do NOT want to ever teach prospecting tactics to financial planners that might have them burn out their warm market!

The Financial Planners Guide for MLM Video

In the below video I GRILLED and put on the hot seat a financial planner that is crushing it in this industry. The fact of the matter is he made $28,000 in his first 45 days with his network marketing company and in this video I grill him on the following questions:

  • How did he do it?
  • How can people approach financial planners about their MLM?
  • Would this be a conflict of interest for financial planners?
  • What are your personal thoughts on the world economy?
  • How can other financial planners make money in network marketing without ruining their reputation?

These questions and more are answered in this short video. Note: Some of the information in this video contains references to the company I am involved in but the content is valuable for ANY financial planner or ANYONE attempting to recruit more financial planners into their network marketing business.

The Video is on Ray Higdon's website, click here

Autor: Ray Higdon

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  1. Hi Ted,
    As a former financial adviser myself I totally agree that the opportunities in MLM are rarely lost on experienced advisers who have had to sit back and watch their market becoming an over-regulated minefied with potential disaster waiting around every corner.
    I know of no other industry where honest, sound advice given based on the climate and conditions of the day can, and will, be challenged often years later using a changed set of rules and have with often a disasterous effect on the reputation and income of the adviser.
    It’s little wonder then that many deeply committed hard working advisers from all areas of the financial spectrum have reached the recognition that the career as it exists today is not worth a candle as a long term proposition and are casting about for alternatives.
    That said, for many the prospect of moving into an unknown field is often unnerving so it makes sense to find and work with a sponsor from a similar background who understands the need for a staged transition into our industry.
    The fact is that financial, mortgage and investment advisers, have a skill set which often enable them to make incredible progress with the right sponsor, programme and product or service.
    I am always happy to hear from individuals serious about making the same change as I and many others have, we have the plan, the programme and the track record to bring a whole new future to life at
    John Smith

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