Jeff Cohen Named CMO Of MonaVie

Jeff Cohen appointed as Chief Marketing Officer of MonaVie

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  1. As a MonaVie Distributors, I’m so excited to see the level of professionals that Dallin Larsen and MonaVie are bringing on board.
    We are all looking forward to MVP and believe that it will set a new standard in our profession.

  2. SERIOUSLY, the new MonaVie CEO Maurico Bellora has killed the CMO position and terminated Jeff Cohen??!! And where is the dude, this is not a distributor’s CEO, he has been MIA since he started and was only on one organization call. He is not and will never be a Dallin Larsen!

    MonaVie may Value People, but they certainly don’t Value their best and brightest executives. I was seriously thinking about looking for another company two years ago just before Jeff Cohen came on board. After doing some research and checking out Jeff’s pedigree I decided to give the floundering MonaVie one more chance. You should check out his LinkedIn!!!

    The past two years have been great, my MonaVie business has increased 10 fold, and it’s all due to Jeff’s marketing expertise with new products and the VIEW device and MVP, all of which have Jeff’s signature treatments all over them. His literature, packaging designs, and videos are outstanding. I loved the I AM MONAVIE concept that Jeff came up with, I love PERKS, it’s saved us several thousand dollars over the past few years, but quite honestly this move is the final straw, I have had enough and now, I WAS MONAVIE.

    Jeff, keep us posted with whatever you’re doing, I will be watching to see where you go and you can count on me and many others that want to work with you once again. All the best – JL

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