Rain Nutrition and Synergy Worldwide Merger

Rain Nutrition Merges with Synergy Worldwide

Synergy WorldWide was founded by CEO Dan Higginson (Picture left) in 1999. In 2000 Synergy joined forces with Nature’s Sunshine and began to grow exponentially. Today, Synergy WorldWide is in over 20 countries and fulfilling its mission to leave a legacy through offering the highest quality, scientifically proven products, providing financial freedom through innovative business opportunities, and establishing a culture of generosity and service to others.

Rain Nutrition is marketing liquid supplements, formulated using the powerful extracts found in the seeds of fruits and herbs. Rain Nutrition's products have stronger, more concentrated levels of antioxidants. Through a cold press process, the essential nutrients inside the seed is extracted and the efficacy of those nutrients are preserved.

The management team is formed by founder Toby Norton, CEO Chad Christofferson, CFO Kyle J. Copeland, COO Bart Brockband, and EVP Sales Howard Hannemann. Rain started shipping out products end of July 2009. It officially launched April 23, 2010. It is officially open in US, Canada, Singapore and Hungary. [private_platinum]

The company is close to 26,000 Distributors worldwide. Estimated annual revenue for 2010 $10 million.

Rain Nutrition Management

Rain Nutrition Management


Rain Nutrition RushThe Medical Advisory board is headed by Dr. Jewkes and Dr. Filbert.

The Rain Nutrition Compensation plan is a two leg matrix plan and provides distributors with seven simultaneous ways to earn long-term, residual income.

Rain Nutrition pays out a guaranteed 50% of its sales volume on a weekly basis. 7 different ways that you can get paid from Rain Nutrition are: retail product sales and first order bonus, first order bonus match.Team commissions, leadership bonus, generation match and car bonus.

The retail bonus is the difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price when reselling Rain products to a customer.

For example, a distributor purchases four cases of Soul at a wholesale price of $240. The suggested retail value is $280. The retail profit would be $40 paid to the distributor.

Rain Nutrition Top Producers:

Jimmy Ezzell, Mindy Anderson, Traci Reuter, Jason Kelley, Alex Moleta, Chad Harwick, Haidee Zmerlikar, Dr. Stan Gross, Betsy Smith, Carolyn Walker, Jeff Mace, John & Sharon Pohlman, Timothy Chin, Eric Chia and Ray Pua, Aaron Whittier, Seth Wells, Vera Barrera.

Jimmy Ezzell
Traci Reuter
Mindy Anderson
Jason Kelly
Jimmy Ezzell Rain Nutrition Traci Reuter Rain Nutrition Mindy Anderson Rain Nutrition Jason Kelley Rain Nutrition



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Comments (14)

  1. Has Synergy or Rain flopped?

    Mergers only occur when one company is failling or there is benefit from economies of scale.

    Synergy can copy Rain’s products.

    Rain is in N America then Singapore and Hungary? very unusual launches meaning NO STRATEGY. They are nothing exciting here.

    Between the lines… Synergy saves Rain by ‘merging’.

  2. I’m thinking the same thing as you. Rain has the power of the cold pressed seed. But if you look at Rain’s products you don’t see anything too new. They came out w/a protein shake/weight loss shake and I’m not even sure they offer that anymore. Their core products are that…just core. Nothing really too new to build momentum….

  3. I have been a part of a few Mergers myself over the years often it is amazing the energy that results combining two very similar organinsations into one super company…. All we can do is send out our warmest regards and best wishes for all involved. looking forward to the updates on this merger.

  4. This is not True!!!!! This is very misleading. RAIN DID NOT MERGE WITH SYNERGY!!!!!!!!! A small US Group and one of the founders went to Synergy! The global opportunity is alive and cranking, and not with Synergy.

  5. Rain’s products are different and very powerful. Taking the Rain products with the Synergy core products, will definitely offer one of the most powerful cardiac combinations available.

    It’s no secret that the company was struggling as most new companies do but the merger of the two is a very good thing for both companies. I am very sorry that Byron doesn’t see it this way but we were very critical when we were told about the possible merger. Once we kept the open mind and the critical ear, we too saw the bigger picture and the positives. There was no money changing hands with the merger and we now have a very strong and stable company. The field is excited about the move and would be glad to talk to anyone that has concerns.

  6. There is a fundamental problem with the Video and this article and that is that Rain Nutrition doesn’t have the license rights to merge the company. What is happening here is Rain distributors in NORTH AMERICA have the right, if they choose to switch to Synergy. They are not automatically moved or merged. If someone chooses to do this then they can continue to buy Soul and Rush for a time from Synergy at a more expensive price then from Rain. Hungary, Romania, Eastern Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South East Asia. Are not owned by Rain Nutrition but by Rain International!! We saw the writing on the wall too with Rain Nutrition and their financial situation so to protect our people and this amazing opportunity the rights of these markets and others were Purchased by Rain International. Although Rain Nutrition is suffering Rain International is thriving!!

    Since Rain Nutrition is not making money off of Their North American Market they are trying to make money off of the market another way and that is have one of the Founders Toby Norton become a distributor at Synergy (???) and try and switch over as many people that will follow in North America to Synergy.

    As stated earlier the video announcement https://vimeo.com/26248938 is not true and is misleading this is not a merger they don’t have the rights to merge, there is NO MERGE. I really am sorry Rain Nutrition is hurting financially, but RAIN INTERNATIONAL is moving forward and even this month is seeing 15% to 40% growth in its markets. The rain opportunity is alive and strong. I am sorry there are some that don’t believe in what we have here. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and have hit the top levels in Companies I BELIEVE!!!!! Rain International is the real deal!

    This type of messaging being sent to the field regarding markets they they have no rights or jurisdictions over and causing all of this confusion will have Legal implications.

  7. Does Rain International not buy the products and market them from Rain Nutrition? If Rain Nutrition decided to sell those rights then it doesn’t seem that Rain International has much of a choice due to the fact that Rain Nutrition holds the rights to production of the product.

    The point is, the U.S. leaders looked at this very critically and would not be on board had we not had all of our questions answered and looked at both sides. We feel very confident in the founder’s decision, morals, and integrity to do what was best for the distributors. They could have very easily just sold and left the rest hanging but that is not their character. I understand the concerns that Rain International has and I definitely wish them the best.

    Synergy, with the backing of Nature’s Sunshine, will be able to produce the Rain products with a higher quality process that we have ever before and now offer the same 90 money back guarantee. We toured the facility and we were thoroughly impressed. It was after we met all of the parties involved that we were totally on board.

    The U.S. leaders were not given an special perks, positions, etc. We are just going to do what we have done all along: build our businesses just like we always have and share a tremendous product. But we now are able to do that with more stability and the backing of two of the top companies in the industry now. We can also enter markets now that were cost prohibitive before. The price of the product is a bit higher per case than before, however the amount of product increases and the shipping decreases, essentially creating a wash. wash. Combing the Soul and the Snyergy Pro-Argi 9 will be a very powerful combination.

  8. Interesting comments, as most of the USA leaders already left Rain Nutrition USA Business as that is public knowledge, and now Toby, Bart and Howard have gone from founding members of that failing business to MLM distributors?? Good luck to anyone blind enough to jump in on that train. Nothing bad to say about synergy or Rain Nutrition/Rain International, but the integrity of Rain USA EX corporate team is very questionable.

    They bailed on the whole company, after they sold the dream for the past 2 years and failed to deliver it, then sold out on everyone, that’s pretty apparent.

    And when it comes to the Rain USA leaders, Just last week Jimmy Ezzell and LMLG marketing group were touting Talk Fusion as the hottest thing of the week, and now its synergy? What will be be next week Amway?

    If there was no money changing hands, then why is there any reference to a merger? Can somebody clear the air as none of this makes sense…

    Seems that Rain Nutrition sold to Rain International, and now are tying to recruit all the Rain Nutrition Distributors by misleading them about a merger???

    With 40% growth in Asia and 15% in europe after the ex Rain founders handed it over to Rain International, sounds like their departure is the best thing that has happened to Rain and it’s global business…

  9. well said everyone…..I support every decision Toby Norton n his corporate management team to join force with Synergy. What ever happens, existing rain distributors’ interest are well protect. There is no hit n run here. Try to be positive n let’s grow together if you are an existing rain distributor. God bless, seek n you shall be received abundently. Go rain / synergy, the future is bright n awesome!

  10. If there would be a Real Merger of Rain/Synergy it would be listed and shown and announced on Synergy. IT IS NOT. There is no information on Synergy website about any merger. Nothing. Not even a new product announcement. That explains everything. Two giant company is merging yet no real announcement on neither website.
    Only from the ones leaving a company emails sent to their downline to transfer to Synergy. This is called scooping up a downline to take them into an other MLM system. This is wrong and called “bailing out”.

  11. Bob, the cultures with Rain and Synergy are actually quite similar. Sure there are the learning curves to come but from what I have experienced so far, we seem to be on a good track. With Synergy being publicly traded and a member of the DSA, Rain associates with have a learning curve as we get they get to know Synergy. I am very familiar with your book on Raising Giants and the importance of culture, especially in the beginning of a company. It’s something I talk about very passionately when people decide to join a company. I would love to talk you about it sometime.

    The US Rain leaders had not left Rain ever. Did we feel some things needed to happen in short order to create more momentum? Absolutely. Rain corporate certainly delivered.

    As far as there being a big announcement on Synergy’s site, give it some time. Rain was not a “giant” company yet. They have a very good product with lots of studies already published and as they get the same studies and tests done on Rain’s products.

  12. I have been a Synergy distributor for almost 2yrs and just found out about this aquisition with Rain. I must say it sounds like Great news. I just want to welcome Rain and all of their loyal distributors to Synergy. Welcome to the Team!

    I believe that Synergy hasn’t announce the news of Rain because there’s the Synergy Summit that will be held on Sept. 22-24 in Las Vegas. I’me sure it’ll be announced then…just fyi…

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