TalkFusion Top Earner Review 2011

Steve Mitchell achieved the dizzy heights of Double Diamond with Talk Fusion in record-breaking time – one of the fastest in the history of Talk Fusion, and in only his second month with Talk Fusion, he reached and replaced his previous five-figure a month income.

His estimated earnings are $65,000+ per month and climbing. His team, as of April 2012, is already close to 36,000 Associates.

In addition to winning some of the top accolades in the networking profession, he has qualified for new cars, exotic holidays, and been amongst the highest performers and income achievers with every company he has worked with, earning over $4.2 million in income. Steve has clearly proven that it is not just about being in the right place at the right time as he's duplicated his success with the success of people in his teams, over and over again.

Steve Mitchell PorscheSteve Mitchell, with the support of Yvette, his wife, has been involved in the industry of relationship marketing since 1989 but though the Englishman has already achieved a great deal, the path to becoming one of Europe’s most successful networkers was not easy, with his network marketing success story starting from being totally broke.

Back 20 years ago Steve Mitchell owned a thriving chain of successful pizza and pasta restaurants, earning him a fortune. For seven years, things went fantastic; his income was very high and he had the lifestyle to go with it.

But then within the space of two years the market changed and Steve admits he didn’t change fast enough with the conclusion that his pizzerias went bust and Steve lost everything.

“I didn’t have a bean left” says Steve, “in fact my sister had to lend me the money to join my first networking company. But I did hold on to two very important things – I had a massive Desire to get it all back, and an unwavering Commitment to do whatever it took to work hard to rebuild back my fortune.” 

Steve still upholds these two factors – Desire and Commitment – as two vital attributes everyone needs to make a success of building a networking business.

Steve Mitchell SpeedboatToday, Steve Mitchell is financially independent once again, living a lifestyle most people dream about – he literally has made millions. He is happily married; both his children have recently graduated with high-level degrees, and with homes dotted around the globe and all the toys that come with financial freedom means he never has to endure another ‘winter’ (unless he wants to go skiing that is). Steve Mitchell recently made “a decisive career move”, as he puts it. He became an Associate with Talk Fusion.

“Business success depends on timing and taking action”, he explains “and with Talk Fusion every element of the business is in place.”

Steve gave up a significant five-figure monthly income in order to build up a network with Talk Fusion – that is how convinced he is of the potential and the future of the company. When asked about did he have any doubts making such a big step, he answered:

“It was one of the best business decisions I have made in 21 years of being in this industry.  Not only one of the best financially for us, but more importantly it has given me the opportunity to help more people change their lives through this incredible business. I have some big goals – one of which is to help 100 people earn over $1 million – and so I needed to work with a company that allowed me to achieve those goals. Talk Fusion is clearly that company”.

Talk Fusion operates in over 200 countries – a true global business – harnessing the nerve system of our era: with video communication technology. Almost half of the people who use Talk Fusion products are customers and not networkers.

How many other MLM companies can claim that almost half their revenue is made by real customers?” asks Steve Mitchell, listing the advantages of his new partner company:

“Talk Fusion has products that people love. This aside, they are omnipresent: Videos are everywhere! The company has strong management and strong finances, with a clear focus and a clear vision – ready to invest in Network Marketing. Talk Fusion is the right price, it is just US $35 per month, has an excellent support service and an exceptional compensation plan. Talk Fusion is the only company that offers immediate commissions payments to its Associates.”

Steve and Yvette Mitchell House

With all that Steve has achieved he is still very quick to turn the light off himself and onto those in his team he works closely with –

The key to this business is not being a star but being a 'starmaker'! To achieve success in network marketing you have to focus on one thing – help others be successful. The success I have enjoyed is totally due to ensuring and enabling there is a proven 'system' for people to follow to enable OTHERS to be successful

Steve goes on to say:

There are two things people need to achieve quickly when they start out on their network marketing career – firstly, they need to get results fast. By results we mean helping people to achieve a growing global team of people who are using and promoting the products. This in turn will result in money being earned by the individual fast!  Secondly, they must have fun! People don't get enough fun out of life and it’s important to help change that.”

Summing up, Steve says “having fun, making money and changing people’s lives – that has to be a great way to live life!”…and that sounds good to us too. Click here to learn more about Talk Fusion Review

Steve and Yvette's personal website can be found here:

Steve Mitchell Holiday

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  1. Steve and Yvette Mitchell shows the world what be can achieved in MLM: A great lifestyle by helping others to success, and that is what it is all about!

  2. Great leader and mentor. Always looking out for his team and helping out in any way he can. It was because of Steve that I joined Talk Fusion; reason being that he is down to earth, and does not use words to make you feel good, but to get you on the path of success by taking action.

  3. Seriously great article my sincerest congratulations on this achievment,Having just finished a great book how they blew it I could easily imagine as the bones of your butt were shining through giving up completely. True leaders maintain a focus and desire to continue on. A goal of making 100 people millionaires is brilliant truly inspirational.

  4. I am very happy to work in the Talk Fusion. I am happy that our partners here to see prices very quickly come to the result in terms of money / I have made the structure as a complete beginner and now I know how to succeed here to see prices. My Skype smitbiz

  5. Steve and Yvette,
    Thank you for your inspiration, dedication and commitment!!! You are amazing leaders who truly give so that others can succeed.
    Talk Fusion is an incredible business and I’m grateful to be a part of it with wonderful friends like you. Congratulations!!!!

  6. Steve and Yvette Mitchell shows the world what be can achieved in Relationship Marketing of the 21st Century. A great lifestyle by helping others to succeed and that is what life is all about! Excellent leadership and heart! Congratulations both of you! BRAVO! BRAVO!

    We’ve known Steve and Yvette for almost a year. They are truly friends who you can rely on. [They are] very optimistic, fun loving, sincere, positive and humble. We need more of Steve and Yvette around. We have found true leadership in them. They completely understand Zig Ziglar?s philosophy on leadership? ?If you help enough people achieve their dreams and goals? you will achieve yours.?

    All we can say is thank you Steve and Yvette! You guys are the best and we will SEE YOU AT THE TOP of Grand BLUE Diamond!!


    Minh and Julie Ho – Grand BLUE Diamonds

  7. Congratulations
    You are amazing leaders who truly give so that others can succeed.
    Talk Fusion is an incredible business and I?m grateful to be a part of it with wonderful friends like you

  8. Steve & Yvette are great leaders. It’s a blessing to be a part of their mentoring and leadership. Steve is always excited, and has so many years in the Industry, and freely shares his training and help. Thanks Steve & Yvette, they were just getting started have gone on to do so much more and helping many others do the same. Keep up the great work.

  9. This success couldn’t be happening to nicer people! Steve and Yvette are great leaders in this industry. I’m so glad that I’m part of this moment in time with them, and the growth of Talk Fusion!

    ~Proud Talk Fusion Representative!

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