Tim Sales Joins MLM start up Ariix

Tim Sales is MLM guru, expert, and one of the most respected MLM trainers in the Direct Selling Industry. He made a remarkable transition from a Public MLM Nutrition Company, where he had the pleasure of a passive retired income, to ARIIX where he will be the Master Distributor working in a team with Steve SwartzEx USANA Top Earner.

For his old Nutrition Company a heavy loss as Tim Sales was one of the most credible, retired top earners.

On his MLM training website Tim Sales summarize his MLM career as follows:

I retired from active Network Marketing nearly ten years ago, but not before I had earned millions and built a downline of over 56,000 people in 26 countries.

And I still continue to receive a substantial passive income from my business even though I am no longer actively involved. That ability to build passive income is one of the hallmarks of Network Marketing. Few opportunities can offer you that

Tim Sales is out of retirement, some professionals however have questions about his independent MLM trainer credibility.

ARIIX is founded by Ex – USANA executives. Fred Cooper is the new CEO. He has spent the last 13 years of his career at USANA Health Sciences, where he rose quickly through the ranks from VP of Information Technology to VP of Operations, and then to Chief Operations Officer, and finally to President of the company.

Jeff Yates – CFO, Mark Wilson – President, Riley Timmer and Brent Jorgensen – COO, will be launching the company in July 2011 in the USA and Hong Kong.

Ariix Management 2011

Tim Sales training will be part of the ARIIX starter kit.


Steve Swartz - ARIIX Steve Swartz – ARIIX

About ARIIX Products:

The current product line includes vitamins, minerals, rejuveniix (a super fruit blend), vinali (promotes healthy skin), and omega q (heart health).

Ariix Products 2011

The ARIIX products are designed to work together to provide your body with the chemical building blocks it needs to work efficiently, starting at the cellular level.

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About the ARIXX Compensation Plan:

ARIIX has branded their compensation plan, which is based on a binary plan called. The main difference from this plan and a binary, is the plan allows you to have up to 3 legs that will payout against the power leg. The ARIIX compensation plan will allow additional pay lines as you max any given leg at $2000 in weekly income.

IX Membership Card (IIX Perks)

After enrolling, members can purchase a IIX membership for $150, it can double product discount and double all bonuses on top of the already lucrative Activ8 Compensation Plan. A IIX Membership is a critical first step in maximizing the Active8 Compensation Plan. See the “IIX Perks” below to review all of the benefits this achievement affords ARIIX Reps throughout the Activ8 Compensation Plan.

Retail Profits

All ARIIX Reps are given the opportunity to purchase the life-changing ARIIX product line at a discounted wholesale price, and then sell the same product at Suggested Retail Price. The difference between the purchase price and the sale price then becomes profit for the ARIIX Rep. IIX Perk: An additional 10% off of the already discounted Autoship, increasing the potential Retail Profits significantly.

Base Commissions

Base commissions are the foundation of our revolutionary program. Activ8 Base Commissions give Representatives the chance to build their business as big and deep as they want. and potentially benefitting from unlimited activity. When a Representative activates their first income center with 150 points in Total Product Sales Volume (TPSV), they can begin and build two, three or four lines from that first income center. Each line can grow as deep as the Representative wants. The line with the largest volume is considered the power line and all other lines are considered pay lines for base commission. Pay lines generate a 15 percent commission of the total volume.

Income Positions

When a pay line reaches $2,000 in weekly earned commission, the ARIIX Rep receives a new income position and a new payline, Each income position can have unlimited pay lines, each paying at 15 percent, and reach deep within any optimized pay line through additional income centers.

Titles, Promotions, & Gold Status

As Representative’s base commissions increase, so too does their title and status in ARIIX. With $25 in weekly commissions Representatives can become team leads. With $75 they become a supervisor, $150 a manager, and so on until they become a chief executive office with up to $6,000 in weekly earnings. We also want to recognize individual achievements of all the Representatives – it’s our core philosophy. With that in mind, we go one step further and have senior advancements in our promotion plan.

So with $25 in base commission earnings, you’re a team lead. At $50 you’re a senior team lead. This is duplicated all the way up through senior president level- and allows for up to four CEO ranks. We recognize our Representatives even more with Gold Status. Reps that are managers or higher, and have achieved their highest qualified check so far, are given gold status for the next six months. It lets everyone know how quickly you’re growing your business.

Team Lead Bonus

On top of base commissions, the team lead bonus lets every Representative immediately start a profItable business. Assuming a Rep has a IIX membership, AND has four active auto deliveries, they will literally break even!

Matching Bonus

As a reward for sponsoring, supporting, and mentoring their teams, ARIIX Reps are rewarded through the Matching Bonus. This is important, because the Activ8 Compensation Plan allows Representatives to earn a matching percentage of the base commissions from all Representatives they have personally enrolled, as well as anyone else who may be connected to them in the enrollment genealogy. This happens regardless of where they are placed among their lines.

Reps can earn 7 generations of matching bonus within their sponsorship genealogy. First generation pay 15%, second generation pay 10% and 5% for generations 3-7.

Representatives unlock their first three generations of matching, simply by getting and maintaining four active enrollments. You unlock the 4th and 5th level by earning $500 and $1,000 on base commissions respectively. To the unlock the 6th you have to optimize one income position and to unlock the 7th generation you have to optimize two income positions. This allows Representatives to generate significant income by supporting their enrollment organizations.

Luxury Car Bonus

As a perk of building your successful business in the Activ8 Compensation Plan. you may qualify for a little bit of luxury. Starting at director. Representatives can accumulate points each week they qualify for their title. Those points are accumulated and stored until a reasonable down payment is met and then those points are cashed out monthly for a payment. Like everything else, with a IIX membership those bonuses will be doubled too.

Payline Bonus

As an additional reward for those who have optimized more than one Pay Line by generating the potential $2,000 for the week in Base Commissions. The company sets aside 1 percent of Total Product Sales Volume (company-wide) for the week. That 1 percent gets put into a pool to be divided among the bonus qualifiers based on their number of shares. For every 2nd payline optimized that week. they will qualify to earn one share of this bonus. and if they have a IIX Membership. their shares within this bonus will be doubled. For every 3rd payline optimized. they earn two more shares for a total of three shares (6 with IIX membership). Etc…

Income Position Bonus

An additional 2 percent of Total Product Sales Volume each week is set aside for the Income Position Bonus, which grants a share to the Rep for each Income Position which has one Power Line and at least one optimized Pay Line. For every income position, they will qualify to earn one share of this bonus, and if they have a IIX Membership. their shares within this bonus will be doubled for a total of 2. For every 2nd qualifying income position, they earn two more shares for a total of three shares (6 with IIX membership).

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Comments (23)

  1. why would Tim blow up his independent MLM trainer credibility by deciding to join a new MLM? I think Tim is one of the most sincere people in the business and would trust him to not pitch people buying his materials or visiting his generic trainings. I would get my people to one of his generic trainings anytime… with him being an active distributor for a competitive company or not. Just like I send my team to Randy Gages trainings and websites. Probably that statement says more about those professionals than about Tims credibility. Good luck Tim and great to have you in the biz again.

    Eric Janssen / The Netherlands

  2. Congratulations Tim. There is no wealth building in generic training. If one believes what one teaches you have to eventually find an opportunity and go build it. I for one will be happy to have one less set of sales pitches in my in box for Tim’s stuff. He is a master trainer and builder and will best serve our profession by create a few more thousand success stories

  3. No organic plant based minerals is obvious since the old giveaway is right there on their label. No carrier proteins are attached to these minerals becasue they are dead and non organic and the cellular receptors that recognize such things will not allow them into the cell. Only plant based minerals are able to be absorbed becasue only plants (fruits, vegetables grains and flora) can place a carrier protein in the chain next to the mineral so that we can use minerals. This has been proven science for decades and calcium carbonate or citrate or any other “ate” based mineral is viewed as toxic by the body and cells will not absorb it. This is close to being fraud and most wellness companies commit this crime against consumers.

  4. Tim Sales is out of Retirement! That is the shot heard round the MLM World. If you know anything about Tim, you know he uses economic logic and diligence in all his business decisions. It is with that logic that he chose ARIIX. I am personally working with Tim on a daily basis…and if you knew what we are about to do…you would stake your claim now. ARIIX is not just some little start-up…The credibility of the people who are going to be announced in the coming weeks and months will help catapult ARIIX to the top. The experienced management team along with Tim Sales’ training and marketing will create something few have seen in the industry. The products we are starting with will be expanded rapidly in the coming months. Tim Sales intends to build The Model MLM Company. And ARIIX is that company. Get ahold of me to be placed in Tim Sales Team starting today.

  5. There is more to the Tim Sales story than you can ever read here. I am sure Tim has helped many people in their MLM careers but there is always value in people telling the truth about what they did or did not do if it supports what they do today.

  6. The reason why Tim Sales, Michael Clouse and Randy Gage left training to build a business because their approach creates massive failure rates so people stop using their resources. This is why Agel’s network is collapsing and 3 of the 4 top leaders have left [including Eric Worre]. Why Arbonne’s network collapsed 60% in 3 years. Why USANA USA has such poor growth.
    Saying that Tim Sales is different from the others from those others. Thats why he has kept separate from their circle. He is thinks more about what is reality.

  7. So if Tim is now building a downline, where is he gets his leaders from?
    a. Poaching his old NuSkin business team
    b. Poaching from his database thus breaking the trust of every leader who recommended his people [like Randy Gage did for Agel], incidentally he will probably do as Randy did [to my people] ‘Hi guys, I am not pitching you YET… Just so you know….I am in the new company and its the best and we are going to get rich blah blah blah….’ I feel for the USANA leaders.
    c. New people
    d. All the above
    What do you think?

  8. As a side point to my comment above…. you cannot ‘poach’ distributors as they dont leave when they are happy. First they decide to leave the 1st company.

    A friend of mine said that USANA’s public statements show that less than 1% of associates made enough money to justify keeping involved in the USA. Something like 130,000 people. And 127,300 had nothing to keep them there. We can see where Ariix will want to attract an initial group!
    And they will all forget that this 99% failure came in a company run by Fred and tribe and trained by Tim Sales. Hmmm… is my logic right?

    I just want some open reporting which is why I love this site Ted.

    Rather thank people going… yeh Tim, yeh Steve… you are the greatest… the industry love you… I feel for the 127,300 people who were promised a business that ‘anyone can do’…

    Dont see me as negative… professionals analyse the facts and make conclusions. what are yours?

  9. There is no such thing as a business that anyone will do! Sure anyone can do it, but will they is the real question.
    As far as my experience with Usana I have seen Emerald Directors who make close to zero because they did not aggressively keep building their business for 5 years, regardless of your skill, if you don’t run it like a business it will fail for sure! But one thing if for sure no one produces numbers and gets zero return! So far as any normal Sales and Marketing job, sometimes you produce the numbers and things happen: Your territory gets cut in half, they introduce higher numbers to hit, they reduce the commission percentage, you get fired and someone else takes your place who makes a smaller percentage and by the time you fight it in court all your clients are gone. This happens outside Network Marketing on a *normal* basis, and people just accept it. So we need to concentrate on what is good about the industry, and for sure you should align with a winning team and just work it….for at least 5 years!

    Peace out.

  10. i think that Bangladesh is a populated country this business is should be introduced in our country so if the business is introduced by this company than we some of our friend try to explore this business immediately.we know about mlm business.

  11. Eric, I agree with you about “Why would Tim blow his credibility as an independent trainer?” Whether or not if Tim recruits people, his ARIIX downline is already doing it. A couple of people have already prospected me and and my downline using Tim Sales’ name on Facebook. The sad part is that my team knows Tim because I promoted his products because I trusted that Tim would remain “First Class” and stay independent. I’m in USANA. Part of Tim’s success as an independent trainer came from all of the USANA Associates supporting him, having him speak on stage and spreading his products around.

    Tim’s products have helped my team out… at least for now. Who knows what the damage will be once Tim and his downline recruit from USANA. The sad part is that Tim truly had built a legacy and reputation in the MLM Industry. Now that is quickly fading with Tim joining ARIIX and the actions of his downline. Yes, I hold Tim responsible for the actions of his downline. He preached about taking responsibility for actions. Responsibility is a two way street. I certainly hope to see Tim get his downline under control. My downline, after being prospected by Tim commented that Tim should change his First Class MLM Tools to “No Class MLM….”

    Just another story of trainer turned to distributor.

    You can bet my Brilliant Compensation subscription will be canceled this week! Oh well… back to calling leads!

  12. Great info Bryan but these people are trying to make a buck it has nothing to do with the quality or efficacy of the product they sell their parents and kids.

    They would market crack if they could!

  13. I recently joined Firstclassmlmtools and ordered items amount around $250. Could Not get neither product nor
    customer service response.
    It is big disaster if mlmers could not get Tim Sales Training.
    Although I did not use Tim Sales products, when I read its benefits from his sales page the products were great.
    Tim Sales's Aprouch about MLM business was the best one in my opinion, because he reconsale the old and new
    schools of MLM and point the big elephent who is in the room.
    Please Mr. Tim do not quit MLM Training Activities for the sake of us.
    Thank you.
    You can call me at: +971552353291

  14. I was disappointed when Tim made the switch to Ariix. Not that he doesn’t have the right, but simply because for the longest time (after he retired from NuSkin) he chose not to align himself with any product and use his cred to help network marketers of all types. When he decided to join USANA and become a distributor, it was a huge deal at convention; the switch to Ariix shows me it has nothing to do with loyalty to any company or its product, but rather “it’s all about the Benjamins, baby.” He still puts a lot of good information out there, but his cred took a big hit in my book, especially because Ariix was being formed while Cooper and his cohorts were still drawing a paycheck from Usana. Just my two farthings worth.

  15. In truth, Tim did not build a downline of 56000 distributors in 2 years with NuSkin. He did however marry Lisa F. that was a Blue Diamond in Nu Skin that already had the organization and was already quite successful. He divorced her after a few years and took half her paycheck… I don’t think he will bring anything to the table with Ariix except hype. He does however present very well and his training material sounds great. I just want to see him really build a downline using his material starting from scratch like everyone else instead of marrying one or be given a sweetheart deal by a start-up MLM to hype their distributors into a fake frenzy. It begs the question; can the products not stand on their own? Time will tell how Ariix does but I give them 3 years…

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