Top Earner Steve Little Versus WorldVentures Law Suit

WorldVentures Top Earner Steve J Little (Est. $1 million a year) and his wife, Leigh, have filed a Law suit against WorldVentures Marketing and founders Wayne Nugent and Michael Azcue (CEO).

The case will be held in Texas, USA in the 401 District Court for judge Mark Rusch, Case Number 401-02470-2011.

Steve Little is accused by WorldVentures of  Selling investments to his downline, and losing their money, as cross recruiting, now he seems to hits back.


Meet Steve Little in this interview with Nate Scott:

The court case details (Case Number 401-02470-2011) can be found here:

Worldventures Corporate Leadership:

Corporate leadership

From left to right:  Mike Azcue CEO, Wayne Nugent Chief Visionary Officer, Myron A. Wick III Chairman of the Board, Dan Stammen Chief Marketing Officer, Eddie Head Chief Strategy Officer

About Worldventures:

WorldVentures is a lifestyle company that markets travel-related products. Combining the power of the Internet with the time-tested strength of word-of-mouth marketing, WorldVentures is a leader in the leisure travel industry. WorldVentures is a privately held company based in Plano, Texas, with active Representatives and members in all fifty states in the U.S. as well as internationally. The company is privately owned and operated and is debt-free.

The inspiration for WorldVentures came from company founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue. Together they envisioned a company that combined the power of the Internet with direct selling to do something truly innovative.

Wayne and Mike assembled a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, and on December 10, 2005, WorldVentures was launched. Since then, the company has enjoyed incredible success and rapid growth. And in 2009, WorldVentures expanded into several global markets.

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  1. Steve is a real nice guy was in his downline in AL Williams back in the 80’s and to protect yourself I think it is wise for heavy hitters to demand an adendum to protect themself allowing them to work multiple companies.

    I am considering having everyone sign an NDA with a statement in there stating that they are not already involved with any company I am promoting currently. Ethics is important but if a company is being nit picking because of some little thing you got into that your really not all that involved with then they need to get real and cut it out. You should always have the right to promote multiple businesses and I would make it a point to always use NDA’s and secure signatures that show you were not targeting the recruits of another guy in your business. Hard to do when you run ads and people see your name and follow you knowing your past. When your famous its real hard to do. A company that wants to make me be exclusive needs to pay me a lot of money over and above what I earn in commissions for my exclusivity.

  2. Great Interview Nate truly appreciate the advice from Steve I think he sums it all up brilliantly Time and Financial freedom.
    WOW Bryan Blackburn love the confidence your comment radiates “When your famous its real hard to do. A company that wants to make me be exclusive needs to pay me a lot of money over and above what I earn in commissions for my exclusivity” I need to track you down and start studying up on your journey and secrets to such success. My team will appreciate it

  3. DId you guys even read the above post in full prior to spewing these ridiculous comments?

    Steve didn’t get dropped by World Ventures for “cross-selling” to another MLM. he lost his million dollar a year compensation and position as “master distributer” becuase he sold toxic investments to anyone and everyone in the company that would buy them. we aren’t talking about a few thousand dollars here and there. Oh no, Steve is much too ambitious and greedy for that… He used every ounce of his influence as the master distributer and top income earner to suck MILLIONS of dollars out of his distributers. It wasn’t enough that he continually made flase claims about earning potential to new recruits and had them sign up for multiple positions draining families finances across the country for no reason but his personal gain. Oh no, Steve is much too ambitious and greedy for that. He took one of the riskiest invsetments in the entire country and had his people poor MILLIONS of dollars into it. Steve has no license to sell this financail asset, he has no background in the industry (though he’d like for you to think otherwise), he didn’t use any kind of proper asset allocation modeling, he didn’t look at his downlines finances to make sure they were adequately diversified… he just took everything he could possible get and sunk it into a company that commited multiple levels of corporate fraud, got hammered by the SEC and has a stack of lawsuits several feet high. The company went under, the investments were a bust and his downlines lost MILLIONS. who is the big winner in this equation you might ask? The answer should be quite obvious, Mr. Steve Little himself of course.

    He betrayed the trust of dozens upon dozens of people and manipulated them into buying an investment that neither he nor they knew anything about. What’s the difference between persuasion and manipulation? Intent. Steve’s only intent was to increase his cash-flow and net worth with absolute reckless abandonment and with no regard to anyone but himself.

    No, Steve is not a “real nice guy”. Every decision he makes and every conversation he has is only to benefit himself. Of course Steve appears to be a “nice guy” on the surface. Do you really think he could build a massive downline by being a prick to everyone he meets? Steve’s greed and manipulation finally got the best of him. He’ll lose the court case as well as his hefty million dollar a year earnings through World Ventures. He’ll never again enjoy the lifestyle he’s had for the last few years.

  4. Will World Ventures crumble?

    It appears likely as the truth about World Ventures begins to emerge.
    One of my favorite sayings is there is nothing like a disgruntled employee or in the case of World Ventures there is nothing worse for a company than disgruntled reps and customers stepping out and telling what really happens in this company.
    Let’s begin by referencing the link

    You can review all of the public documents through the Dallas court website by simply typing in the case number: dc1109451

    Scroll down to the many affidavits, including the one by someone named Ray McDonald. This is very telling and my guess as well as everyone else that I have spoken to, is that this lawsuit is going to continue to expose what’s really going on behind the scenes.

    That in itself is an eye opener and by the way the truth as is what I’m about to describe here.

    The definition of an entrepreneur is
    a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

    As an entrepreneur myself I was initially very interested in what World Ventures had to offer in the travel arena as far as saving money was concerned through the use of the RTA card that was issued to me upon my signing up and shortly there after was deemed invalid by World Ventures themselves.

    As I began to examine their business model and attended an acceleration training I heard from stage the go ahead for an individual in World Ventures to have multiple streams of income, an ideology and practice I have embraced my entire business career, that to me was an interesting lure.

    I personally sponsored over 100 people into World Ventures and although never making the top 20 income earners I did manage to earn, and boy do you have to earn it, over 100K in 3 years, all the while keeping my eyes and ears open as I witnessed the rampant display of favoritism as well as comp plan manipulation and termination or suspension of those who either made noise or were true entrepreneurs themselves!

    The truth about World Ventures is that the owners and the so-called leaders of this company is that they are afraid! Afraid of true business taking place of individuals who are creative, smart and not afraid to drink the WV Koolaid that is passed around like punch at a 5 year old’s birthday party.

    I was in attendance at an acceleration where the Ulloa’s were promoted to Nd and then IMD, all the while knowing their numbers were exaggerated and that an entire line of lineage had been moved to their benefit from someone else in the company. I was also there when they began to get recognition for a second and third position that had reached rank even though the World Ventures policies and procedures clearly states that you may not own more than one position.
    I was also there when Carlos Rogers was given the rank of RMD to assure him a place on the RMD trip, a position he did not earn, he also has been found guilty of cross recruiting and comp plan manipulation to name just a few of his infractions.

    Magaly Fernandez being ranked as a Director at the Florida acceleration but no mention of the positions activated under her by the owners of the company so she could walk across stage.

    How about a free BMW…..really!
    When was the last time anything was free?
    How about the down payment and oh, how about your credit, and oh, what about tax, license and registration, and oh wait, what BMW do you know you can buy in 36 months at 600.00 a month?

    Come on World Ventures, do you really think people are going to continue to buy into your bullshit for much longer?
    I can get a Groupon or Living Social deal on a vacation anywhere for less money than your so called Dreamtrips without an up front membership and no monthly fees!

    Your vessel has some serious holes in it and you are sinking!

    1. THANK YOU!! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT’S GOING ON!!! Sooo sick of people saying how much of role models and inspirations walk across that stage, and what an integrity driven company this is, and blah blah. Those meetings may be very motivating to most, but once you know everyone parading around never earned what they’re recognized for, that they are repeatedly “enticing” new recruits (which is illegal) you feel nothing but disgust for the poor people that actually DO work their asses off to get no where close to those RMDs and IMDs.. Disgusting!

  5. Despite everything said above, WorldVentures continues to grow. The case with Steve Little and WorldVentures was settled out of court for an unspecified amount, I heard 1.2 million for the next five years. I would not join this company as there is a cap on what you can make with them.

  6. I met Ray McDonald one time in Dallas and at one of the training events, and he was a big liar. He told me some crazy stories of him building a big team and was already making $100,000 per month in another company. I am very happy he is no longer with WV for many reasons. Most important, he was a huge liar. I have been involved with WV since 2010, and have steadily worked my way up to Marketing Director. I was able to leave my job of 9 years, and now do WV pretty much full time. Articles like this really piss me off since WV is my life and business. I have taken 11 Dreamtrips which were awesome, my commission checks get direct deposited into my bank every Friday, and I earned a BMW. There is no free BMW as the above idiot mentioned. You earn the $600 car bonus, and you can buy any silver BMW up to 10 years old. For me, this company has been well worth the effort and I am earning $6000 or so per month including my BMW car bonus. It has taken me about 2 years to do so, and it did take work, but 9 years at my other job and they were only paying me $35,000. Yep, WorldVentures works and has been fun. Thank you!!!

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