Visalus signs up 2 More Leaders

Former American soccer forward who played for the United States national team Joe Max Moore and Co – Master Distributor of Xowii left Xowii/Evolv to go to Visalus.

He played professionally for clubs in Germany, England and the United States. He finished his career with the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer.

In addition to his club career, Moore earned 100 caps, scoring 24 goals, for the U.S. national team between 1992 to 2002. During those years, he was part of U.S. teams at the 1992 Summer Olympics and the 1994, 1998 and 2002 FIFA World Cups. (Source Wikipedia)

Kim Willis reports Larry Beacham Quits Numis – Joins Visalus.

Larry Beacham

Marketing wizard Larry Beacham has shocked the industry by leaving Numis Network and hitching up to mega growth nutrition company, Visalus. Maybe Larry saw the writing on the wall with Numis, and decided to leave because of slowing growth.  No such problems with Visalus, which is verging on hyper growth.

It’s an unusual move for Larry simply because Visalus is more of a traditional mlm/network marketing business.

The last few years Larry has become an online specialist and has generated most of his income online. It will be interesting to see how Larry goes with his new venture.

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Comments (14)

  1. That makes 6 MAJOR leaders that have joined ViSalus in the last 30 days or so… I call that a freakin’ clue people!

    Rick Gutman, Brian and Jill Cattano, Joe Max Moore, Cedrick Harris, and Larry Beacham. I can promise you that more are on the way as well.

    – Yo

  2. these are all broke networkers…of course they have to go start over. These are not guys that are making a decent paycheck right now and are leaving because Visalus is a good company. This is the “rebound” company.

  3. I agree, Jason! And not making a decent paycheck is a perfect reason to leave before staying where growth is slow and opportunity is weak. I doubt they’re broke – and if by your definition they “are” broke, the best thing they did was to go where people aren’t broke. Smart people follow the money AND the best opportunity – Smart people move forward.

  4. @Jason Williams and Elena – LMAO!

    So, I’m at Chase bank talking to the guy who handles my deposits today and I have him pull up this article to see these comments about me from these two knuckleheads. We both start laughing our A__ off! I tell you it’s been raining hard in Tampa and to see this was definitely a bright spot in my day. Thanks Jason and Elena. Ignorance really is quite entertaining.

    But seriously, it is a great honor and privilege to appear in this article. Thank you for your kind words and perspective. I’ve worked hard and it is definitely paying off and being noticed by credible people and sources.

    God bless.

    Larry Beacham

  5. Cheers for the video I am not involved in this company but I like many others appreciate gaining any knowledge that will help us move forward. See you all on the beaches in sunny Warnbro Sound. God speed and the best of health wealth and happiness to all.

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